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Feeding a Need

Here is my article.

The project in the article is an app called Sit With Us. The app creates an easier way for people to find places to sit during lunch. 129 more words

Latest Advancements in Technology are changing the way Golf is played

During this modern time we are of technology advancements Golf has changed greatly because of these technology transformations. Golf has taken these latest advancements in technology to improve its game both on the golf courses and golf gear. 86 more words


What's the Best Dog Food to Feed Your Pup? A Must Read For Any Dog Owner

While most of us don’t think about what goes into pet food, we should. That’s because the ingredients in your dog’s food could cause illness and even death. 40 more words


Looking for Better Health? Try Laughter!

“Laughter is the best medicine.” This saying has long been used to recognize the benefits of laughter. However, many people believe that while laughter may make you feel better, it doesn’t actually have any impact on your physical and mental health. 54 more words

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First Date Fashion 101 for Men – How to Dress to Impress

An interview, first day at the office, even the first day at school have nothing on the nerves you feel before a first date. Is it the start of something beautiful or will you go your separate ways after splitting the bill? 73 more words


5 Mistakes You Better Not Make When Wearing Men’s Shoes

“Never judge a book by its cover but you can always judge a man by his shoes.” Your grandfather likely had a line like this he’d fall back on each time an insurance salesman called to the door. 60 more words

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Monday, Monday

Well a positive start to the day, I woke up alive much to the chargrin of many of my colleges …. Only kidding it was a good start even with the diversion round a farm through foot deep muddy water. 217 more words