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Why I am a Conservative

“…by my definition, a Conservative is someone who wants to conserve the Constitution of the United States and the American tradition and law, that no one is above that law.” 2,727 more words

Conservative Opinions

Constitution Sunday: "A Political Dialogue"

“A Political Dialogue”

Massachusetts Centinel (Boston), October 24, 1787

Following are excerpts from an article published in the Massachusetts Centinel, which purported to capture a conversation between “Mr. 564 more words


Hamilton versus Jefferson: Commentary, Part 12

In Chapter 10 we find Alexander Hamilton’s thorough rebuttal to Thomas Jefferson’s critique of his programs. Again, there is much that can be said as a result of Hamilton’s prolific intellect and passionate defense: his explanation that, no indeed, he was not a proponent of perpetual debt but instead long argued “’the… 1,165 more words



In Clinton Needs Sanders, Josh Marshall posted a brief comment from John Judis, a well-known, progressive journalist who is joining TPM. Judis is exhorting Hillary Clinton to step up her game: 365 more words


Hamilton versus Jefferson: Commentary, Part 11

In Chapter 9 further proofs are provided in defense of my thesis the ultimate cause of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson’s sundering was whether the national government had breached its Constitutional mandate of an autonomous federal government that was simultaneously in compliment to the various state governments while operating exclusively in international and intraunion affairs. 762 more words


Alexander Hamilton, After a Delay

I try to link (relatively) quickly to material elsewhere, but this one got away from me.

Early in March I posted a blog post on “Religion and Hamilton.” 87 more words