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Veggie Pasta Sauce

Still on my mission to sneak more fiber into K’s diet through vegetables, I decided to make a pasta sauce with loads of them hidden in it.   292 more words

3 tips to Prevent 'Picky Eaters'

Alright, I gotta go here folks.

Before I was a mom (you know, when I felt like a parenting expert), I worked for WIC as a nutritionist for mothers and small children. 746 more words

Adventures in BLW | First Foods


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about baby led weaning! I did an intro post about BLW back in January, so you can find that… 491 more words


Weaning part 3 

So Ava is doing so well with her weaning I am so proud of her.

She’s still not on a bottle but she is only breast feeding off me Morning and night now which makes my life a lot easier! 197 more words

Baby's First Foods

Baby N. started eating solid foods at 6 months old! It’s been a fun adventure so far. I was told to wait to give him solid foods until he could sit up unassisted, was about 6 months old, and showed interest in food. 405 more words



There’s no other title for this post than what it’s about, boobs.

There’s been a lot in the media about breastfeeding and how mums feel about this subject varies. 258 more words

Just Life

Feeding feelings...

After Scarlett was born when I ventured out of the house, my huge worry was that when I fed her, people would judge me for breastfeeding in public. 685 more words