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Becoming a dad for the second time

Having become a dad for the second time a grand total of four hours after my last post, I would like to announce the arrival of Rosie Grace Drew into the world. 1,211 more words


Every picture tells a story

Reblog from one of our trips to Stratford Upon Avon in 2015 626 more words

Tip: Feeding quantities

I’ve always worried about whether the girls were eating enough for their weight. So for those of you looking to this, we eventually found the answer to the question (confirmed by our pediatricians). 69 more words


Picky Eater - The Struggle is Real

“Kids, it’s dinner time!”  As you call over to the kids, you sit and wonder “Are they going to eat what I cooked tonight?”  Or maybe you don’t wonder at all.   320 more words


She's a trooper

Even when she’s choked with the cold she’s still smiling.

General Ramblings

Your mouth is connected to your hip bone (sort of)

Have you got a child with developmental delays?  Are you struggling with their weaning?  Maybe they got onto purees ok, but they are gagging on lumps and finger foods?  401 more words

Speech And Language Therapy