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April - Chapter Eighteen

Clinton raised his eyes in prayer and he felt his knees buckle underneath him as he watched April coming… the minute he had dreaded had finally come and he couldn’t withhold it any longer. 2,301 more words

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April - Chapter Seventeen

“Did you see her?”

Clinton said nothing but nodded. Soji was sprawled on his bed with a book under his nose.

“How is she doing?” Soji asked him. 642 more words

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April - Chapter Sixteen


Clinton turned to where he had heard his name and he met the gaze of his friend, Osas. “Hey, what’s been happening to you?” 2,858 more words

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Beyond Diversity -- Having Courageous Conversations

I attended the Beyond Diversity training given by Pacific Educational Group – called Advancing the Courageous Conversation and Defining Courageous Leadership in Education.

I was skeptical before starting the two-day training. 547 more words

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April - Chapter Fifteen

April packed her hair into a careless bun as she tried to get the facts and figures beneath her into her head. During examinations, there was a mounting tension that seemed to be in the air. 1,831 more words

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April - Chapter Fourteen

Clinton knew form the look on his face something was wrong. First it was April, now Soji – what was up with these two? “Soji, what happened?” 837 more words

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April - Chapter Thirteen

As the wind began to build up, April shivered.

“Are you cold?” Soji asked her.

April shook her head and looked into Soji’s eyes. With Soji everything had been so put together – staring into those eyes of his and with his full focus on her, life could never have been so perfect. 1,391 more words

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