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Eureka! It's Alive!

I feel quite like Dr. Frankenstein. I have a creature growing in my kitchen, formed from flour and water (which we called paste when I was in kindergarten). 522 more words


Throwback Thursday: Tamagotchi

Remember that annoying beep? That sound that interrupted everything you were doing because your Tamagotchi was begging to be fed? We do. Most of my friends back in the day had one of these little guys and goodness was it fun but annoying at times. 25 more words

Throw Back Thursdays


Waqt it-tieni programm televiziv kellna intervista ma’ Dr Alexandra Camilleri Warne  fejn tkellimna dwar in-nutriment għat-trabi tat-twelid u fl-ewwel xahar ta’ ħajjithom.

Illum naqsmu intervista ma’ Dr Camilleri Warne dwar in-nutriment meħ- 411 more words

Year 2, Day 341

Who has two thumbs and is a member of the clean plate club?  This guy!  After you woke up hungry at 3AM earlier this week, we’ve been trying to make sure you eat all your dinner.


Is Breast the Best?

The time has finally come where I have to say goodbye to breastfeeding Peyton and he moves into the world of baby formula. In some ways I have been looking forward to this for a very long time but on the other hand it’s also pretty sad. 1,192 more words


Feeding Baby Otters Is The Most Adorable Job On Earth

There’s adorable, and then there’s this.

If the job of feeding baby otters ever becomes available, don’t ask. Just apply for it. You will be happy you did. 45 more words


Viral Video: Weird Al Feeding Ostriches

Here’s 15 seconds of Weird Al feeding ostriches??!!

Weird Al posted a video on Sunday where he’s feeding four ostriches while he stares into the camera. That is all.