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See #KylieJennersOldFace Instagram Pics

Somebody is putting pictures of Kylie Jenner’s old face on the body that she has NOW… and the pics are crazy! See them…

Kylie Jenner’s face and body changed A LOT in a short period of time and the  109 more words


Reminder: Why You Should Lock Your Car While Pumping Gas

It was so easy for this guy to steal the woman’s purse. He was long-gone before she even noticed.


#Video: Britney Spears' Wardrobe Malfunction

Yup, it happened again but Britney is a pro! See video of Britney’s latest wardrobe malfunction from this past Sunday at her ‘Piece of me’ residency here in Vegas.


When She Says "You Don't Have To Do Anything" ...it means SOMETHING!

This is a classic case of – Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say! Check out the story and decide if you’d put him In The Doghouse!! 57 more words


CDs Still Most Popular Form of Music Gifted

What? I read that and immediately had to check the date!

Music remains one of the most popular gifts in the United States, with more than half of Americans saying they purchased a music product  as a gift over the previous year according to the latest research. 61 more words