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Talking John Adams, Religion, and Democracy

Earlier this spring, I gave away copies of Amy Kittelstrom’s new book, The Religion of Democracy.

Not only were two (!) lucky readers recipients the book, but I had a chance to read it, as well. 135 more words

Did Jefferson Struggle With the Louisiana Purchase Decision?

“Despite Jefferson’s great enthusiasm for the purchase, he hesitated to send the treaty to the Senate for ratification. Being a firm believer in limited government and strict construction of the Constitution, Jefferson doubted that the federal government had the constitutional right either to acquire foreign territory or, more important, to incorporate it into the Union. 257 more words


What Changes Did Jefferson Make to the National Government?

“The Republicans in fact meant to have an insignificant national government. The federal government, Jefferson declared in his first message to Congress in 1801, was ‘charged with the external and mutual relations only of these states.’ All the rest—the ‘principal care of our persons, our property, and our reputation, constituting the great field of human concerns’—were to be left to the states, which Jefferson thought were the best governments in the world… The inherited Federalist governmental establishment was small even by eighteenth-century European standards… Nevertheless, in Jefferson’s eyes, this tiny federal bureaucracy had become ‘too complicated, too expensive,’ and 411 more words