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Following Through

So a long time ago I had blogged about an English discourse research paper I was working on. I decided to make the paper on education so that I could at least be researching into a topic I was curious about, and I had decided back then that I was going to share my final draft on my blog. 67 more words


Just a story.

It was 7 pm on a cold wednesday night. Maya is walking down the street on her way home from work. Maya is thinking how she can’t wait to get home. 916 more words



The preceding post was my 400th post on this blog.

When I started this blog almost two years ago, I had no idea where it was going to go.   292 more words

Script Notes

As a script contest reader, I see the whole gamut from utter crap to sparks of brilliance. There are some writers I want to grab by the collar and say “please, delete your copy of Final Draft and do the world a favor by never writing again.” There are others whose hands I’d like to shake and marvel “how are you not already a major writer?” Most are somewhere in the middle, trying their best, doing a fair to middling job, and could do better. 365 more words


Facial Design - Brother (BA6)

Following my research into Toby Allen’s work and also the concepts from Legend of Zelda I did some different facial designs for the main character (Brother). 64 more words


Let's be honest? No, let's not

Is honesty always the best policy? Mmmmmmmmmm……I say nope!

We may ask the question, “Do these pants make me look fat?”, but come on….we aren’t expecting to hear, “Yup! 417 more words


Phase Two: Feedback On Design Phase One

The first designs got some negative feedback because the two sides of the site didn’t feel connected. It was also pointed out that the gradient did not work and that they are mainly used in the past.   79 more words

Final Major Project