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GSoC2017 (Fedora) — Week 3&4

I went to Guizhou and Hunan in China for my after-graduation trip last week. I walked on the glass skywalk in Zhangjiajie, visited Huangguoshu waterfallss and Fenghuang Ancient City, ate a lot of delicious food at the night market in Guiyang and so on. 164 more words


Stuck in the Challenge

My Sunday days are reserved for the GNOME Peru Challenge 2017-1 and one key action to  success is to get an application running, to fix a bug. 122 more words

Julita Inca

Cuffed look

The top look with the fedora is old; and the bottom is recent. In the most recent, i cuffed these corduroy 1969 Gap jeans for a much more different look. 26 more words

[Linux] : Command Line Cheat Sheet

There are literally thousands of commands in Linux and I am not even talking about the custom ones developed by the community for some awesome stuff. 96 more words


Taskotron: depcheck task replaced by rpmdeplint

If you are a Fedora packager, you might be interested to know that in Taskotron we replaced the depcheck task with rpmdeplint task. So if there are any dependency issues with the new update you submit to… 236 more words

Fedora Planet

First Public Presentation of the Fedora + GNOME group

A group of students from different universities have gathered together to learn Linux in deeply. We have started with the GNOME Peru Challenge on Fedora 25, that basically consists in fixing a bug. 229 more words

Julita Inca


As I grow older certain things become clear as crystal ,others become unacceptable,while some become more important but it takes a responsible me to be able to see things as they are meant to be and act when I’m surpposed to.When people talk of responsibility they usually relate it mostly to ones sense of maturity which is understandable. 235 more words