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Harga Emas Akhir Pekan Naik 2 Persen; Bulan April Melompat 5 Persen

Harga emas rally 2 persen ke tertinggi sejak Januari tahun lalu pada akhir perdagangan akhir pekan hari Jumat setelah keputusan Bank of Jepang hari sebelumnya untuk menahan memperluas stimulus moneter yang sangat menekan dolar, dan jatuhnya pasar saham Eropa dan AS. 326 more words


Market Forecasting

Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $1000 and go to Las Vegas.” This is such a profound statement from Paul Samuelson, who was the first American economist to win the Nobel Prize in Economics. 183 more words


Fed Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged, Gives No Hints on Timing of Future Hike

(TNS)—Federal Reserve officials, concluding their latest policy meeting last Wednesday, left interest rates unchanged and gave no clear signal of a rate increase in June. The Fed’s assessment of the American economy was mixed. 30 more words

The Fed Can't Hit 2% Inflation - PCE Core DOWN TO 1.6% YoY (But Foodstuffs UP 10% Since Jan 1, 30% Annualized)

The Federal Reserve can’t cross the 2% inflation line, despite voluminous monetary stimulus (QE, ZIRP).

Personal Consumption Expenditures (CORE) YoY fell to 1.6%, below the 25 mark … again. 40 more words


US Fed rate pause - The Rationale...

The US federal reserve (US Fed), the equivalent of India’ RBI, is responsible for maintaining economic stability in the US. However, its move is widely followed the world over because, as the old saying goes, “If the US Sneezes, the World catches a cold..”! 445 more words


Lighting a fuse

The Fed quit quantitative easing more than a year ago, limiting total assets on its balance sheet to $4.5 trillion. But more than $2.5 trillion of cash injected into the financial system had been deposited straight back into the Federal Reserve system by banks as excess reserves, earning 0.25% p.a. 334 more words

US & Canada

No news from Fed, BOJ and RBNZ

Yesterday and overnight the 3 central banks, Fed, RBNZ and BOJ, made their monetary policy decisions for the respective Countries, but nothing has changed and interest rates remain the same. 358 more words

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