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The Square Root of Poverty

By Christian Lozada

If my poverty has a square root,
It is my White Grandma
with her roots that stretch back to Revolution,
roots that never took. 233 more words


I bike to Vons

By Sasha Schoen

I bike to Vons on
the corner of Atlantic
and Broadway.
She’s still there,
the old woman,
the fat, old woman
with her fat, old dog; 66 more words


We need evidence.

Tonight, while watching a video of ISIS destroying 3000 year old artifacts in Mosul, Iraq, I found myself feeling sickened, wondering in what world could these actions possibly be justified? 151 more words


Forest Park

By Robin D. Hudechek

Her fingers curled around the fence spokes
clinging to the threads of wire
as if they were kite strings
and she was borne on a cloud… 101 more words



My finger traced a map over his skin. The freckles on his skin being my guide as to where to go. It was my escape from reality, it allowed me to dream of the place I so longed to be. 86 more words

Creative Writing


He was like a wave in the sea. He would be quiet for a minute, then all of a sudden, he would say something confident and deep that would move me. 42 more words

Creative Writing

Month six - February 15

The end of winter…

February has flown by with a lot of coaching and preparation for the spring season.

The month started off with a trip to a new state for me – … 1,060 more words