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Harvard Report Whiffs on Fed Price Fixing Scheme

From Acting Man, by MN Gordon

A Crucial Priority

This month the bright fellows at Harvard Business School came out with a new report… 999 more words


Obamacare and EpiPens are causing an inflation problem

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The Federal Reserve has an inflation conundrum on its hands, and it is due in part to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare. 732 more words

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Minyak Menderita Kerugian Terburuk Sejak Pertengahan Juli

Monexnews – Harga minyak mentah membukukan penurunan harian terburuk sejak pertengahan Juli pada hari Jumat, setelah sebuah berita menyebutkan jika delegasi Arab Saudi menyangsikan komitmen produsen minyak lainnya untuk menyepakati wacana pembatasan produksi dalam pertemuan pekan depan. 64 more words


Emas Mencatat Kinerja Mingguan Terkuat Dalam 2-Bulan

Monexnews – Emas ditutup menguat tipis pada hari Jumat, dan membukukan kenaikan mingguan terbesar dalam 2-bulan, berkat dukungan dari langkah-langkah kebijakan bank sentral termasuk keputusan… 97 more words


23 September 2016: Election in focus

The Fed has been quite dominant on the minds of investors this year. The next two months this will change.

The outcomes of the Fed’s meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday were still on the mind of investors yesterday. 889 more words

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BOJ unprecedented move not enough to boost the USD/JPY

The USD/JPY pair continue its slow recovery from the 4-weeks low tested a few days ago, and seems to consolidate its positive movement while it remains on hold to receive fresh incentives from the Fed in order to boost its gains. 209 more words

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