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“Finding Mercy” by Michael Landon, Jr. and Cindy Kelley

I loved watching shows that Michael Landon produced.  I don’t think his son, Michael Landon, Jr. fell far from the proverbial tree.  I just finished reading his book “Finding Mercy” which he wrote in collaboration with Cindy Kelley.  112 more words

Book Review

Ask the Author... Jonathan Den Hartog on Patriotism and Piety

by Kristin Du Mez.

For this week’s Historical Horizons blog post, I’m excited to launch the inaugural edition of our “Ask the Author” series. I’ve selected a new book on religion and politics by Jonathan Den Hartog— 1,068 more words


The Real News: Video: Jaisal Noor Interviewing Kshama Sawant: The Socialist Response to the State of the Union


The words socialist and federalist tend to not go together. It would sort of be like calling someone a Atheist-Muslim, or a Neoconservative-Libertarian. It’s generally one or the other, because those things tend to be at opposite sides of each other. 281 more words


Keith Hughes: Video: What is a Libertarian?

Libertarians, I guess it depends on what you mean by a Libertarian. And if you asked my definition of a Libertarian, it will sound very similar to both my definition of a Conservative, in the classical sense and a Liberal in the classical sense where I am. 638 more words

Economic Freedom

The Constitution Part 3: The Bill of Rights

When the Constitution was written it did not contain a Bill of Rights. During the ratification process a group called the Anti-Federalists  opposed the Constitution for many reasons including that it lacked protection for citizen’s rights. 573 more words

United States Constitution

Mad Tom, Political Conflict, and Religious Conflict

We don’t have a lot of political cartoons from the very early republic, but lately I have very much appreciated one called “Mad Tom in a Rage.” 72 more words