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Federalists Vs. Antifederalists

It is very interesting to learn abut this division between Federalists and Antifederalists. It seemed like most picked sides to their convenience, expect those who stay neutral. 272 more words

Alexander Hamilton and "Vigorous" Government

The examples studied exhibit a portion of what Alexander Hamilton meant when he wrote and spoke about “vigorous” government. He did not appeal to a ubiquitous national government with tentacles in all aspects of life that invalidated state sovereignty. 102 more words


Party Autopsy: The Federalists

The Federalist Party of the United States of America was America’s first political party to rise and also the first to fall. From its ranks came many of America’s first leaders like the first vice-president and second president, John Adams, the first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, and the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Jay. 1,219 more words


Alexander Hamilton & James Madison

Often neglected amidst this pugilism between American titans is a corollary conflict between Alexander Hamilton and a third titan of American history, though oft overlooked – James Madison. 93 more words


John Adams Inaugurated 2nd President March 4, 1797

John Quincy Adams may have followed George Washington as the 2nd President (inaugurated on this day in 1797) but his life was full of firsts.  A “Federalist”, he was the 1st Vice President, Member of the Continental Congress, Minister to Great Britain, Minister to the Netherlands and along with Thomas Jefferson, penned the “Declaration of Independence”. 214 more words

Tale of the Tape: Antifederalists versus Federalists

Antifederalists and Federalists found common cause in comprehending human nature. That said, each faction responded to this comprehension in widely conflicting ways, establishing an unassailable gulf over the vision of America’s future, the scope and scale of the national government, and conceptions of virtue and vice. 65 more words


Is the USA a terror state?

I was startled to see political scientists associated with the New Left go so far as to condemn the Constitution and the Founders as terrorists, inflicting Federalist authoritarianism upon antiFederalists. 341 more words

Alexander Hamilton