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Three Hungry Egrets

Three Great Egret chicks worked to get food from the parent that has just returned to the nest. The chicks’ pulling on the adult’s beak stimulates regurgitation. 98 more words

Wading Birds

Turning the Cat Feeding Rule on its Head

The following post in my unprofessional opinion and should not be considered advice.

I know the rule. When changing your cat’s food you should introduce it slowly while gradually reducing their current food. 664 more words

Monday Funday

So, it’s Monday. Back to… I was almost going to say the work week, but I guess not for me. I dropped the girls off at school this morning and headed directly to Hy-Vee for groceries. 497 more words


These Yearlings: Still Being Brought Food By Dad

A yearling youngster elicits the regurgitation reflex in his father before a sibling joins him as Dad watches

Upon seeing Dad, the most exuberant and active youngster of the litter runs to greet Dad and thrusts his snout into Dad’s mouth which elicits a regurgitation response. 556 more words

Coyote Behavior

Den BlÄ Planet

Final exam week was also my last week in Copenhagen. So, I was desperately trying to balance studying, packing, and squeezing in as many last-minute activities on my bucket list as possible. 226 more words

Working on Feeling

I was able to ride three times last week before I had to fly up to Sacramento to prepare my parent’s surprise party for their 30th anniversary. 955 more words