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Keep Wildlife Wild: Don't Feed the Animals

I was having lunch with several wildlife managers during the 24th International Conference on Bear Research and Management, and asked them, “what is the one conservation message you want to get out to the public?”  And I loved this response from Colleen Olfenbuttel (North Carolina’s bear and furbearer manager): 758 more words


Pumping Tips for the Working Mom: Building Your Milk Stash

I went back to work when Aiden was 11 weeks old. On top of the emotional stress of leaving him so early, I also had to worry about how he was going to eat! 512 more words


Breastfeeding Essentials for the Early Weeks

Those early weeks of motherhood are rough. Livia had her days and nights mixed up for a few days and postpartum hormones will do a number on you (especially if you aren’t prepared for them).   1,392 more words


To Give the Boob or Not?

A Perspective on Breastfeeding.

Before I go into my experiences with breastfeeding, I want to acknowledge that this is a very controversial topic. Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone would be able to have an opinion on how a mother chooses to feed their child. 839 more words


A Chip For A Tip

I spotted a young lady holding a potato chip and of course the pesky gull was on to it like a rat up a rope. Quick as lightening it was. 34 more words


What's in my bird seed?

This is my beautiful bin of air-tight seed, it’s a mix of one commercial brand of seed plus two seed mixes I buy from a local bird center, because I am a mad scientist of bird feeding. 162 more words