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Babyfood recipe: Apple, Squash & Carrot Puree (Stage 2)

Welcome to another post :),  Before I share my method of making home made baby food and its Do’s and Don’ts, I will share a yummy recipe. 916 more words

But what about the flu vaccine?

Now, before we start, I should probably say that I am pro-vaxx. Absolutely, 100%. I’ve seen the arguments against it, and in my opinion they boil down to pseudoscience and woo. 415 more words



Something I don’t talk about often in my day-to-day life is my experience with breastfeeding. I guess it’s not something people ask about. Most people politely turn away when I feed my baby in public, which is better than a negative response, but isn’t necessarily a positive one. 358 more words


Get off my boob!

I used to have a nice set of perky little tatas. I currently have one little shriveled up raisin boob and one abnormally large milk boob. 329 more words


If there is anything worse than breastfeeding, which I went in depth about in my last post, it’s bottlefeeding.

Bottles are made of plastic, which is created in factories located in the ninth circle of hell by the demons deemed too evil to be allowed among the general hell population. 253 more words


Feeding Your Baby Expressed Breast Milk

There may be times when feeding your baby at the breast is not possible. You may need to express breast milk if:

Baby's First Year

Falling in love with Tofu

Are you a tofu hater? It’s OK if you are, I used to be one too. I thought it was super weird, really bland, and honestly I was just confused about what to do with it.   472 more words