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Aichi man arrested for shoplifing, throwing own feces at security to escape

On the afternoon of 3 September, a 59-year-old man walked into a shopping mall in Higashi Ward, Nagoya. He then grabbed two packs of roast pork from a supermarket and concealed them as he began to leave the premises without paying. 475 more words


"Poo curry" restaurant now hiring interns, award-winning Tokyo University grad student applies

It’s been about two weeks since Curry Shop Shimizu opened for business in the Chitose-Funabashi area of Tokyo. Considering the only dish they sell is a curry which mimics the taste of human feces… 607 more words


I Apologize for this Post in Advance

A Tokyo-based eatery opened last month with the house specialty of “poo-flavored curry.”

Not poo-flavored as in Winnie the Pooh, because that would just be weird. 304 more words


Consumer Reports Study Finds that Nearly All Ground Beef Sold in America Has Feces in It


The megalithic federal bureaucracy known as the U.S. Department of Agriculture is made up of 100,000 employees who are stationed at 4,500 locations across the country. 748 more words

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Diapers Of Doom: 9 Ex-Babysitters Share Their Most Horrifying Experiences

Found on AskReddit.

1. I babysat a boy who threatened to tell his mother I touched his privates if I made him go to bed. 1,487 more words

The Septic Tank Guy

Once every two weeks, a guy comes to the bridge to pump out our septic tank. I hope he’s paid well. That’s one disgusting job. 177 more words


New Tokyo restaurant promises food that tastes like crap: actual poo-flavored curry

It’s getting harder and harder to be truly original these days, and nothing much seems to surprise anymore. And then something like Curry Shop Shimizu… 662 more words