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EAS - Other than Stitches...

Today was a pretty slow day with few points of interest. Henry cut his finger open and had to go get stitches and we had a delicious pasta ala vongole for lunch and a big dinner of pork and fried potatoes. 164 more words

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AJN - Podere Toraglia

15 July 2019

Podere Toraglia, near Loranzana ~ 43º 31’ 8” N, 10º 32’ 21” E

Rain coming through the window screens; thunder and lightning now and again; water coursing down the gutter spouts; wind everywhere. 843 more words

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RMS - It's Raining

Today it’s raining! This morning I woke up and walked into the coldest hallway I have been in since Nepal. I walked downstairs and talked with my cousin Ian. 289 more words

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AJN - Uffizi, July 12

In addition to sleeping on planes and wandering among the several airports between Florence and Phoenix, I spent a good deal of time reading this week. 2,660 more words

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HJS - Almost There

Welcome back home skillets, if you’re new to the blog, welcome! Chances are, you’re not new to the blog because we have just under a month left of the trip. 209 more words

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PRS - Florence & Rome

We’ve had a wonderful, art-filled week visiting many of Florence’s main attractions.   Early morning tickets to the Uffizi and the Galleria del’ Accademia.   At the Uffizi, I lingered in the Botticelli rooms and was surprised at how much I liked his over-the-top, high renaissance paintings, particularly his fresco of the… 171 more words

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EAS - Rome!

Today we not only explored Rome and the wonders within but also the ancient and historic halls of Vatican City. I had a good look at the Sistine Chapel and also a close up look at Raphael’s famous painting “The School of Athens.” We also visited Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Pantheon. 23 more words

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