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Bahamut Lagoon - Feeding Guide

  • Porno for STR. At Max (250) Prodigy for Wisdom.
  • Cram ‘Shrooms down their throat.

    Top 10 Bang per Buck


    Fire Dragon Dung, Burning Robe, Burning Axe, Fire Rod, Flame Grass, Earth Grass, Flame Mail, Empress Kahna, Flame Mail, Flame Vest, Gaia Robe, Grand Slam Ice Dragon Dung, Ice Armor, Coquetos Spear, Aurora Robe, Ice Brand, Ice Grass, Ice Jacket, Earth Grass, Empress Kahna, Freeze Rod, Gaia Robe Thunder Dragon Dung, Poison Mushroom, Halberd Spear, Diamond Armor, Thundara Robe, Thunder Grass, Diamond Jacket, Earth Grass, Thunder Rod, Kugel Blitz Katana Life Dragon Dung, Rotten Mushroom, Siren Rapier, Life Grass, Rod, Silk Robe, Drug Rod, Crusader, Nulnim Axe, Excalibur, Longinus Poison Dragon Dung, Uniunji, Gross Mushroom, Cassandra Rapier, Poison Grass, Executer Spear, Dilinger Katana, Destroyer Axe, Calamitias Katana, Dark Force Robe … 282 more words

Global Feed Phosphate Industry 2015 Market Demands, Analysis, Growth Factors, Regional Forecasts, Developments, Shares & Challenges

The research report sheds light on the major factors driving and restraining the growth of the Feed Phosphate market and also tracks the development of different economical, social, consumer, geographical, and political trends during the given forecast period. 72 more words


Feedly is yet another simple free app that helps you keep on top of all the things you love on the net.

In basic terms it is receiving portal for new posts on blogs and sites that you may read regularly. 321 more words

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Somesense Blog 2- Soundcloud Problems

Hello everyone! Scott, AKA Somesense, here!

I just wanted to keep you posted on the state of our podcast. Right now we have reached the limit of time we are allowed to host on SoundCloud, a limit we were not aware of when we began this podcast. 119 more words


Nollywood money can't feed my children - Empress Njamah

Nollywood beauty, Empress Njamah, may not be making headlines for now, but the actress 301 more words

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cold morning

Happy thanks giving to all, this morning I woke up and went for a ride with my dad on the Harley.

Needless to say it was cold. 94 more words

Feeding the birds

On a bridge over the Tigris a man feeds gulls at dawn as water taxis await the morning’s first passengers.

Reblogged from National Geographic