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Baby Bottles Are Not Exact Measuring Devices

This is not new information, but a good reminder that exact measuring devices should be used when preparing formula. The “measurement lines” on bottles are only suggestions made by the bottle manufacturers. 14 more words

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How to Use Frozen Breast Milk

I can see what people search when they wind up on my blog and some common search terms have to do with using breast milk and specifically frozen milk. 577 more words


LITTLES | Essentials for Starting Solids

At 5 months old, MJ started to join us at the dinner table. She was so interested in watching us eat and it was so fun to have her sit with us! 1,017 more words

What They Haven't Told You About Breastfeeding

It wasn’t up for discussion with me-breastfeeding, for at least the first year, wherever necessary, was the only way to go.  Although I respected those moms who decided to formula feed, in my soul, I knew they were doing it wrong, as were parents who gave up “early”. 1,111 more words


Did you know that infant formula in powdered form is NOT sterile?

Friday Fact!!

Powdered infant formula is NOT a sterile product. This is particularly important for infants at high risk. There are organisms that can be found in powdered infant formula including Salmonella and E.  114 more words

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Video: Baby Addy Tries To Eat Green Beans

A new video is up! Baby Addy tries to eat green beans, I made multiple attempts and maybe some apple made its way into the mix…Addy got pretty animated and messy with today’s feeding. 63 more words


When to introduce baby to new food

With all the different sources of information out there, you may feel confused about when to start your baby on solid food.  By solid food, I mean food that is not breast milk.   378 more words