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Baby Week: Feeding

***If this is your First Baby OR Maybe its been awhile since you’ve been around a Baby, This video breaks down the items you will actually USE for your baby! 172 more words


Feeding Baby and the Magical Pouch Maker

Background: When S was old enough to start solids we did a mixture of purees and some baby led weaning. I wasn’t super comfortable with the idea of all baby led weaning so we did what worked for us. 753 more words


Breastfeeding in public

Many mothers are comfortable breastfeeding in public. But maybe that’s not you.

If you feel anxious about breastfeeding in public these tips can help you: 400 more words

Simply Baby Food

As Salaam Alakum Mamas 💕When baby is old enough to eat, or shall I say ready to eat..it is such an exciting time. I thought for weeks, okay..okay..months before about what that first food would be! 456 more words


introducing solids to our hungry, hungry hippo

I’m just going to preface this by saying this is a judgement free zone and I’ll do me and you can do you. Also, this is my blog. 527 more words

Baby Jack

What's for Dinner?

When I thought of having children I never spent much time thinking about feeding them.  Not that I didn’t think I was going to feed them, I guess since it’s such a normal part of your day I didn’t think it would worry me in any way so never gave it much thought. 877 more words

Babyled Weaning