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The risk of a correction in the equity bull market

Macro Letter – No 89 – 19-01-2018

The risk of a correction in the equity bull market

  • Rising commodity prices, including oil, are feeding through to PPI…
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SMP: The Macro Bifurcation

One of the major issues in contemporary macroeconomics concerns monetary policy since the 2008 crisis. For many, if not most, of the major central banks, the conventional channels through which the money supply changes do not work anymore.

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Making Sense of Nominal GDP Targeting

In less than a month, Jerome Powell will replace Janet Yellen as the new Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  This change will give the Fed a chance to reconsider how it conducts monetary policy.  1,339 more words


(What's Left of) Our Economy: New Figures Report a Strong 2017 that Ended Weakly for U.S. Manufacturing

The Federal Reserve’s new industrial production figures for December revealed that inflation-adjusted U.S. manufacturing output growth has slowed substantially. Its fractional (0.08 percent) monthly increase represented its worst sequential performance since August’s 0.14 percent dip. 477 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

State of Capital: Vol 2

PDF: State Of Capital Vol. 2

1. Yield Curve

The yield curve has flattened a hare from our last measurement of 0.59% to 0.53%. In general, an inverted yield curve precedes economic faltering, yet there can be early (technically false) signals. 777 more words


GRAPH: Venezuela Price Inflation Hits A Staggering 5,067%

The people in Venezuela are suffering and the practice of money printing via socialism is to blame. 7 more words



Welcome to tales of Nineteenth Century Salem. A time in which Salem was the richest city and the most influential in shaping our young country. In our posts you will learn how Salem has shaped American history from the profits she made by the smuggling that happened in her tunnels by the most wealthy and powerful in their day; sometimes for the good, but more often not. 168 more words

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