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An Ancient Walk to Vietnam and Cambodia


Vietnam, a place to explore the ancient historical sights, to have an epic adventure and to behold a unique experience for a lifetime. There was a time when Vietnam conjured up the horrifying images of war-torn destinations, but now it is a familiar part for many Southeast Asian travellers. 1,215 more words


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Me, or We? You don't have to chose.

Relationships are complicated. They are the most intricate designs we humans take pride in. So many variations, endless possibilities. Yet, due to this very nature relations are susceptible to damages. 1,247 more words


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Money Stuff: Sometimes CDS Is on the Wrong Company


Money Stuff

Matt Levine


People sometimes buy stock in the wrong company, you know. There is some news about a company, and people go out and buy stock in a different company with a similar name. 3,398 more words



People always experience conflict between their various thoughts on the idea of love. Many of us remain in dilemma for several years before coming to a stable conclusion. 121 more words


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I don’t mind being alone.

I don’t mind sitting here writing and watching Doctor who specials.

I don’t mind cooking for myself.

What I dread? Is tomorrow when everyone is going to ask what I did, who I saw, did I have a good holiday?

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Curried Veggies with Rice or Roti

Here is a healthy and easy-to-prepare recipe.

Vegetables Sautéed in Coriander and Turmeric (Sabzi)

Serves 6

5 medium Idaho potatoes, boiled, peeled, and quartered
1 pound white mushrooms, sliced fine… 216 more words

Healthy Foods

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Anxiety Sucks - we can do this together.

Have you ever had an anxiety attack? I have. It’s not a pretty sight. At all! If not, well let me try and explain it to you in the best way I can. 727 more words


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