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Feeding Therapy Evaluation

I feel like I live at the Pediatric Therapy Clinic. We (I had to take Nadia too) went this morning to Nora’s feeding evaluation. I had no idea what to expect, but they asked me to bring three foods she will eat, and three she won’t. 914 more words


Church Collaborative Feeding - Collaborative Work

This is my second evaluative piece on the Church Collaborative Feeding, scroll down a few for my first.

This week we made stir fry with multiple vegetables. 456 more words


Hidden Darkness [part 15]

Reader warning: blood, guts, gore, violence, feeding, romance, death, and threats

The days pass by slowly, Lily keeps bringing small bundles of money from relatives, friends, and neighbors slowly decreasing the amount owed by her father while Giovanni and Alexis reconnected and rekindled the love that once burned brightly between them. 1,941 more words


Cell Regeneration: 6 foods to increase protein daily intake

We are all different and it is important that we learn to understand our body signals to feed it in a more efficient way. Following the  648 more words


Feeding whale

The biggest difference between toothed and baleen whales is the way they feed. Where toothed whales hunt for fish, squid or other larger prey (which they can catch and tear apart with their teeth) do baleen whales feed on much smaller prey. 168 more words



Nature’s auditor
Takes precise inventory
With sweetest morsel

Day 265/365 – Morgan’s #DailyHaikuChallenge. Join in and link back to her blog.


Table Time

A common concern most parents have is for their child to sit and eat at the table. Since eating isn’t a favorite for most children with autism, sitting at the table won’t be either. 339 more words