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Military Ban

President Trump has said about how he believes that transgender individuals should not be allowed to serve in our military and there were a set of tweets that finally stated that he would no longer be allowing them to serve. 587 more words


The American Party Systems - Yep, Plural

I thought it might be fun to talk about the American Party Systems.  Regular people are caught up in their kids’ soccer games and school, their own jobs and any normal hobby but my thing is the American political system and specifically, the history of said systems. 1,974 more words

Ethos vs. Ethos

I had the pleasure of learning about Ethos recently, at least another angle on it I had never heard before. Here, we have two ethoses going up against one another. 1,059 more words


ABELDANE ELECTIONS : Interview of Benjamin Norris (Fed)

BABOUGRAD – 8 / 8 / 2017

On August 20, 2017, Abeldane will organize federal elections. In this context, the editorial team of Occitania Herald offered to each candidate an interview of five questions about national policy, soft power, political life and religion. 320 more words


Thoughts on the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

I’ve become thoroughly depressed by current events lately, so I’ve decided instead to go back to reading more American history. I’ve always respected the men and women of the founding generation: their bravery and fierce independent streak laid the foundation for the America we know today, for better or worse. 764 more words

America – A Short Story (ver 2.0), by Centinel

Another lesson in obscure history. Few Americans know who the Federalists were or what they stood for. Fewer still know who the Anti-Federalists were or what they stood for. 279 more words

America, a Short Story, by Centinel

This is actually a fairly long story by blogging standards, and well worth reading. It’s a perspective on American history that let’s just say is unavailable in virtually all American schools, public or private. 381 more words