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Join Organizations Across the Nation To Make Housing an Election Issue!

The conventions are over. Candidates up and down the ballot are out on the campaign trail making promises and asking for votes.

Let’s join forces to make sure that affordable housing is on their agenda. 203 more words

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#7: Beyond 2025: The Consequence of Political Paralysis

In previous posts, I have been illustrating projections in Obama’s 2017 budget out to 2025, and comparing that budget to four alternative scenarios which could put the federal budget on a trajectory toward balance and paying down the national debt.  1,100 more words

US National Debt

#6: Touching the Third Rail

My last post discussed the necessity, and the unavoidability of having to cut mandatory programs in order to balance the federal budget and pay down the national debt.  2,145 more words

US National Debt

#5: The Entitlement Wall

If we accept that it is possible to reduce non-defense spending in the federal budget by 50%, we now understand that even this drastic change in spending policies will not solve the problem of our growing national debt.  1,175 more words

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#3: The Appropriated Budget

In my Introduction, I identified 3 expense types in the federal budget:  appropriated, mandatory and interest.  Then, in my review of Fred’s situation, I highlighted that in Obama’s 2017 Federal Budget plan, the federal government is planning to spend 20% to 25% more than it receives in tax receipts.  1,057 more words

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#1: Introduction - Tackling the U.S. National Debt

Welcome to jimifier.wordpress.com.  This is my blog site.

What is a “jimifier”?

The correct question is “Who is the Jimifier?”  The answer is me.  I am the Jimifier, the one and only.  828 more words

US National Debt

The new downside of a floating currency

Global rates policy a dismal failure

By Alan Kohler   6 August 2016  The Australian

 “The decision to float means that the speculators will now be speculating against themselves, rather than the Australian government via the Reserve Bank.” 868 more words

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