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Adam's Fun Facts: Libraries, Off-Off-Broadway, "Highbrow" Origin & More!

What does off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway really mean?  How many countries are between Norway and North Korea?  Are there more public libraries or McDonalds in the United States?   157 more words


The Cast Of "Love Actually" Reunite For Red Nose Day

The famous cue cards from Love Actually are back!

Now, it’s not for a sequel, sadly, but they are back together for a great cause…Red Nose Day, which is an effort to end child poverty. 83 more words


New Emoji Update Includes A Mermaid, Giraffe, Sandwich, And A Person With A Headscarf

There will be new emojis coming in June!

Exact images aren’t yet available, although Emojipedia has been able to produce some previews of what the “Apple-style” emojis will look like. 73 more words


Throwback Thursday Video: 'Magic' By The Cars

Do you know the members of the group The Cars?

It’s Ric Ocasek, Benjamin Orr, Elliot Easton, Greg Hawkes and David Robinson.

They were a fixture on MTV in the early 80’s (you know, back when they actually played MUSIC VIDEOS on MUSIC TELEVISION) with songs like “You Might Think”, “Drive” and today’s Throwback Thursday selection, “Magic.” 69 more words


Only One Spot Left In Our March Dad-Ness Final Four! Philip Banks vs Ray Barone!

Andy Taylor took down Al Bundy yesterday in the Elite Eight! Now we have 3 of our Final 4 spots with Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, Tony Macelli, Andy Taylor, and now it’s time for you to pick our final spot.

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Five Practical Things to Bring Someone Who's in the Hospital

Someone who was recently laid up in a hospital posted a list on Reddit of things they wish people had brought them. Apparently they got a lot of flowers, which was great.  190 more words


Watch Just How Quickly Your House Can Catch Fire

What is it like to be inside a burning home?

To answer that question, the New Zealand Fire Service created an interactive website that puts you inside a small house as it catches fire – while giving you options for getting out safely. 80 more words