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No Fly List Kids parents hopeful about federal budget funding fix

Parents of children who keep running into no-fly list snags at the airport say they have new hope the problem will be addressed in the coming… 182 more words


Medicaid by State in 2016: I’ll Take What I Can Get

Some years go the Medicaid Statistical Information System (MSIS) State Datamart, which I once used to compare New York State with the U.S. average and adjacent states with regard to Medicaid expenditures and beneficiaries, was shut down. 2,857 more words

Closing Thought--19Feb18

I have been called an apologist by some of my right wing brethren….still not sure why….but that aside anything I write about Fearless Leader and these same brethren make excuses for the actions of their bromance, Trump…..does that not make them the apologist? 466 more words


ABC TV host Geraldine Doogue considers downsizing super strategy

By Sally Pattern  16 Feb 2018  Australian Financial Review

Renowned ABC journalist Geraldine Doogue is among the thousands of savers looking to capitalise on the latest changes to the superannuation rules and pump more money into their retirement pots. 1,729 more words


Spending money on people... no money for seniors😳

No money for seniors, families and disabled? None? Really? Just over 65% of the federal budget and most of it non-discretionary spending with no limits and high growth.


Let's Beat The Dead Horse!

Okay I know that the parade debacle is pretty much over….we have shootings and a budget debate and other stuff to entertain our brain….but I just cannot let the whole moronic idea of a military parade to massage the ego of this poser president. 497 more words


3 opportunities in the president’s budget

By Tom O’Keefe, consultant

We all know the administration recently released its FY19 budget request. Despite the fact that the president’s budget is effectively dead on arrival, particularly with Congress reaching a budget deal for the remainder of FY18 and FY19, there still may be some worthwhile pieces of information to be gleaned from it. 525 more words

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