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... the Government has to be Nuts -- to Want to Regulate Conservative Media like Little ol ' Me ...

.. it seems that the DemoCraps are not happy with the Conservative Media and their growing influence and power on the political landscape . So what else is new ?? 93 more words

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Matt Bevin Elected Governor of Kentucky, Only the 2nd Republican Governor in 4 Decades

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) UPDATED at 8:09: Matt Bevin elected governor of Kentucky, only the 2nd Republican governor in four decades.

The campaign for Kentucky governor concludes Tuesday as voters elect someone to replace a two-term Democrat in a race that has turned on health insurance for 500,000 people, marriage licenses for same-sex couples and public education for preschool children. 178 more words


Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Asked If an Intern Could Get Paid by Her College

The Hillary Clinton campaign asked the Federal Election Commission if an unpaid intern could get college credit and a stipend from her university for her work on the campaign. 160 more words

Look What One Reader Found on Donald Trump in the FEC's Swanky New Website

If you want to find out how much money politicians or Super PACs have raised, the Federal Election Commission has all that information on file. The problem is, the current FEC website really, really sucks. 161 more words


Illinois peeps, check out - Is There a Silver Lining to Citizens United?

By making a mockery of traditional efforts at reform, the Supreme Court’s ruling shifted our attention to local experiments that appear to be working.. via NYT Opinion http://ift.tt/1PTOyQX


78% of Americans Want Citizens United Overturned—So Why Does the Media Never Cover It?

A recent Bloomberg poll showing 78 percent of Americans in favor of overturning the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling received no coverage on national nightly news programs for ABC, CBS, NBC or PBS, nor Sunday morning political talk shows on ABC, FOX, or NBC. 93 more words


Mixed Fundraising Reports for Republican Presidential Candidates

Ted Cruz raised $12.2 million in the past three months for his Republican presidential bid, about twice what competitor Marco Rubio collected in the same time period. 499 more words

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