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Sonic Hyuminz, Act 1: Welcome to Green Hill

            Oggy Hedgeworth secured his helmet as he waited at the top of the ramp in the middle of the school football field with his skateboard at the ready, waiting anxiously for the signal to barrel down the ramp and around the big loop below. 12,466 more words


Feds want banks to call cops on people who withdrawal $5k or more

The Justice Department is ordering bank employees to consider calling the cops on customers who withdraw $5,000 dollars or more, a chilling example of how the war on cash is intensifying. 215 more words

Feds: Orthodox Jew Part Of Largest Child Porn Ring In History


New York – Fourteen men running the clandestine, members only Web site has been arrested. It’s estimated that 250 children appeared on the site. The majority of them were form the United States. 364 more words

Daily News

Suburban Body-Donation Center Was Suspected Of Selling Parts At Time Of Federal Raids

(CBS) – A Chicago area center that collects donated bodies for medical research was suspected of selling parts to black marketeers when federal officials raided two sites earlier this year, according to a document obtained by CBS 2. 251 more words


Deciphering the Fed’s Actions, “Spoon Feeding the Market”: Whatever they Do, the US Economy is Damned

By Bill Holter

Global Research, March 19, 2015

Wednesday is yet another Fed meeting where we get to hear “policy” from them.  So many times in the past, the upcoming meeting has been called “THE” most important meeting ever.  1,071 more words

Corporate Corruption

Never go after a ship named after a general

The kind people at Andreas Hub try really hard, and I’m sure they’re running the pleasure dome of Stha 181, but I’m also pretty sure that if they posted a “help wanted” ad on the bulletin board, it wouldn’t be picked up, because the damned thing just doesn’t work. 682 more words

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