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Fedora 25 and Brother MFC-1910W

The main problem for Fedora 25 and Brother MFC-1910W is a permission problem, as normal user you can’t connect to scanner via xsane so a udev rule is the answer :) 160 more words


Astronomy Lab

Today I want to introduce a Fedora Lab dedicated to Astronomy.  Whatever you’re a student, a full-time astronomer or just a passionate hobbyist, you will find this version special for you. 238 more words


Formatting a new extFAT USB on Fedora

I have a new 64GB USB and it was not show up at first time:

Thanks to this video I typed fdisk -l, then I was able to see 58.2 GB… 68 more words

Julita Inca

The importance of reproducible bug reports

A few days ago I reported a bug to the Fedora Infrastructure team because I noticed that the EFF privacy badger and uBlock origin reported that they blocked external JavaScript code from the Google tag manager when I logged into a Fedora web application. 855 more words


Embroidery Love

A lot of people tend to overuse the word ‘obsessed,’ but in the case of this dress, when I say I am obsessed with it, I mean it. 272 more words


GIMP rocks!

One problem that I used to have is to hide two main windows such as Toolbox-Tool Options Layer Brushes, that make my GIMP seems with no accessible icons on it. 117 more words

Julita Inca

Setting GNOME Pomodoro, a time limit app

Having a discipline to manage workshops includes controlling time, besides the organization of the topics, among other factors. One extension that GNOME offers is called… 142 more words

Julita Inca