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Lunch with a genius

Mauricio Lim Miller spent about two decades leading a anti-poverty organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he did it well, so well that President Clinton invited him to the 1999 State of the Union address. 1,188 more words


Feedback Loops 2.0

Earlier on in this blog I have written about feedback loops. Time has come to revisit that topic, and also to talk a bit more how we do it right now.   886 more words


Increasing trap stiffness with position clamping in holographic optical tweezers

Feedback control is used at high refresh rates (200Hz given by a BNS SLM) to increase the stiffness of the trap by introducing a restoring force term into the Langevin equation. 16 more words

Philanthropy NEXT: Why measure impact?

A peculiar challenge facing anyone who produces journalism about the nonprofit sector is the sector’s incredible diversity. Setting aside their legal status as tax-exempt organizations, Harvard, Greenpeace, CARE, your local food pantry and a community orchestra have nothing in common—except the need to raise money. 1,035 more words


Feedback: A nonprofit learns to listen to the customer.

Listen to the customer.

Businesses do it, albeit imperfectly.

So do nonprofits.

But the question for nonprofits is, who’s the customer? Most nonprofits listen to their donors. 1,002 more words


Running a focus group on less than $5 for evidence-based decision making

By the end of this decade there will be a new kind of actor in board rooms and executive team meetings. The role of the “quant” is changing from the guy who runs reports and gives you a write up before the meeting to the guy/gal that sits in the meeting, fact checking assertions from leaders before they can finish a sentence. 1,033 more words