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Let It Flow: Lies & Truths About Exclusively Pumping (1)

Lie: You can’t do it.

Truth: Technically, it is a possible process. If the word “can’t” is resounding in your head, you’re actually wrestling with whether you are *willing* and do you feel *determined* to do so. 187 more words

Exclusively Pumping

Breastfeeding Isn't Easy, nor for Everyone

While going through pregnancy, I was asked many times if I planned to breastfeed Baby A&W. It wasn’t even much of a conversation between M and I–it was up to me, and I figured it was the best thing to do. 1,094 more words

Being A Mother

Breast Is Best... Isn't it?


Your first pregnancy… It’s a pretty amazing time! The new sensations and feelings you are experiencing for the first time, choosing buggies, cots, bouncers, monitors… And naturally, you end up joining the whole Breast Vs. 918 more words


Making time for solid food

Munchkin is 6 months old and we have started to introduce solids.  We decided to skip the rice cereal because I felt that it didn’t have a lot of nutritional value for Munchkin and wanted to provide her with more veggies and some fruits to get her going.  337 more words

Working Mom

No lima beans

Lizzy has very specific feelings about veggies- no.


Baby-Led Weaning Basics

Let’s start with the basic question: What is Baby-Led Weaning (BLW)? Simply, BLW is feeding your children real whole foods when they are ready to… 628 more words


Homemade Applesauce

I make this recipe EVERY Sunday night. Not only because Grace loves it, but it seems like whoever ends up feeding her loves it as well. 281 more words