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Trump Control Of Panama Hotel.

According to The Guardian, executives with Donald Trump’s family hotel business finally abandoned the management offices of a luxury hotel in Panama that had been the scene of a tense, 12-day stand… 12 more words


Tattoos Last Forever 

Your source for weird news….or just weird. ;)       Source: Tattoos Last Forever Because Your Immune Cells Are Hungry for Dead Skin

Source: Tattoos Last Forever Because Your Immune Cells Are Hungry for Dead Skin


The Pursuit of Curlyness.

My Story Regrets When I was younger, I absolutely HATE HATE HATED my curls. They were hard to control, I didn’t have a clue how to manage or look after my hair. 14 more words


You Know Those Things You Should Remember?

It’s 2:00 a.m. These are the very important thoughts (VIT) keeping me awake: VIT: You know those things that you should remember, because they make it seem really important, but then you forget the… 9 more words


#ECAC19 Trailer

The first trailer for the East Coast Author’s Convention is here! Check out my name at roughly 1:21. ;)

Source: #ECAC19 Trailer


A Chat With Author Lizzie Chantree

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of introducing you to several different author friends over the years, some of whom have visited many times and you’ve gotten to know them almost as well … 8 more words


Can someone please explain?

How can more than 100 people working in the White House be there without security clearance? Accessing top secret information? Seriously, how? How can Donald Trump be president with all his conflic… 6 more words