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Feeding Your Baby Expressed Breast Milk

There may be times when feeding your baby at the breast is not possible. You may need to express breast milk if:

Baby's First Year

Falling in love with Tofu

Are you a tofu hater? It’s OK if you are, I used to be one too. I thought it was super weird, really bland, and honestly I was just confused about what to do with it.   472 more words


Why I Quit Baby-Led Weaning

First off: I’m not a baby-feeding expert. I only have one baby, and he’s only 9 months old so we’re still trying things out.

My only qualifications thus far are: 1,297 more words


Top Five: Ways to use up freezer bananas

To say the weather in our part of the world has been depressing lately would be a total understatement. With the exception of Wednesday, the forecast for the entire week has featured grey clouds, torrential rain, and thunderstorms. 463 more words



Over the next couple of weeks we will see celebrations of breastfeeding across the UK as we have National Breastfeeding Awareness Week followed by National Breastfeeding Celebration Week running from now to the 30th June. 182 more words


10 ways to repurpose unused baby food

Last weekend, our son decided he’d had enough of puréed food, spoons, and all parental involvement in his noshing process. He began to flat out refuse all food with the exception of breastmilk. 450 more words


Feeding Time!

So Max just turned 6 months last May 10 and he started eating solid food. I was so excited to feed Max with solid food because when he was 5 months old he shows signs that he wanted to eat already. 141 more words