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Day 10; Last Day in Amsterdam. FEBO, Shopping, Indian Cuisine,

Today was the last day in Amsterdam. Already so upset because I think I fell in love with this place.

I woke up late and skipped breakfast. 684 more words

Erwtensoep on the Ijsselmeer with Joseph Conrad

I knew a chef once who said, “I’m not BNP or anything but” What followed was a right wing diatribe about polish people and asians. There is always a caveat. 1,749 more words

I Live to Eat

As I already settled in Maastricht for more than a month now, I feel like its time to share some of my thoughts about this little college town and the country Netherlands as a whole. 817 more words

Exclusively Food

Alex's Surprise Birthday Present - Amsterdam BABY!

I had been keeping Alex’s birthday present a secret for a while, getting really excited myself without being able to share what I was getting excited about. 1,140 more words

Seen again.

The town I know.

Correction! The town is much older. Silly me. The university is celebrating it’s 400th year. Tx for the pointer!

It turns 400 this year. 84 more words

Drunk things to do in Dutch

There’s a handful of things that are so Dutch and different that expats in the Netherlands spend their first few weeks in the country laughing at how goofy they seem. 608 more words


From the WTF? files…

The back-end is definitely, definitely Lambretta, or Lambretta under license… (such as NSU) An LC, or an LD, it’s hard to tell. But definitely, definitely Lambretta.  77 more words