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The Democrats' Federalist Redux

As my beloved 8th grade history teacher liked to say, history repeats itself.

One of the remarkable outcomes of Tuesday’s election is how the Democratic party seems to be transforming into a predominantly bi-coastal and urban party – a sort of 21st century updating of the Federalists and their successors, the National Republicans and Whigs. 680 more words

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Are the Democrats the New Federalists?

The prairie winds that swept across the great American heartland last night do not bode well for the future of the Democratic Party.

By becoming, however unwittingly, a bi-coastal party, the Democratic Party is arguably the 21st century equivalent of Federalists and their successors, the Whigs – an party of gentrified, well-educated urban elites. 141 more words

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That's the Ticket

Well now we are in this rather ominous week between Halloween and the Election. How t0 deal with it? By retreating into the past, of course! 367 more words


Episode 1: The Election of 1816

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This episode, the inaugural episode of the Second Decade podcast, details the bizarre (by modern standards) political situation Americans faced in 1816. The Democratic-Republican Party, hoping to score its fifth Presidential election win in a row, ran yet another Virginian, James Monroe. 129 more words


#Texit and Factionalism Today

After hearing the news of Britain’s referendum to leave the European Union passed in June this year, the call for Texas’ secession grew… again. Just as the hashtag Brexit was trending, so was another, Texit, a call by many unhappy Texans for Texas to leave the union of the United States. 262 more words

Week 6 - The Federalist I

Would the Founding Fathers Build Trump's Wall?

Donald Trump, along with Senator Bernie Sanders, has revolutionized the way we view politicians today. He says what is on his mind without having anyone make his message a bit sweeter or politically correct to the viewers. 592 more words

Acting National

We live in a federal republic, or so the Federalist Papers tried to persuade those Americans on the fence about adopting the Constitution. Trying to tell the difference between a nation and a federation can be tough. 225 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum