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5 ways you can use the human body to generate electricity

Think of the human body as the ultimate distributed energy resource.

Of all the renewable fuels, there is perhaps none more sustainable than your own body. 776 more words


If Everyone Loves Dragons, Why Don’t They Love Me?

Ricky T. Tavi, our Asian correspondent, received a telephone call from Kommodo Island requesting a meeting. Ricky was ready to go when we had to cancel the interview. 695 more words


Texas mother charged after kids found living in human waste, garbage

A Bowie, Texas mother has been arrested after her five kids were found by police living in filthy conditions.

Jessica Dawn Lazek Petroni, 27, had only been living at her residence for six months when authorities found her children, ages three months to eight years old, living among human waste and garbage. 242 more words


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yes, SIR! of course, SIR!

good choice, SIR!

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Body Wastes - 1

Excretion is the process of passing waste material from the body; it is called mala in ayurveda. There are two types of malas in the body: 458 more words


Aichi man arrested for shoplifing, throwing own feces at security to escape

On the afternoon of 3 September, a 59-year-old man walked into a shopping mall in Higashi Ward, Nagoya. He then grabbed two packs of roast pork from a supermarket and concealed them as he began to leave the premises without paying. 475 more words


"Poo curry" restaurant now hiring interns, award-winning Tokyo University grad student applies

It’s been about two weeks since Curry Shop Shimizu opened for business in the Chitose-Funabashi area of Tokyo. Considering the only dish they sell is a curry which mimics the taste of human feces… 607 more words