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It is with great pleasure to announce that the Community run respin team has yet another Updated ISO round.  This round carries the 4.9.10-200 kernel along with 761 MB of updates (avg,  some Desktop Environments more, some less) since the Gold release. 711 more words


F25-20170221 Updated Lives Released

I am happy to announce new F25-20170221 Updated Lives.

(with Kernel 4.9.10)

With F25 we are now using Livemedia-creator to build the updated lives.

Also from now on we will only be releasing updated lives on even kernel releases.

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Intro to DNF

DNF is a new RPM-based package manager that replaced YUM, as YUM was affected by some performance issues and inefficient dependency resolving methods.

Its CLI interface is pretty intuitive: 209 more words


How to Dual Boot / Install a Linux Distro

Open source Development:

Open source software means that software’s whose source code is available for all developers, globally spread across the world. Or universe if you will! 1,162 more words

Atom Installer

tldr; tricky/hacky way of installing atom and updating it automatically with system updates

Hi Guys,

One thing that I miss about using Ubuntu is PPA’s there are lot’s of PPA in Ubuntu and you can hack around and install all types of software which are required for your usage. 247 more words


FAmSCo for engineers

Hopefully this will make more sense to my friend engineers  (or is it engineer friends?)

if  candidate(ambassador) {

nominates himself; run elections; gets voted;

else… 27 more words