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09-19-18 - Forever Evolving

“The evolutionary consequences accompanying the vast environmental changes during the origin, rise and fall of human civilizations may not have been so different from the asteroid impacts or volcanic outpourings in causing evolutionary change. 203 more words

The Conversation Begins

The aim of this blog is to extend the fascinating world of Art History beyond the classroom walls. The idea has been germinating for some time, but my dual role of instructor and advisor at Carleton University has made clear the value of a space for students to stay connected while reaching out to the wider community. 813 more words

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Decoding the Trump-Kim Summit: what happened, and what is to come?

North Korea has vowed to take steps towards denuclearisation, but evidence shows we shouldn’t hold our breath. The shortfalls of the summit in June leave much to be discussed at the inter-Korean summit currently being held in Pyongyang, Remy Wendel writes. 921 more words

Northeast Asia

When the curtains close and they leave the stage.

Back in the 90s and all through to the very beginning of the 2000s, our local TV space was dominated by one station. That station was KBC. 959 more words

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Famous Sayings #122 — ‘Turn Over a New Leaf’

September 16, 2018

Timmy said that he was going to turn over a new leaf. For much of his career at school, he has been a slacker, but for the past few weeks, he has been doing his homework and studying more.

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Effective teamwork

Characteristics/practices of a successful functioning business team

Communication : Without good communication, it is impossible to complete tasks successfully. A business team that is not able to voice their opinions and correspondence, is not nearly as functional as one that is able to do those things. 269 more words

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