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More Renewable Projects Being Ramped Up

The government is slowly reaching its fuel policy mix aim of 30 percent installed capacity for renewable energy (RE), with 272 more RE projects in the pipeline. 112 more words


Feed in tariff means expensive electricity

* This is my article in BusinessWorld yesterday, November 13.

Expensive electricity and unstable power supply are two big concerns for many sectors and businesses in the Philippines. 784 more words

Deadline Day Approaching!

With the Government’s axe poised to fall at midnight on 31st December, there is still time to take advantage of one of the best  investments available. 69 more words

Feed-In Tariff

Australia, #solar panels and #directaction

The current Liberal government tries hard to sell it’s Direct Action policy on Climate Change, but apparently all that Direct we-give-you-money-to-create-less-carbon rhetoric only applies to big corporations. 942 more words

Climate Change

Low capacity factor of wind, solar and biomass plants

For the lovers of “renewable energy only to save the planet”, see this chart. Official data from the PH Electricity Market Corp. (PEMC), the one managing the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM). 550 more words

Corrupted wind energy policy in Germany

* Posted on June 07, 2015.

Two chilling news from No Tricks Zone about environmental militance and deception  in German.The first article was published on May 26, 2015, and the  204 more words