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Nope, still not the Law and Order Candidate

I have seen a fair amount of commentary regarding the press conference held yesterday by Donald Trump.  During the event, he says “Russia, if you’re listening.  1,447 more words

Gun rights, criminal law enforcement, and Justice Thomas

The officer-involved shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota last week – combined with the premeditated, cold-blooded murders of five Dallas Police officers, with a firearm – remind us once again of the complicated legal and political issues created by gun violence.  916 more words

Sharing Your Netflix Password Is Now A Federal Crime

On July 5, a federal court in California issued an opinion that if you share your Netflix, HBO Go or any other streaming service password, it is a violation of the U.S.

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True Crime

More thoughts on the Comey announcement

I wanted to offer just a few additional thoughts on the FBI recommendation against prosecuting Hillary Clinton, now that the dust has settled after a surreal day in American politics.  990 more words

FBI recommends against charges for Hillary Clinton

FBI Director James Comey today announced that the Bureau is recommending against any federal criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton related to her email practices while Secretary of State.  980 more words

Supreme Court narrows scope of an "official act," but keeps "misdemeanor crime of domestic violence" broad

While the decision in Whole Woman’s Health will dominate the news today, I note the other two cases of interest that came down today, as well. 789 more words

Thoughts on Birchfield: search incident okay for breath, but not for blood

On a busy Thursday at the Supreme Court, the decisions on affirmative action and the President’s immigration executive order overshadowed an important Fourth Amendment case, … 925 more words