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Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches - a review

I love the idea of being an eco-mumma. I’ve been a vegetarian for years and years, and when I was a student I took part in loads of demonstrations, candlelight vigils and reclaiming of the streets standing up for eco issues and animal rights. 728 more words


Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit

Tidy Tot was created by a mum for mums to promote mess free meal and play times. Here at Cuddles and Coos we have reviewed many bibs and every time we try a new one we are astounded by the differences in each one. 308 more words


How my breastfeeding journey continued!

So Sienna’s tongue tie was snipped and with it the feeding improved, but like many new mums I was so nervous to breastfeed in public… so much so that for quite some time if I knew we were going for something to eat or anywhere public really I would take expressed milk with me (when I look back now it seems crazy) I just felt so nervous and uncomfortable with the idea, it did not help that although her latch was improved it still sometimes took a good few attempts to get her feeding properly. 292 more words

Feeding bettas Repashy gel food

Repashy gel foods can be a good food to rotate with betta fry ( 3-4 weeks +) and if you are careful, with adult bettas. The smaller particles don’t always get eaten so unless you have snails in your aquariums and / or individual betta containers, keeping an eye on water quality is a big MUST. 356 more words

Betta Care

Products We Love: Foodii

In the the past  we reviewed the Kiinde Bottle System.  Now what we love even more is Foodii, the baby food system made by the makers of Kiinde.   472 more words

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My breastfeeding journey!

I knew I wanted to give breastfeeding a go and whilst I was pregnant my feelings were that I would try but that I would not put any pressure on myself if it didn’t work for me.  276 more words