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If you hide the gun you just used in a robbery in the shared basement of your apartment building, can police look there without a warrant?

The Fourth Amendment protects the people against unreasonable searches and seizures.  But what is a “search”?  One of the lasting contributions that Justice Scalia made to constitutional law was his revival of the trespass doctrine in Fourth Amendment search analysis.  734 more words

Feds indict Michael Slager in SC

Today, the Justice Department announced that it had obtained an indictment against Michael Slager, the former police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina who shot and killed Walter Scott in April 2015 after a traffic stop.  373 more words

Complaint in United States v. North Carolina

Here is the complaint that the Justice Department filed yesterday in federal district court against the State of North Carolina, the University of North Carolina, and the State Department of Public Safety.  579 more words

When police have an arrest warrant for a suspect but mistakenly enter someone else's home and find criminal evidence against them, do we suppress?

In Payton v. New York (1980), the Supreme Court held that for an arrest inside of a home, the Fourth Amendment requires an arrest warrant, absent exigency or consent.  1,212 more words

DOJ obtains major Gangster Disciples indictments; 48 charged

The Gangster Disciples originated in Chicago with the merger of two other gangs.  They now have a presence in half of the country.  They are hierarchical, well-organized, and extremely violent. 155 more words

From Ocasio to McDonnell: Is the existing Hobbs Act more trouble than it is worth?

Samuel Ocasio and other members of the Baltimore Police Department had an agreement with two brothers who owned a local repair shop.  In exchange for money, Ocasio and the officers would persuade people with damaged cars to take their vehicles to the shop.  851 more words

Today's argument in McDonnell

This morning the Court heard arguments in McDonnell v. United States, one of the most anticipated cases of the Supreme Court’s Term and its last to be argued this spring.  267 more words