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The seven hurtful things people say about my child with an eating disorder

My beautiful blue eyed daughter has recently been diagnosed with an eating disorder at the tender age of seven. While some people have been very supportive others have said some things that really hurt. 800 more words

Go with the flow

When I start to think “if she makes it to 100ml this feed we might have a good day” When I start to feel anxious and my body tenses up. 85 more words

New Mum


I’m tired.

I’m tired of the screaming.
I’m tired of rocking.
I’m tired of never being there for my baby boy.
I’m tired of seemingly doing nothing right for my baby girl. 284 more words


She's hit 12lbs!

Today something momentous happened, Violet reached 12lbs in weight. This is a huge milestone. She has been gaining weight so slowly and we have struggled with her silent reflux and cows milk protein allergy badly for the last 10 weeks. 83 more words


5 steps forward, 4 steps back (on repeat)

I am often asked how Violet is doing. It’s not an easy question to answer. It’s very changeable. Some day’s it feels like we are improving but then others like we are are going backwards. 215 more words


Salad Days

You may not be convinced that this is a victory, so I’ll give you the back story. Once upon a time Justin ate three things, and they were all carbs. 499 more words


New regime - holding out hope

Violet’s new daily regime seems to be helping. Now I am hesitant to get my hopes up as we have had glimmers of hope before only to have them dashed. 231 more words