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This Stapeliad is flowering now at Towerkop Nursery.

It is indigenous to the Little Karoo in the Western Cape, South Africa.


Chearful Portulacas flowering now at Towerkop Nursery.

Portulacas are easy to grow succulent annuals that come in many colours. I like the salmon coloured ones the most !


Plumbago auriculata. Featured plant at Towerkop Nursery.

Plumbago is an evergreen shrub often grown as a climber. It produces masses of sky-blue flowers all through summer. Also comes in white and deep blue. 30 more words


Stapelia gariepensis - Flowering now at Towerkop Nursery.

Found in stony places and drier areas of the Karoo and Namaqualand in South Africa. The starfish-like flowers mimic the odour of rotting flesh, to attract the carrion flies that pollinate them.

Nice to look at though !


Sea-onion, Albuca bracteata. Feature plant at Towerkop Nursery.

Albuca bracteata – Sea onion being attended to by a bee !

Attractive inflorescences on long spikes of small white fragrant flowers with green central stripes produced from spring to summer. 15 more words


Chincherinchee - Ornithogalum thyrsoides. Featured plant at Towerkop Nursery.

Ornithogalum thyrsoides is a bulbous perrenial bearing a raceme of glossy white flowers.

It occurs on sandy flats and lower slopes from Namaqualand to the southern cape. 13 more words


Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra)

Recently there were hundreds of black walnuts falling from the tree in our back yard.  Collecting and processing can be a messy, time consuming job when done by hand.  524 more words

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