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Don't Bullshit a Bullshitter.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Role Models. Which, I know, makes me quite the embodiment of what a good parent should be (sarcasm.) If you’ve ever seen this movie, you know it’s full of all kinds of nonsense. 469 more words


The Art Of Weaning

Introducing Lana to solid foods was something I eagerly looked forward to, so much that I even started a couple of weeks before she turned 6 months. 1,107 more words


How I Started Unintentional Baby Led Weaning

The introduction of solid foods is one of the most important–and potentially fun–milestones in baby’s development. I say “potentially fun” because it’s amazing to watch baby discover new flavors and textures in food…except when it’s not. 492 more words


Cooking dinner

I love letting Lizzy “help” me cook.


Ice cream

Lizzy loves ice cream. A lot. We started our summer at Carolina Cones, so we decided to stop in for an end of summer treat, too.



We’ve been eating at the table with her more often lately. It’s really fun!

She is still not really into protein or veggies but she will eat carrots again.


Supermarket Meltdown... and an Avocado

Baby K and I gave each other the silent treatment yesterday from 7-7:30. Then an avocado fixed our “marriage”.

My side of the story: She’s been fussy all day but now she’s tired and can’t fall asleep.   507 more words