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A History Lesson

Totally and completely unrelated to any current political platform being offered up by any major American political party, I offer up this brief history lesson.  As you may recall, my day job is teaching social studies, and historians (yes, I call myself a historian.   652 more words

Alien And Sedition Acts

Uncle Tom's Condo

We were talking about the first inter-racial kiss in an American movie. Without relying on Google, I suggested it was in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner… 1,055 more words

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Hail to The Divider in Chief

Yesterday in Dallas, Barack Obama gave a speech to a large crowd which had assembled to memorialize the five Dallas police officers, (Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael Smith, Patrick Zamarippa and Brent Thompson), who were killed by a domestic terrorist. 1,424 more words

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Constitution Sunday: Letters from the "Federal Farmer" to "The Republican"

Letters from the “Federal Farmer” to “The Republican”

New York, November 8, 1787

Following are excerpts from a series of letters published in New York, supposedly from the Federal Farmer to The Republican: 740 more words


Jefferson and Christianity

In recent days the space not taken up by discussions of, say, the Cincinnati gorilla, has been taken up online by  a vibrant discussion about Thomas Jefferson and Christianity. 341 more words

Why I am a Conservative

“…by my definition, a Conservative is someone who wants to conserve the Constitution of the United States and the American tradition and law, that no one is above that law.” 2,727 more words

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Constitution Sunday: "A Political Dialogue"

“A Political Dialogue”

Massachusetts Centinel (Boston), October 24, 1787

Following are excerpts from an article published in the Massachusetts Centinel, which purported to capture a conversation between “Mr. 564 more words