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The Rabbit Problem

I grew up with my sister in Southern California; bonafide city kids.  We visited our extended family in Minnesota several times where we learned about farm life.  551 more words

Amazon said to launch delivery service to compete with UPS and FedEx 

Amazon is gearing up to compete directly with UPS and FedEx, according to a new Wall Street Journal report. The so-called “Shipping with Amazon” program will be an end-to-end shipping solution, with pickups from businesses and shipments made to consumers, per the report. 129 more words


Give without Expectation

Push marketing. It’s been around since you started seeing “sales emails” in your AOL account around 1997. Back then, we read every email, every word. Open rates were through the roof and products flew off the shelves, to be shipped anywhere… 391 more words


Missed Deliveries and the cost to the consumer.

Corporations, small businesses, shipping companies have one thing in common, profit margins. For the survival of any company, service, provider, if profits are down, repercussions will occur. 561 more words

Day 2 at Super Bowl Media Week

8:15: Not gonna lie here. I had to pee really bad during the drive up. I got to the Mall of America and knew I wouldn’t make it to the bathroom. 292 more words

Maybe It Isn't Slipping Away, It's Being Pushed Away?

Yesterday I posted about a recent (current) experience with the once great company, FedEx. Turns out some of what I reported yesterday was wrong, which only makes things worse. 346 more words

Customer Service