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US Fed's primal divide: Is economy overheating or stuck in a rut?

Investors may be expecting a US interest rate increase in December, but Federal Reserve policymakers remain divided over whether the economy is mired in a rut, strong enough to withstand an immediate hike or hovering somewhere in between. 300 more words


No, Donald, the Fed Isn’t Manipulating the Economy for Political Gain

In Monday night’s debate, Donald Trump reiterated a charge he’s been making on the campaign trail: that Janet Yellen, the chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve, is manipulating the economy to make it look better than it is, to help get Hillary Clinton elected. 575 more words


This Congressman Wants Wells Fargo Broken Up

Congressman Brad Sherman, D-Calif., has a solution to stop Wells Fargo from creating phony accounts in the future: Break up the bank.

During a Congressional hearing of the House Financial Services Committee on the Federal Reserve’s oversight of banks, Sherman asked Janet Yellen, who was testifying, whether she had considered breaking up Wells Fargo in the wake of its recent scandal. 264 more words


Congressman Accuses Fed of Supporting Hillary

There are likely few people in Washington who long for November 9th more than Janet Yellen.

She’s spent recent weeks fending off accusations from Donald Trump that the Fed… 450 more words


Cryan has to know when to Fuld 'em

The similarities between Deutsche Bank and Lehman Bros. grow by the day.

CEO John Cryan is pulling out the Lehman playbook used not so effectively by ex-Lehman CEO Dick Fuld. 160 more words


The Donald Nailed It: “We Are In A Big Fat Ugly Bubble”

From David Stockman:

Most of the 90 minutes last night was a waste—with both candidates lobbing well-worn clichés, slogans and sound bites at the audience and each other.

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