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On prosecuting political opponents

I have endeavored to avoid jumping into the fray regarding the Trump tape that surfaced last Friday.  Others have adequately said everything there is to say.  1,588 more words

What will become of Chris Christie?

Last week, before an ever-fawning media that was being played like a fiddle, Donald Trump spent several seconds repudiating the despicable Obama birther lie that he had willfully helped to perpetuate.  633 more words

Can the federal felon-in-possession ban violate the Second Amendment?

In District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for purposes of defensive confrontation.  1,159 more words

Ninth Circuit: Feds cannot prosecute CSA violators in medical marijuana States, sort of, for now

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued a significant ruling on the criminal enforcement of federal drug law yesterday.  In United States v. 973 more words

What does Trump really believe about gun rights?

As Donald Trump continues to demonstrate his predictable weakness as a presidential candidate, and as he becomes increasingly dogged by abysmal numbers in nationwide and swing state polls, he further confirmed his weaknesses and the claims of his critics yesterday with his remarks about Hillary Clinton, judicial appointments, and the power of the “Second Amendment people.”  … 1,218 more words

Fact finder #7: Proof is in the pudding... Scammed!

Continuously and throughout my adversaries leverage this thingtermed an automatic stay; and according to proper statute one must secure an order from The United States bankruptcy courts in order to be granted stay relief in dissolving a marriage or making Final determinations with respect to equitable distribution and the like. 49 more words

Federal death penalty challenge in Vermont

There is a developing situation in Vermont concerning the federal death penalty.  C&C has a post here.  Prawfs has a post here by Professor Michael Mannheimer.  1,624 more words