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Political Parties

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson had a contentious relationship, from their time serving as Secretaries in Washington’s administration forward. That contentious relationship manifested itself, at least partially, in the fact that they had crucial ideological differences. 381 more words

Early Republic

East Versus West?

In 1790, President Washington implemented an excise tax on spirits distilled within the United States. A bold move for the Federalists, who were seeking to create a more assertive, more organized, more cohesive federal government. 415 more words

Early Republic

The rise of Southern nationalism (part I)

In the late 1820s, only a few decades after the United States had been formed, Robert Barnwell Rhett (1800-1876) began to speak openly against the Union and the idea that there was a single American nationality. 382 more words


Forward to 1800: Religious Establishment, Free Exercise, and the Disappearing Jeffersonian Settlement

Reading up on the 1800 Presidential election is incredibly instructive. If the current state of American political discourse freaks you out — if you think it has acquired its unflattering features, its peculiar kinks and rifts, only recently — then read up on what Adams and Jefferson partisans said about one another. 262 more words



Welcome to the open platform in which candidates for statutory positions of JEF Europe present themselves and in which important documents and information are provided. 105 more words