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Stingy brim + Vest + Dress pants

Hola, all! This outfit was a put together to get your thoughts, and give some of you ideas. All of these pieces I’m totally in love with, such as the dress pants by United Colors of Benetton; the v-neck shirt by Truth, Substance & Common Sense; vest by Claiborne; and the stingy brim fedora by David and Young that I’ve worn so many times. 68 more words

A Functional Theory of Hat Wearing

Alfred T. Palmer, TVA carpenter (1942)

Hats are not, primarily, fashion items or status markers. They are – overwhelmingly – objects that initially came into use because they fulfilled a concrete function. 3,109 more words


Introducing the Libredora T400 and freedom rant...

I've been a long time Fedora user and have just recently been turned onto Coreboot and then Libreboot and I really like what that crowd is doing toward 'freeing' the BIOS. 321 more words


The "Incels"

Ladies, we all love them, men dedicate their entire lives pining for the attention and affections of these beautiful creatures. Sometimes, however, a woman will deny the advances of a male suiter and this will often leave that man feeling bad or used. 1,029 more words

Daily Annoyance

Just been released: Fedora 27

Fedora fans all over the world have just excited for the release of the new version, Fedora 27. As usual, the the version brings several fixes and improvements as well as adds some new features. 189 more words

App Review

Fedora 27 virt-builder images

Fedora 27 has just been released, and I’ve just uploaded virt-builder images so you can try it right away:

$ virt-builder -l | grep fedora-27
fedora-27                aarch64    Fedora® 27 Server (aarch64)
fedora-27                armv7l     Fedora® 27 Server (armv7l)
fedora-27                i686       Fedora® 27 Server (i686)
fedora-27                ppc64      Fedora® 27 Server (ppc64)
fedora-27                ppc64le    Fedora® 27 Server (ppc64le)
fedora-27                x86_64     Fedora® 27 Server
$ virt-builder fedora-27 \
      --root-password password:123456 \
      --install emacs \
      --selinux-relabel \
      --size 30G
$ qemu-system-x86_64 \
      -machine accel=kvm:tcg \
      -cpu host -m 2048 \
      -drive file=fedora-27.img,format=raw,if=virtio &

#PeruRumboGSoC2018 - Session 1

Our first session has started last Sunday at UIGV. It was quite difficult to find a laboratory with Linux computers opened on Sunday, but thanks to the UIGV to let us use the classroom at Faculty of Turism. 207 more words

Julita Inca