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#Texit and Factionalism Today

After hearing the news of Britain’s referendum to leave the European Union passed in June this year, the call for Texas’ secession grew… again. Just as the hashtag Brexit was trending, so was another, Texit, a call by many unhappy Texans for Texas to leave the union of the United States. 262 more words

Week 6 - The Federalist I

Would the Founding Fathers Build Trump's Wall?

Donald Trump, along with Senator Bernie Sanders, has revolutionized the way we view politicians today. He says what is on his mind without having anyone make his message a bit sweeter or politically correct to the viewers. 592 more words

Acting National

We live in a federal republic, or so the Federalist Papers tried to persuade those Americans on the fence about adopting the Constitution. Trying to tell the difference between a nation and a federation can be tough. 225 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum

King's Survey: Party, a 4-Letter Word

In which we see partisan politics unexpectedly befall the Founding Fathers


—Hey, Mr. K.

Yesterday you asked whether the growing rift between (Federalist) Alexander Hamilton and (Democratic-Republican, or just Republican for short) James Madison marked the beginning of party politics. 1,297 more words

Jim Cullen

A History Lesson

Totally and completely unrelated to any current political platform being offered up by any major American political party, I offer up this brief history lesson.  As you may recall, my day job is teaching social studies, and historians (yes, I call myself a historian.   652 more words

Alien And Sedition Acts

Uncle Tom's Condo

We were talking about the first inter-racial kiss in an American movie. Without relying on Google, I suggested it was in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner… 1,055 more words

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Hail to The Divider in Chief

Yesterday in Dallas, Barack Obama gave a speech to a large crowd which had assembled to memorialize the five Dallas police officers, (Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael Smith, Patrick Zamarippa and Brent Thompson), who were killed by a domestic terrorist. 1,424 more words

Conservative Opinions