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5 steps forward, 4 steps back (on repeat)

I am often asked how Violet is doing. It’s not an easy question to answer. It’s very changeable. Some day’s it feels like we are improving but then others like we are are going backwards. 215 more words

Feeding Issues

Salad Days

You may not be convinced that this is a victory, so I’ll give you the back story. Once upon a time Justin ate three things, and they were all carbs. 499 more words


New regime - holding out hope

Violet’s new daily regime seems to be helping. Now I am hesitant to get my hopes up as we have had glimmers of hope before only to have them dashed. 231 more words

Feeding Issues

Russian Roulette with the NHS

Todays review at the paediatric ward did not go well. Not because of Violet but because the Dr wasn’t interested and quite frankly was rude and unhelpful. 385 more words

Feeding Issues

Silent Reflux is NOT Silent

Violet was diagnosed with Silent Relux and a potential lactose intolerance at about 10 weeks old. Our experience with this awful condition is an ongoing daily battle. 1,126 more words

Life With Twins

Recording, recording and more recording!

I can’t say how much this book has helped us. It is brilliant and I would recommend to every twin Mum out there! I was given it for Christmas by my Mum and initially thought it was a ‘boring’ book to record things in. 216 more words

Life With Twins

Suck it and see

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how Violet did not have the sucking reflex when she was born. This is common in premature babies and especially multiple births. 473 more words

Life With Twins