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The Politics of the Louisiana Purchase - Ari Sclar

Of the same nature, though of less practicable aspect, is another Utopian idea, which I presume to suggest to the genuine friends of freedom, yet, I confess, without any sanguine hope, that it will receive countenance.  217 more words

Ari Sclar

Joyce Appleby and the Federalists

Had the Federalists passed on their power to like-minded men in 1800, the course of economic development in the United States would have been guided by government officials attentive to the nation’s major investors.  221 more words

Ari Sclar

John Marshall on George Washington

“the continent was divided into two great political parties, the one of which contemplated America as a nation, and labored incessantly to invest the federal head with powers competent to the preservation of the union. 139 more words

Ari Sclar

Gordon Wood and Hamilton's program

“Although Hamilton’s financial program was designed with these moneyed interests in mind, it was never intended for their exclusive benefit.  They would no doubt prosper from it, but that would be incidental to his larger economic and political plans.  138 more words

Ari Sclar

George Mason and the Constitution - Ari Sclar

There is no declaration of rights; and the laws of the general government being paramount to the laws and constitutions of the several states, the declarations of rights in the separate states are no security. 152 more words

Ari Sclar

National Constitution Center: NCC Staff- Alexander Hamilton's Vision of Federalism, National Authority & Judicial Review

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

There is very little if any mention and discussion about federalism in this video even though Alexander Hamilton’s vision of federalism is part of the title of the video. 813 more words


Happy Bill of Rights Day

As you all know, the Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.  It was written because many founding fathers did not want to approve the Constitution without a bill of rights.   82 more words

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