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Polite applause for Guidestar Platinum

Slow progress is better than no progress. So GuideStar’s Platinum designation, which encourages nonprofits to share their results in an important new way, deserves a round of polite applause, if not three cheers. 1,119 more words


Professor Guy McPherson's November 2016 NZ Speaking Tour

In November 2016 Professor Guy McPherson will be returning to NZ for another speaking tour on  Runaway Abrupt Climate Change. , more details to follow shortly.This is a 2015 presentation which will give interested parties an idea of what to expect. 66 more words

Dr. Guy McPherson

GAIA Reacts to Abuse

This is an excellent round up of a growing phenomenon of raging wild fires unleashed on the planet converting carbon sinks into carbon emitters that will never sequester carbon again. 130 more words

Climate Science

The business of "global pro bono" is thriving, for better or worse

Voluntourism has been getting a bad name lately. “Unsatisfying as it may be, we ought to acknowledge the truth that we, as amateurs, often don’t have much to offer,” Jacob Kushner… 1,119 more words

Monitoring And Evaluation

Our Ongoing Arctic Emergency

If you think of the volume of ice we have lost 3/4 of it in the last 30 years. Because the Arctic is warming so fast compared to the lower latitudes it is going to have an effect on the jet Stream. 195 more words

Rapid Climate Change

System Thinking in the Organization: Tracing Flows of Power, Information and Influence

As we’ve covered here and elsewhere, the mental models we hold of the organization help to shape our thinking, if not our behaviors. Models are deeply woven with the culture of our workplace, not to mention the personal mindset we bring to work. 522 more words


Fundraising is important. Making a difference, more so.

So much activity in the nonprofit sector focuses on fundraising. Books, articles, webinars, conferences and consultants stand ready to help nonprofits write a grant application, raise money online or cultivate millennials.  1,033 more words