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Fedora "update testing" with Bodhi

Before and after Fedora releases, there are updates that keep coming in to fix bugs or add minor features to packages included in Fedora. To ensure that these are stable and don’t affect the performance of the existing system, we do “update testing”. 549 more words


New project on the air

Weeks ago I participated in Space Apps Challenge, that is very a interesting NASA hackathon open to everyone (not only engineers/programmers).  I joined a tiny team called Phobos building a project named “Olympus Mons”.   196 more words


Street Style On My Birthday

It’s my birthday (May,3) and I feel really great (because I did some soul-searching and self purging). It feels really good to be twenty-something years old and oh my! 511 more words


Source: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F24_Beta_release_announcement

So interested in  Fedora 24 and  / or  what is going into it?  Have a look at the working  wiki page  and  help finish the announcement, Mostly looking for technical edits at this point (aka the ‘what does this do / mean) and  if you are  a  more layperson  and things are not  clear enough or  missing something ? 15 more words


Fedora-Based Sugar on a Stick Is One Sweet Desktop

The Fedora 23 Sugar on a Stick desktop offering is an unusually flexible computing desktop for children of all ages, school admins and organizations looking for the best bang for absolutely no bucks on existing computer hardware. 197 more words


Gettitng Started with Release Validation Testing in Fedora QA

Release validation testing is a process which takes place before the official Fedora release. (Fedora is the upstream, community project from which RHEL is built.) Before the Final (GA) release, we have Alpha and Beta pre-releases and at each of these milestones, nightly builds (nightlies) and composes are released and tested to ensure that the release meets quality standards. 344 more words


new hat / hat trick

I spend a lot of my work day coming up with puns for talking about fashion (sounds okay, right?) but this one was a challenge. Turns out a lot of the hat idioms mean negative things (talking through your hat, eating hat, or my new favorite “big hat, no cattle”). 507 more words