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Markets line in the sand on Memorial Day

As I wrote earlier this week, the adage of sell in May and go away, has to be on the table this year, more than ever. 252 more words


The Road To Serfdom?

In the last 12months, the World economy, has taken a distinct turn for the worse…Starting last summer, the Federal Reserve announced it would begin normalising interest rates. 968 more words

About Half of U.S. Families Would Have a Tough Time With a Surprise $400 Expense

Nearly half of U.S. families would find it difficult to deal with an unexpected $400 expense, according to the Federal Reserve in a new study. 183 more words


Ron Paul: US Bonds Guru Changes Tune, Americans Should Listen

May 26, 2016—During the last Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul talked about bond guru Bill Gross and his latest statement. According to the veteran financial manager, the central bank’s dominance is on its last legs, which caught Ron Paul’s attention. 375 more words

Federal Reserve

The Frailed State Or When Is A Duopoly Not A Duopoly? Or Guess Who Is Coming To Dinar..

It has recently been reported in the news that both sides in the ongoing Libyan civil war have begun to issue their own respective currencies. It would seem that two conflicting sides both enforcing their own form of government and issuing their own respective forms of money is Duopoly writ large. 1,821 more words

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Many Americans can't foot the bill

Almost 46% of Americans would be hamstrung if an unexpected $400 bill showed up in the mail, according to a new study by the Federal Reserve. 234 more words


Nearly Half of U.S. Households Would Struggle With an Unexpected $400 Expense: Fed Study

Shedding light on the precarious economic state of many American families, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday that nearly half of U.S. households reported they would have trouble meeting emergency expenses of just $400. 149 more words