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Affordable Education Requires Reform

The United States ranks third in the world in GDP behind China and the European Union1. The U.S. ranks 14th in overall education2.

Education in the United States must be examined at every level if any improvement is going to be made, and there is good reason to want that to happen. 1,142 more words


Nearly $3 billion in federal spending approved for this fiscal year to go unspent, budget watchdog says

OTTAWA — The federal budget watchdog says nearly $3 billion in planned government spending authorized by Parliament will go unspent this fiscal year.

A large portion of that total — almost a third — is tied to the government’s infrastructure program, said an analysis released Thursday by the parliamentary budget office. 518 more words


Drug Testing Welfare Recipients is Illogical

Drug testing is a practice that is difficult to justify whether it is for welfare or a new job. When it’s taxpayer funded, however, there needs to be proof that the results prove worth. 378 more words


Legalization of Cannabis

The effects of cannabis legalization are far reaching, as has been seen in states and nations that have done so.

Recreational marijuana is now legal in 8 states. 536 more words


6 tips for finding opportunities in the $80 billion federal IT market

By Tim Knob, data analyst, and Barbara Austin, database manager

The government market is a huge opportunity for the tech industry. But it’s also one of the hardest to navigate, from following all of its rules and regulations to even finding the best opportunities that align with your company’s tech specialty. 422 more words


Service Makes Americans Great

I urge the president and the Office of Management and Budget to rethink cutting AmeriCorps programs. As someone who has seen firsthand the real advantages of AmeriCorps programs, I strongly believe that cutting it would be a mistake. 655 more words

Balancing the Federal Budget: Summary

If this is the first of the Balancing the Federal Budget series you’re reading, you might want to start here. Otherwise, it’s time to bring it all together. 685 more words