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Rookie Mistakes First Time Moms Make

So I should probably begin this post by saying it may be slightly controversial. This is not my intention. Most of what I write here is intended to be light-hearted and tongue in cheek, and I apologize in advance if it offends you (I’m mostly looking at you, friend who used to work at La Leche League. 439 more words


{Newborn} Baby Owen

I just love working with newborns. My own daughter is well into toddlerhood so these days are far behind me, which is why it is such an honor and a pleasure when families invite me into their homes to capture some of these special first moments for them. 118 more words

Animals | Special of the day...

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By djlparent99

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The great feeding debate

A friend of mine suggested this topic a while ago and my first thought was reluctance… How we feed our babies is such a minefield! 560 more words


Animals | blackbird female portrait

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Day 291

Guess what?!  You have 2 top teeth that have cut through.  I just knew that was why you were tired, cranky, and drooling.  Tonight was a tough one: you were so tired and groggy, but you wanted to stay awake.   31 more words