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Gentleman on a Cigarette Break, Geylang Serai

OK, smoking it not to be encouraged, I know, but this gentleman looked way cool. Must have been in his sixties, pushing seventy.

Walked confidently with his cane (didn’t look like he needed it) to the rock, sat down and lit up. 38 more words


Lost in the Highlands

Twenty years after Braveheart release, Veronica Ferrari explores the hidden heart of Scotland away from the tourist trail

“Here we are at the last stop. Out of the van, girls!” shouted Mike. 833 more words


Is it already May? (OK, I know it's June. Excuse the transition.)

I don’t even know where to begin. Life is blissful, challenging and rewarding. For a few quick updates:


– We’re officially married people! (*Two honks*) 470 more words


Photo of the Week 2015 - Weeks Nine To Thirteen

These five photos are the Photo of the Week from the end of February to the end of March

2015 Week 9

2015 Week 10

2015 Week 11

2015 Week 12

2015 Week 13


5 C’s of Valentines (February,2015)

Disclaimer: It is just now that I decided to upload my previous articles. I’m sorry for my past-related posts. Trying to get everything up and in sync with the now. 541 more words


Event Dates Announced

We have our dates and we are finalizing a venue. Denver, are you ready? Because Project Cosplay is about to be real.

Project-Nerd is bringing you Project Cosplay on… 72 more words


Photo of the Week 2015 - Weeks Five To Eight

These are the photos that I chose as the Photo of the Week between weeks five and eight which were the last week in January, and three from February. 20 more words