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Death and Strawberry - Ichigo Kurosaki

Bleach started out with Death and Strawberry and ended with the same title. This magnificent artwork of Ichigo represents the old and new of Bleach as it represents the power Ichigo obtained from Rukia which started the whole process of Ichigo into a full-fledged substitute Shinigami. 63 more words

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9 Straw Hat Pirates Minimalist Wallpapers

As a recent fan of the One Piece series, I’m currently really digging the Straw Hats in their adventure to become the greatest pirates to sail the seas. 94 more words

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The Grey Dragon - Ulquiorra Cifer

Ulquiorra Cifer is one of my many favourite characters within the world of Bleach, he’s really strong and his character has always been that he can defeat anyone that stands in front of him. 101 more words

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Ice Captain - Rukia Kuchiki

The end of Bleach manga saw the introduction of the new captain of the 13th Squad, Rukia Kuchiki. We know that she has abilities of a captain, as she is capable of fighting and releasing her Bankai abilities. 67 more words

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A Gamble on the Future - Luffy and Shanks

At the same of One Piece, we learnt that the great Yonko that is Shanks gave up his left hand for what he believed to be the future and the new world. 101 more words

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Beach Day - Naruto and Hinata

Recently, I posted a fan art of Sasuke and Sakura during a beach day, you can see it here. Now, we have a chance to look at both Naruto and Hinata as they enjoy their lovely time at the beach. 91 more words


Father and Son - Ichigo and Kazui

10 years later, we move to a world with a lot more peace and a lot less evil as Yhwach’s reiatsuĀ disappears. Within this world, Ichigo married Orihime and had Kazui with her. 80 more words

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