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New Featured Story: "The Scrimshawed Ostrich Egg" [WUR 2016].

A new month means a new featured story, and I’m pleased to announce that the month of May will be featuring another great selection from last year’s… 229 more words

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Featured Story: Take Action in May!

It’s May, which means it’s time to celebrate National Pet Month! One of the many ways to observe is to take action and promote your favorite pet-related causes, such as advocating for adoption and supporting companion animal organizations. 485 more words

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Women and power: being politicians without posts

 The situation of Vice President Leni Robredo resonates throughout the lives of many women. Some women who have found their voice and attained some kind of power are in predicaments of being given opportunities to express them or exercise their abilities. 1,102 more words

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So what is 'Slow Fashion', really?

But first, what is Fast Fashion?

Between 2000 and 2014, the manufacturing of clothes doubled, the number of collections produced by brands rose from 2 to 11-15 per year, the amount consumers purchased increased by 60%, prices fell drastically, fashion went from being nowhere on the list to the second most polluting industry (losing first place only to the oil industry). 1,058 more words

Slow Journey


One thing I love about India is how it confronts every sense — it can be both a delight and an assault. This trip I visited Delhi and Varanasi. 585 more words

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News Flash: It Ain't About Them

I would like to pass along a riveting piece of advice an dear elder of mine in AA shared with me some years ago.  She didn’t share it nicely but she did share it with love and good intention.  628 more words


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New Featured Story: "Lullaby Land" [WUR 2016].

At the beginning of the year, April seemed so far away, which was good, because April is C2E2 month, which meant I had plenty of time to get together my cosplay. 288 more words

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