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A Good Cautionary Tale for All

Anyone paying the least bit of attention to the news of late knows that the university campus has become a red hot cauldron of over-reaction to insensitivity, real or imagined. 308 more words


Canine companions and the lure of inattentively pooping in public

The title of this post is unashamedly taken from an article in the journal Environmental Sociology.

This article is a study, primarily focused on European nations, and the patterns of owners who do/do not clean up after their dog poops. 163 more words


BBAGIT...she smeared WHET on WHO????

Even though the person running in the photo isn’t the actual thief, wait til you hear about what a Florida woman did when she was caught shoplifting.   107 more words

Grossest restaurant ever? Inside Japan's poo curry cafe

(CNN) — “It literally tastes like a piece of —-,” a diner says, covering her mouth and trying not to regurgitate the small spoonful of curry she just ate. 614 more words


A Mix Of New Feces

When I read the headline “Liberal cabinet expected to be a mix of new feces”, it seemed like the perfect title for this post. I’ve had some oddball items burbling around in my mind for a while, so this is a perfect opportunity to mix them up and erm… eliminate them. 489 more words

Diane Henders

As Large Animals Disappear

It only takes a glance at a history book and a look out the window to know that our planet has lost many of its biggest creatures: The world that was once home to mammoths and towering dinosaurs can now barely maintain stable populations of rhinos and whales. 37 more words

Deep + Dirty In Love

My grandmother is one of the great loves of my life.
It’s a messy and funky love.

Despite her rigid rules, she always conveyed her love. 658 more words