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Solar insecurity, energy stability and affordability

* This is my column in BusinessWorld on February 26, 2018.

“When PV Solar rely on up to 67% of revenues from subsidies, the state becomes a counter-party that is critical to sustaining the firm’s financial viability. 738 more words

Bigger is better

As electricity production moves toward a renewable future, more households are putting their roofs to work, by producing cheap, solar energy during the day.

With generous feed-in tariffs (what you are paid for the solar energy you do not use), the average size of residential solar systems has grown.  127 more words

Residential Solar

CounterPoint: Our Rates are high because of Sweetheart Deals with Sister Generators and of Anomalous PBR rate methodology by ERC.

David Celestra Tan, MSK
9 February 2018

(This is MSK’s response to the viewpoint of Mr. Kris Balibukel  on our article Coal or LNG is not an either or question posted on December 5, 2017)   588 more words

Matuwid Na Singil Sa Kuryente (MSK)

Producing and selling renewable energy

Feed-in tariff (FIT, standard offer contract, advanced renewable tariff or renewable energy payments):

Feed-in tariff is a policy mechanism designed to accelerate investment in renewable energy technologies.

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Energy favoritism under TRAIN

* This is my column in BusinessWorld last December 19, 2017.

The recently approved tax reform for acceleration and inclusion (TRAIN) by the Congressional Bicameral Committee exhibits a number of favoritism for some energy products and players while penalizing others. 658 more words

Take Control

Did you know that electricity prices rose 11% nationally in 2017?  And that Victorians are up for a forecast 18% rise in electricity prices in 2018? 106 more words

Residential Solar

Renovate & Save

Are you planning to renovate your home on the Mornington Peninsula?  You are already including energy efficient LED lighting and insulation.  What about solar?

Adding a solar system to the build is a relatively minor cost addition that will reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint for 25 years to come. 53 more words

Residential Solar