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Our Journey to FED

Lifestyle Blogger, Jazmine L. Coats of ‘Simply Little Things’ contacted the Don’t Judge Just Feed campaign to share the challenges she faced trying to get her precious daughter nourished… 1,959 more words


More investment than shown

She fed the beast raw meat, because as far as Toiréasa was concerned, the Gévaudan hound was like a dog. At least, in some ways. There were few similarities she would actually make, but when it came to parts of the care of the hound, she treated the bitch like any other dog. 94 more words


Sippy Cups Galore

So we have started weaning! More on the food side to come but lets talk sippy cups.

I have been trying to get him to try sippy cups for a while but he refused to put any even near his mouth. 349 more words



Proud savvy princes
Punctuate arid climate
Bloodied scenery

Day 128/365 – Morgan’s #DailyHaikuChallenge. Join in and link back to her blog.


A letter to my former self… the one with the first newborn baby!

So, here you are, newly sprogged up and from what I can remember feeling unbelievably happy yet overwhelmed and a bit sore and teary. I mean wow what a shock right… the baby is ACTUALLY REAL! 1,179 more words


Birds follow green spaces to move between feeders

(Daniel T. C. Cox, Richard Inger, Steven Hancock, Karen Anderson,
Kevin J. Gaston, 23 November 2016 ,Photo Lewis Collard)

The benefits of feeding stations are obvious — to the birds that visit them and the people who maintain them — but many gardens are small and separated from other yards by roads, rivers, and other barriers. 161 more words



Today a boy named Mathi romps around the city of Chennai. He’s a tall and lanky kid who likes to cause trouble and laugh. He is the ring leader of the pack.  240 more words