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The Performance Curators Initiatives (PCI) is looking for volunteers for the “Imagining Curatorial Vision in Performance: An International Symposium on Performance Curation 2017” from August until October, 2017. 154 more words

Performance Curators Initiave (PCI)

Study finds 90 percent of American men overfat

New research shows that the overfat pandemic is alarmingly prevalent in developed countries where up to 90 percent of adult males and 50 percent children may suffer from this condition. 565 more words


Heavy drinking during adolescence: Dire effects on the brain

Heavy alcohol use or binge drinking during adolescence and young adulthood, alter brain structures and function, leading to reduced cognitive abilities and increased risk for developing alcohol use disorder. 480 more words


Study reveals most impactful neuroscience research

A study has identified the 100 most-cited neuroscience papers, and their research topics and journals.

— By Conn Hastings

Story in Brief:

A study of the 100 most-cited neuroscience articles has revealed that 78 of these papers cover five topics, including neurological disorders, the prefrontal cortex, brain connectivity, brain mapping and methodology studies.

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Empowering robots for ethical behavior

Researchers have developed a concept called Empowerment to help robots and humans to work and live side-by-side safely and effectively.

— By Conn Hastings

Story in Brief:

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How Do Future Students Get a Whiff of College? A Century-Long Perspective

When few students pursued higher learning, the decision to attend college was based chiefly on family background and geographical propinquity. In the last century, however, attendance at college and university has become much more frequent—at least half of American secondary school graduates eventually pursue some kind of higher learning. 1,358 more words

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