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Week Two - Systems Thinking and the Core of Ecology

The thoughts expressed in the first paragraph of this reflection are in part my reaction to the ideas expressed by Donella H. Meadows.  For anyone reading this blog without access to the course material, this reading can be found in her book Thinking in Systems: A Primer, in the introduction and chapter one.  813 more words


Biological Annihilation on Earth is Accelerating. Nature Bats Last.

Today I conducted my first interview as ‘Host’ on Nature Nats Last on PRN.FM where I interviewed Professor Guy McPherson, the former host and founder of the show named after Professor McPherson’s website… 721 more words

The Essence of SAFe

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) can look quite complicated and intimating at first glance. However the essence of SAFe is pretty simple:

  • Fractal Plan-Do-Check-Act feedback loops (Team- and Program-level)
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Software Development

Climate change impacts, and is impacted by, food production: a paradox — sunao

As emphasized in my previous post, there is growing scientific consensus that the world’s climate is changing (1). Though the timing and extent of such changes are likely to vary from one place to another, climate change undeniably impacts food production and health worldwide.

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It’s Not Complicated: The Art and Science of Complexity in Business

It’s Not Complicated: The Art and Science of Complexity in Business

by Rick Nason

This book may fundamentally change the way you think. Or it may give you a framework to understand why you intuitively know that conventional management practices are sometimes incongruent with reality. 1,501 more words


Say something

For selfish and unselfish reasons, close the loop. It is critically important to give service providers feedback on the quality of their service, even if it’s awkward and inconvenient, and especially when they don’t ask. 71 more words


Systems Dynamics: Joining the dots

in Looping the Loops I introduced the idea of reinforcing and balancing loops, and some basic Systems principles, Now I feel I should try and put what I have learned into practice: 635 more words