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Lion conservation research can be bolstered by input from a wide-range of professionals

To tackle the sharp decline in lion numbers, conservation research should consider wild prey, livestock and the environment, not just human-lion interaction — and go beyond the fields of biology, wildlife conservation and environmental science to include ecology, economics, sociology and the humanities. 718 more words


Swabbing cesarean-born babies with vaginal fluids potentially unsafe and unnecessary

Microbiome differences between cesarean- and vaginally born babies are most likely caused by antibiotics given to mothers delivering by C-section rather than lack of exposure to vaginal microbes at birth. 734 more words


Social ties could preserve memory, slow brain aging

Study in mice finds living in groups a boon to cognitive health

— By¬†Ohio State University

New research from The Ohio State University found that mice housed in groups had better… 929 more words

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Frequent football 'headers' do more harm than occasional head impact accidents

The first study to compare the cognitive effects of ball heading and unintentional head impacts suggests that football players should consider reducing heading during practice and games. 588 more words


New agility tests can discriminate between football players at different performance levels

The tests could be a more accurate way to assess agility in young players, compared with conventional measurements such as sprinting and jumping ability.

— By Conn Hastings… 658 more words


High School Writing: The Return of the Repressed

In my most recent blog, I reflected on my decidedly incomplete memories of my early life. In particular, I had believed that my intellectual life had in essence begun when, in the fall of 1961 at the age of 18, I had become a freshman at Harvard College. 1,607 more words

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Basketball teams playing for survival in critical NBA playoffs are more likely to lose

The first study using data from real games shows that teams are more likely to lose when losing means elimination — suggesting that high-pressure environments lead to poorer performance. 667 more words

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