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To my WordPress trackers

I pay you fuckers money to track my visitors. And you can’t even do that right!……………….

So ummm where does Mumbai come into play??????? Because the WordPress is saying that the hits are coming from the U.S. 24 more words

Roy Potter: Bunkerville History One

This video came through late last night, but I just had to get some sleep . . . I’m up and running now :) ~J… 129 more words


Install Feedjit in Wordpress

I am looking for an App that would show my visitor’s list in my blog, as after looking around the net I find this perfect, well-detailed Live Traffic Feed App… 76 more words

This Made Me Smile

Menambahkan widget traffic feedjit pada blog dan website

Latar Belakang

Feedjit merupakan widget yang digunakan untuk melihat aktifitas pengunjung blog atau website. Feedjit terdapat dua versi yaitu versi javascript dan versi html.

Dengan widget traffic, kita bisa mengetahui artikel yang telah atau sedang dibaca pengunjung blog atau website. 105 more words


Oh, God! What have I done? ;-))

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Glup! Someone in Mountain View, California (USA) is watching me


How to get Feedjit on wordpress.com blog

Feedjit is a very useful widget to have on your blog. It gives you information on the people that visit your blog such as: the city that they come form, the web browser they used, the OS they were running and the search engine they used to find your blog. 63 more words