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We’ve been eating at the table with her more often lately. It’s really fun!

She is still not really into protein or veggies but she will eat carrots again.


Supermarket Meltdown... and an Avocado

Baby K and I gave each other the silent treatment yesterday from 7-7:30. Then an avocado fixed our “marriage”.

My side of the story: She’s been fussy all day but now she’s tired and can’t fall asleep.   507 more words

Take me back-Breastfeeding Week

Yesterday I learned that last week (August 1-7) was National Breastfeeding Week. I’m going to take us back to then as I believe it’s an important topic to talk about. 1,065 more words


Crying over spilt milk

Because Lizzy refuses to drink out of covered cups, there are many more spills. Sometimes, spills make her very upset.


The REALITY of Starting Solids (part 2)

Just reporting back on her night’s progress after a solids-free day.  116 more words

Starting Solids

The REALITY of Starting Solids

Lying in the dark listening to whimpers, groans, grunts and cries as Georgie works on pushing out farts worthy of a Roald Dahl character. I lie there hoping in vain that she’ll go back to sleep on her own. 332 more words

Starting Solids

Starting Solids

By four months Georgie was champing at the bit to taste something. 599 more words

Starting Solids