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CHARLES SCHWAB: 'Take a cautious approach to the bond market'

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Moreover, all this new stimulus would likely spur inflation. Unemployment is already below 5% and wages are already rising. Broad-based tax cuts could raise consumer spending, as well, especially if the cuts affected the lower income brackets, where people tend to have the highest propensity to spend. 1,048 more words

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What Will 2017 Bring for Fixed Income?

Trump’s Programs Should be Fairly Stimulative

Despite the ongoing controversy over the President-elect, I believe that when you get through some of the rhetoric and look at the programs as proposed, it is going to be pretty stimulative if they get enacted in large measure. 687 more words


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최근 글로벌 외환시장에서의 달러는 ECB(유럽중앙은행) 통화정책결정회의를 앞둔 상황에서 유럽 지표가 약하게 나오면서 ECB가 QE를 연장할 것이라고 예상.

– 독일 10월 산업생산: 전월 대비(계절조정) 0.3% 증가(예상 0.8% 증가) 6 more words

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Stripped Treasuries Rise to Record After Bond-Market Rout

The surge in Treasury yields that started on November 8 has produced an increase in the activity called “stripping.”

(Bloomberg) The amount of Treasury notes and bonds split into principal- and interest-only securities jumped in November by $4.2 billion to $233.8 billion… 66 more words


Dow Kembali Raih Level Tinggi Penutupan Baru

Monexnews – Wall Street menguat pada hari Selasa, melanjutkan rally pasca-pemilu, sementara investor mencerna data ekonomi dan bersiap untuk dua pertemuan bank sentral besar dunia. 138 more words


Emas Masih Melemah, Pasar Fokus ke The Fed

Monexnews – Harga emas masih berada dalam arus pelemahan pada hari Selasa, walaupun sempat mencoba naik sebagai reaksi atas spekulasi bargain-hunting saat harga emas telah menyentuh level terendah 10 bulan sejak bulan Maret 2016. 99 more words


수지고래의 Daily FX Market_2016.12.07.

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– 어제 서울환시에서 USD/KRW 환율은 미 금리인상 가능성에도 달러화 강세 완화되며 소폭 하락 마감.

– 한편, 간밤 NDF에서는 8일 ECB 통화정책 회의를 앞두고 움직임이 둔화된 가운데 보합세 유지. 18 more words

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