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The Tax Cut Gamble

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the Republican-led Congress will pass a significant tax cut. This prospect is—depending on your tax bracket, political ideology, and the state where you reside—a cause for either rejoicing or anger. 721 more words

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Tax Plan, Schmax Plan: It's The Spending, Stupid

The GOP has recently been working on tax reform, and both the House and Senate have versions of tax reform that are currently being hashed out in conference between the two houses.  788 more words


MSU Professor: $21 Trillion Missing From U.S. Federal Budget

One America News Network reports that an economics professor at Michigan State University made a shocking discovery while reviewing the finances of the federal government. 105 more words

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Who pays taxes, who benefits ... in one picture 🤑

By far most federal spending goes to social and entitlement programs aimed at the middle class and below. By far the upper middle class and above pay the most in taxes both as an effective tax rate and in total dollars. 47 more words


The estate tax, one hundred years and counting. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Before 1916 the estate tax was used as needed during times of crisis or war. Then came progressives using the same logic we hear today. The inheriting of wealth is unfair and creates dangerous concentrations of wealth and enhanced inequality along with political power. 375 more words


Commentary - 2016 Budget for growth missing demand-side stimulus

By James Farrell and John Ablett.

The Federal Opposition has focussed on the fairness of the income tax cuts in the Budget. While we share the disappointment that these have exclusively favoured households on higher incomes, we would like to highlight other shortcomings of the Budget. 1,299 more words

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How do we define (social) progress?

The liability for promises made is outstanding. The fiscal shape of Social Security and Medicare is depressing. The growth of entitlement programs is discouraging.

If we were a company or a household we would be insolvent; yet the cry is for more, much more, of the same or greater. 🤑