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Bearded Dragon Food And Feeding On Youtube

Bearded Dragon Food – http://www.webnub.com/bearded Feed your lizard only in quantities that they can eat within a few hours. Bearded care and diet is better…

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Day 10 - Signs of Life

It is day 10 and my culture seems to be doing all right!

The past four days have been quite experimental regarding my culture’s feeding. On day 9, I decided to add more water, and more flour mixture to feed my culture. 224 more words


Bee Syrup

The bees are coming tomorrow!

The dandelions and most of the trees are in full bloom here already, but it’s good to give the bees some low hanging fruit to eat, at least until they get settled in and draw out all their comb. 241 more words

The Dinner Time Thieves

The gold had been gathered, after 3 meals the treasure trove was full of interesting pieces of old food, musty milk and fluff from the day’s activities.

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Puppies at Six weeks

Feeding Puppies

Puppies at Six weeks require special diets. Feeding your puppy you should have specific puppy food  made special for puppies at this age. Most of the time feeding puppies you will need to start with soft food, you can added puppy formula or water to soften hard food and make a mush. 110 more words


Out for Dinner

Here’s a pair of Green-winged Teal feeding.

They must be out on a date!


Picky Eaters

I think it’s safe to say that by now, most people know goats don’t actually eat tin cans. The myth came from the glue they used to paste the paper to the can — apparently it was tasty to our caprine friends. 928 more words

Dairy Goat Diaries