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The Ketogenic Enternal Nutrition Diet

Illustrated in this beautiful graphic, the ketogenic enternal nutrition, or KEN diet involves a feeding tube being inserted into a persons stomach, through the nose, where a “patented solution” of crude protein and fats is pumped directly into the stomach for 10 days at a time. 289 more words


Fla. Doc Helps Dieters Shed Pounds With Drastic Method

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Some dieters who want to lose weight are taking their slim downs to a whole new level.

Chris Grinda is aware of what years of overeating and not exercising has done to his body. 323 more words


I Do Tube

Image source The New York Times 

I’m not going to lie. Every now and then, I wish there was some miracle option that could magically eliminate 10lbs and let me skip the gym for a few weeks. 276 more words


Dieting to the extreme

Has anyone seen this video? This to me is just crazy.

Everyday you come across commercials or advertisements that promote some sort of weight loss. The type of weight loss with crazy slogans like.. 165 more words



Any excuse to get some early-80s Prince in there.

For some reason I just feel like picking a fight. Not really a fight, necessarily, but just… why not stir up some trouble? 977 more words

Ask Yourself Why

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!.....STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Were Still Asking....Whats The Prognosis?

Were all up in the spot running tests on the patient like a doctor! 

Whats the prognosis? might have to administer doses; Dr. O-Dizzle is a… 123 more words

Breakbeat Science

the tube diet

Recently, I read about a new diet where a person is put on a feeding-tube and fed a certain number of calories a day to loose weight. 584 more words