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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all that celebrate. We had a calm Sunday because Muncher and I stayed home and watched Jurassic II and III plus the end of Toy Story 2 then part of The Incredibles. 417 more words



I have always loved Holy Week. I grew up in a liturgical church that revolved around the seasons of the church calendar. I had dreams of these things for my new baby, but we all know the NICU brings changes and how I approach religion changed a lot. 281 more words


Don't Switch His Food

Feeding issues with pets can be frustrating and upsetting. When an animal refuses to eat, it can be challenging and worrying for parents because they know that a pet needs to eat to survive. 296 more words

Pet Feeding Problems

The seven hurtful things people say about my child with an eating disorder

My beautiful blue eyed daughter has recently been diagnosed with an eating disorder at the tender age of seven. While some people have been very supportive others have said some things that really hurt. 800 more words

Go with the flow

When I start to think “if she makes it to 100ml this feed we might have a good day” When I start to feel anxious and my body tenses up. 85 more words

New Mum


I’m tired.

I’m tired of the screaming.
I’m tired of rocking.
I’m tired of never being there for my baby boy.
I’m tired of seemingly doing nothing right for my baby girl. 284 more words


She's hit 12lbs!

Today something momentous happened, Violet reached 12lbs in weight. This is a huge milestone. She has been gaining weight so slowly and we have struggled with her silent reflux and cows milk protein allergy badly for the last 10 weeks. 83 more words