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LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:

The duck left in the picture, did not notice that she had a piece of bread on their backs. 37 more words


Zoom Zoom feeding time #heron

here is another video i made while in maryland

i was able to zoom in on the nest of herons during feeding time

something i had never been able to do with any of my previous cameras… 39 more words

Chewed Rice, not Exclusive Breastfeeding in Laos

In villages in southern Laos, breastfeeding mothers are as ubiquitous as thatched roofs and playing children. In my time among villagers, I have never seen a breastfeeding mother cover up or go inside to continue feeding. 441 more words


Big Latch On 2015

I had been looking forward to the Big Latch on for months! I was so excited to be able to attend for the second year in a row and yesterday was the big day. 358 more words

Big Latch On

When Instinct Isn't Right

It happened today. We were giving Clara nibbles of an apple slice. We were watching her carefully, and she was taking tiny bites of the slice I held for her. 215 more words


A Conversation Between Sparrows & Morning Sunrise with the Sunflowers

See how they have a pleasant conversation before they chow down?

And then there’s no time to talk.

Now it’s time to start the day. 109 more words