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Your Momma Was A Blogger!

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Yo Soy El Postelon!

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Being on BBC Radio Norfolk!

On Monday, I had the amazing experience of being invited to BBC Radio Norfolk for an interview. To say I was slightly nervous is definitely an understatement. 321 more words


Chronic Pain?

Recently I had a consultation with  a young man that was easily in his early 30’s. He was suffering from some chronic back pain and it was getting worse. 291 more words

Posters Gonna Post

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Blogmas Day 11: All I Want for Christmas, by guest blogger Kayla Redig

All I Want for Christmas:

is for young adults to feel empowered when it comes to their health.

Hey there, Kayla here. Friend and fan of Leigh Ann’s, with a less serious TV addiction (Now streaming: House). 1,434 more words