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Robert Cohen murder 1/20/1993 Peekskill, NY *Killed over a debt by Chris Oscar DeJesus for Richard Balter and 2 other associates*

Richard Balter was the president and sole shareholder of Northeastern Poly Products, Inc. (“NPP”) of Fairfield, New Jersey. NPP sold and distributed plastic bag products. Balter met Kenneth Cutler in the mid-1980’s when Cutler was working for one of NPP’s customers. 1,552 more words


Charleston Church Shooting. Is it Terrorism? Yes and No

That sounds as if I am sitting on the fence; unable to commit as to whether the Charleston Church Shooting was an act of terrorism.  But the answer is correct; it is both yes and no, depending upon the source of the definition and manner in which the definition is to be used.  995 more words

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Understanding Federal Asset Forfeiture Laws

Last week, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Oklahoma announced that it had been involved in collecting nearly $5 million in asset forfeiture from criminal cases in fiscal year 2014. 409 more words

Federal Crimes

Federal Tax Crimes: What You Need to Know

This month is the filing deadline for 2015 income tax returns, and many individuals are scrambling to find the best tax breaks to reduce the amount they owe or to increase the amount of refund due to them.   439 more words

Federal Crimes

"Crimes" are being staged at locations I have been to in my Mom's car... They watch you 24-7 to set you up

Read the book “Three Felonies A Day” by and then do a little research on the now disbanded East German Secret Police formerly known as “The Stasi” and you will better understand what I am about to tell you. 5,739 more words

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Sensational Crime in Rural Virginia

The Case of the Vandalized Mail Box or Boxes

On my way out one morning this week I saw a dreadful thing.

There were two ruined mailboxes lying on the ground (in shambles) right next to our own mailbox! 470 more words

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