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... the Government has to be Nuts -- to Want to Regulate Conservative Media like Little ol ' Me ...

.. it seems that the DemoCraps are not happy with the Conservative Media and their growing influence and power on the political landscape . So what else is new ?? 93 more words

Personal Opinion

Trump, Churches and Politics

Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

By David J. Herzig

One of the leads in today’s news cycle was the Flint Pastor, Rev. Faith Green Timmons of the Bethel United Methodist Church, interrupting Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump during a speech at her church. 829 more words

This Government Agency Just Asked 'God' to Prove He Exists

Anyone criticizing the Federal Election Commission as toothless must now reckon with this: Today, the agency took on God and Satan — plus nearly 250 other officially registered presidential candidates it believes are bogus. 520 more words

Self-Funded Campaign???

Political campaigns cost a lot of money.  The higher the position being sought, the more money the campaign costs.  If you are running for city council, you probably do not need to collect millions of dollars in donations to fund your advertisements, but if you are running for governor of your state, you might need to do some more serious fundraising.  689 more words

Political Commentary

Regulator sniffs scented oxygen on taxpayer-funded RNC trip

On Tuesday members, of the Federal Election Commission are in Cleveland this week for the Republican National Convention, at least one could be seen using the taxpayer-funded trip to sniff some scented oxygen. 233 more words

In The News

... What is the F.E.C. thinking [#political intimidation]...

.. the F.E.C. was subdivided . There was little choice . When you are dealing with the sheer number of candidates at the time , the Network had to do it .. 79 more words

Personal Opinion

Hey, media: Trump campaign solicited foreign donations. Why aren't you covering it?

Why isn’t the media all over this story? It seems to be the latest word in the Donald Trump “scampaign.”

Donald J. Trump Jr. sent hundreds of emails soliciting campaign donations for his father’s presidential campaign to foreign politicians, including all elected officials from the United Kingdom, Iceland, and Australia. 647 more words