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Transgender killing results in federal hate crime conviction

Several of my recent posts have addressed issues related to hate crimes.  Obviously, the Roof conviction and upcoming federal death penalty hearing has made that case the leading hate crime story nationally of late.  884 more words

Does asset forfeiture apply to drug prosecution defendant who did not directly benefit from the criminal conspiracy?

In March of this year, I posted about an interesting Sixth Circuit case, United States v. Honeycutt.  There, two brothers – Terry and Tony Honeycutt – ran an Army surplus store in Chattanooga, out of which they sold a legal product called Polar Pure.  330 more words

Hate crime stats for 2015

In light of the start of the Dylann Roof trial in South Carolina, I thought this would be a good time to highlight the hate crime statistics from 2015, which are now up on the DOJ’s website… 473 more words

Mistrial in Slager state prosecution

In previous posts, I have noted the Michael Slager case out of South Carolina.  See, e.g., here.  Slager is the North Charleston Police officer who was recorded shooting and killing a man named Walter Scott, who had been the subject of a traffic stop and who was seen running away from Slager.   267 more words

Clear Lack of Legal Ethics or Judicial Due Diligence 

By and through such correspondences, a clear display that both attorneys, these judges and Trustee exhibit a clear lack of legal ethics or lawful due diligence despite being entrusted with public confidence in upholding our constitutional protections under the law!

Hate crime prosecutions in the new administration

A story out of West Virginia this past week reminded me of an issue that has arisen with respect to the Trump Justice Department, and, in particular, the President-Elect-to-be’s choice for Attorney General. 757 more words

Can I own a Cross Bow as a Felon on Probation?

So all felons in America lose their ability to own a fire arm. This is a fundamental right given in the Bill of Rights, which are the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution. 290 more words

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