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臺北醫學大學 校長
美國加州理工學院 兼任教授

美國希望城癌症中心 副院長
美國國家癌症總署 評審專家
美國國家癌症中心聯合會 專家顧問
美國國家骨髓庫/亞洲骨髓庫 醫療顧問
臺灣國家衛生研究院 癌症組專家顧問

Investigator本月邀請到閻雲校長來分享寶貴的經驗與看法,當日午後的拜訪,閻校長面帶慈祥笑容的招呼,讓人感到十分親切,專訪裡提及校長個人的經歷、臨床醫學的進步與未來挑戰、臺灣生技發展的看法,以及給予學子們的期勉。閻雲校長是知名研究癌症醫學的醫師科學家,閻校長於美國費城傑佛遜大學醫學院取得博士學位,在美國普天大學進行博士後研究,之後至耶魯大學完成腫瘤骨髓移植的專科訓練,閻校長專長於抗癌藥物的研發及抗藥性分子機制的研究。過去曾於美國希望城癌症中心擔任副院長,在臨床與教學工作皆相當傑出且經驗豐富,並積極提昇癌症醫療的品質,造福病患。此外閻校長也熱心於公益,將自己所長回饋在對於社會的服務與奉獻,協助建置完善的骨髓資料庫,促進國際間的連線,救治多名因血友病所苦的病患,影響著全世界。在2011年,閻雲校長回臺擔任臺北醫學大學校長,帶領北醫大在生物醫藥中發展卓越,閻校長認為臺灣在生技醫藥領域裡已具備發展的利基,只要大家要團結一心,努力向前,未來肯定能在國際上發光發熱。 10 more words


Eric Paslay's "Angels In This Town": Frog or Dog?

Eric Paslay has announced the next single from his forthcoming album Dressed in Black! The follow-up to “High Class” will be “Angels In This Town.” 32 more words


Cosmopolitan beaches in Samar, Philippines

I have not been in to this place; just discovered it when i was on the mission to find something that would inspire me to do an art interpretation which is required because its a school work (woo) i have to accomplish or i wont graduate. 252 more words


VIDEO: When Your Jam Comes On in the Car and You Can't Hide It

We all have that one friend, or maybe it’s yourself – when your song comes on the radio and you can’t help but bust a move, or several. 67 more words


90s TV Psychic ‘Miss Cleo’ Dead At 53 After Cancer Battle

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — An iconic 1990s TV psychic known to the world as “Miss Cleo” was reportedly dead Tuesday after losing her battle with cancer. 91 more words


Open Window

This is one of the last few poems I had written for Close Proximity before beginning the editing phase in preparation for my submission to the poetry book contest. 325 more words


Win Tickets To Paul McCartney

Sir Paul is coming to the Verizon Center and we have tickets!  Listen throughout the day on Ticket Thursday for your chance to call in to win!   27 more words