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Breastfeeding 101

Let me start off by saying I never thought i would want to take a photo of Matilda breastfeeding, let alone share it with the world. 1,489 more words


A New Menu

At my last check-up, my doctor said I’m ready for solid foods. Mommy and I have been experimenting with new textures and flavours. What an adventure it’s been! 519 more words


Hungry Little Critters

I fed all of my tarantulas except for my lil baby Brachypelma vagans (Ninhursag) last name. And every single one of them ate by this morning. 250 more words

Daily Lives

An activity that can run chills down your spine

As you motor past the beautiful lagoon scenery with your eyes focussed on marine life clearly visibile in pristine clear waters underneath, some of your wildest fantasies will come true. 206 more words

Unique Attraction

Cannabis Plant Spreaders and Stickers

Feeding a Cannabis Plant via Leaves
Smart growers use a surfactant, surface-active substance (adjuvant), which increases foliar fertilization to be used for a cannabis plant. 16 more words

New born feeding series

Very happy to be featured by @everythingsrg in her newborn feeding series. I think I’m the first dad to featured but hope I’m not the last. 64 more words


Take two points around your layout and feed strays regularly only in those 2 points (can be more depending on size of layout), select those 2 points with the idea that it must be fairly isolated.

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