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Out Hunting

Supplies are running low on Curie’s current brand of (canned) cat food, and it’s time to begin research on whether I’d like to continue feeding her what she is on right now, or if there’s a better alternative out there. 131 more words


Feeding your baby

There is a lot of opinions and advice on how to feed your newborn baby.

Should I breast or bottle feed?

Personally I think it’s entirely up to you and it’s your choice. 236 more words


Two Hours

The title says it all, we were able to spend two hours with Sofia today and it was so much fun. Her favorite game is ‘kick off the blanket’ so here we are covering her up and then two seconds later doing it again. 119 more words


Self Service

Becky rang me early this morning to check that we would be at home for a visit from her and her friend Alda. Almost as soon as I had put the phone down I received a text from Tess saying that she, Mat, and Poppy were in Poole. 127 more words

Save Some Hay!

With as many horses as we have, I’m always looking at ways to save money. It’s expensive to keep nine head and a donkey, especially when you have to feed hay during the winter. 343 more words