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“The best mirror is an old friend” (Peter Nivio Zarlenga).

I was reminded recently of the power of a good 360 feedback tool.

And with so many brilliant products on the market, we’re spoilt for choice and it might even be hard to choose easily – not just the product, but also the people who will rate you.   137 more words


Frustrating Writer Problem

I’ve been wanting to get feedback on my writing for a while now- it’s why I started a Watt-pad account and a WordPress one. Except no one on either of these platforms offer much in the way of feedback. 226 more words


3 ways to weaken the reasons to stop coaching

In last week’s wildly popular blog post, we looked at strengthening the reasons persevere with your coaching endeavors, with the main theme being all about motivation. 480 more words


Getting the most out of 360 feedback

Few concepts in psychology have been written about more uncritically and incorrectly than that of feedback.. . . Actually, feedback is only information, that is, data, and as such has no necessary consequences at all.

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All About Feedback

Tackling Lethargy

Lethargy. It’s something that I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in suffering from from time to time. Yes, that is why I’ve been silent recently. I have the ideas but not the energy or motivation to work on them. 585 more words


What's your social intelligence quotient?...

What’s your social intelligence quotient?

I ran across an ad this week promoting some snake oil psychologist who “speaks with independence,” the ad said, “but uses… 52 more words

What keeps YOU going ?

It’s September and the beginning of a new journey for my students who’ve traveled to the United Kingdom (and Plymouth) from India to begin further studies at University. 615 more words