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Mens rea reforms in new House legislation

Much of the public attention and commentary concerning federal criminal justice reform has focused on sentencing reform, particularly with respect to drug sentences and mandatory minimums.  499 more words

Paris, the war on terror, and the federal criminal law

Jeb Bush, responding to the horrific terrorist attacks and mass killings in Paris on Friday, expressed the view that this was “not a law enforcement operation,” but rather should be treated with the tools of war.  575 more words

Will the Roberts Court abolish capital punishment?

There has been some commentary recently, in the popular press no less, speculating as to whether the Supreme Court will take up a death penalty case that directly raises the question of whether capital punishment is… 865 more words

New paper: "The Snowden Affair and the Limits of American Treason"

I am grateful to the good folks at Lincoln Memorial University’s law school for inviting me to speak at their symposium on Edward Snowden and national security earlier this year.  184 more words

Horse Watch: Interesting Links

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Monday, Monday all day long.


The horse news making the rounds the most since last week is still about those 1,700 American Mustangs (there are certainly a lot more than that) sold for slaughter via then U.S. 597 more words

Wild Horses

Fred Thompson, 1942-2015

In July 1973, White House aide Alexander Butterfield revealed to the Senate Watergate Committee the existence of a secret recording system in the Oval Office, which President Nixon used to tape his conversations.   217 more words

Excessive police force: States vs. The Feds

The video of a deputy sheriff in Richland County, South Carolina forcibly subduing and arresting a Spring Valley High School student is now widely available.  As with all of these cases, my inclination is to wait until we have more evidence before rendering any kind of judgment on the legality of the officer’s conduct.  972 more words