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Infant Reflux Explained!

What is Infant Reflux?

Infant Reflux is a condition where the contents of the stomach pass into the oesophagus. This may then be swallowed back down (as in silent reflux), pass into the mouth (regurgitation) or be ejected from the mouth (vomiting). 888 more words


I fell into my parenting style: Stopping the Bottle

The bottle. The bane of many parent’s existence.

When I was pregnant my husband and I talked about how to handle the bottle. When we wanted our daughter to stop and how we were gonna wean her off of it. 244 more words


Puff Pastry Pizza Recipe

So I made this bad boy for Xavi last week and he LOVED it as well as hubby & I happily finishing his leftovers!

And I am big on quick and easy recipes especially now I’ve realised after slaving away for hours sometimes your kid will choose to just throw all of it on the floor then laugh! 150 more words


Silver Boobs

Six months ago, at 9.27pm on Friday,25th March 2016, I gave birth to my son.  A few minutes later, he latched onto my boob and had his first taste of the White Stuff.   1,818 more words

<£€$ Tip: A high note on the highchair ...

There are many ridiculously over priced baby highchairs in the market but why spend so much when you can save and still get an as good, as comfy, as elegant highchair for your little one. 173 more words


A Mighty Fine Day

Today didn’t start out so mighty fine.  By lunchtime, Daisy had projectile vomited twice.  I wish I could capture it on video for you because it is a sight to behold.   519 more words

Chromosome 13 Deletion Syndrome

Lazy parenting 

Boy 2 has been offered a lovely hearty toddler friendly paella for lunch. He’s turned it down. He’s now decided he only wants my leftover popadoms, from lady night’s take away, and a few slices of pear. 94 more words