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National Constitution Center: Video: Senator Mike Lee: Our Lost Constitution

I agree with Senator Mike Lee that Congress has not lived up to their responsibilities as being an equal partner in the Federal Government with the Executive. 335 more words

Economic Freedom


Today’s Republicans are leading a revolution, a revolution of the radicalization of America. They would have you think that they are conservatives. The Tea Party followers and the so-called Federalist Society would have you believe that they are working to return America to its founding principles. 1,513 more words


A Great Review of Patriotism and Piety

The semester is over and my grades are entered. I’ll now be transitioning to other activities for this summer.

I arrived at my office this morning to learn that a review of… 184 more words


I am reading a book and came across this information, and thought it very apt – it’s the reason why mainline denominationalists believe that anyone who is blessed materially and with family – are saved.   312 more words

Grace Movement

Houston Recap

In my last post, I pointed out I still needed to blog about my Houston trip from early last week.

The trip went really well. 201 more words

Things fall apart...but the center holds too much and too tightly

Left and Right date as political terms from the French Assembly where the monarchists and clericalists sat on the right-hand side of the room and the republicans on the left.   718 more words

“Finding Mercy” by Michael Landon, Jr. and Cindy Kelley

I loved watching shows that Michael Landon produced.  I don’t think his son, Michael Landon, Jr. fell far from the proverbial tree.  I just finished reading his book “Finding Mercy” which he wrote in collaboration with Cindy Kelley.  112 more words

Book Review