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Climate Change from Two Different Sides: Miami's Fall JANUS Forum

By: Aidan Das

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, The JANUS Forum at Miami University hosted a discussion between former Democratic Senator, Barbara Boxer, and former Republican Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, in Armstrong’s Wilks Theater. 631 more words

Miami University

Vegas for political nerds - where the 'smart money' is going in #elxn43

It’s Vegas for political nerds. It’s one thing to read the polls, listen to your gut, and have a prediction.  But what about putting hard-earned, cold cash on the line? 619 more words


Where does the NDP pathway lead?

Jaggernaut.  Jagmentum.  Jagmeet Singh has been the story of the campaign since the English-language debate – in English Canada – where the NDP, for most of its history, has won its seats. 604 more words


Liberal pathways to victory

If the Big Red Machine rolls to victory on October 21st, how will it be done? Regional seat balances have been like whack-a-mole this election.  In this post, I look at examples of Liberal wins, and the regional coalitions they were based on, since the 1960s – and which of these scenarios Justin Trudeau’s Liberals might emulate this time.   1,198 more words


BC's photo finish: translating votes to seats

British Columbia will be fascinating to watch on election night. As advance polls open, there has been a struggle between the Liberals and Conservatives to emerge as a clear leader, while the NDP appear to be on the move post-debate.   820 more words


I voted today

Well today I did my duty as a Citizen and voted in our National Federal Election. It is the first day of voting by anticipation, this Thanksgiving weekend people can vote from 9am to 9 pm at polling stations. 626 more words


Eh There, Hosers! Think Twice Before Electing Conservative This Year

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” – Plato

Canadian Politics 2019… 747 more words