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Doing what needs to be done

Have you found yourself in odd and often uncomfortable situations that you would not have thought possible before having a child? I have them all the time, like when we were stuck in unexpected traffic and Jack started screaming for food, I knew I had to roll with it. 15 more words

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Ice cream!

On the way home, we found an adorable little old fashioned ice cream parlor. It even had a little train that runs around the store near the ceiling. 15 more words


Correct care for newborns! Tips that can help you to save your newborns life!

If you are a mom that seeks out information on all things mommy and baby you may have come across a sad article about a mom and baby recently in the news. 718 more words

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Lizzy likes oatmeal for breakfast!


Fuss-free tips on preparing and storing baby food

There are some things I like to take my time with and spend hours on end, but mucking around with baby food isn’t one of those things! 562 more words


Why I am Vegan

People become vegans for many different reasons; whether it’s for animal rights, environmentalism, health reasons, or the simple fact you don’t like the taste of dairy or meat products. 941 more words