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Profile Response: Jim Magagna, Executive Vice-President Wyoming Stock Grower’s Association Cheyenne, WY

The Wyoming Stock Grower’s Association was founded in 1872, eighteen years before Wyoming joined the Union. It is the oldest trade association in the state, which reflects the importance of ranching in Wyoming. 571 more words


Animal Science: Today and Tomorrow

Dr. Tom Troxel                                                                                Dr. Michael L. Looper

Animal Science Welcomes an Extension Veterinarian

We are very proud to announce a new faculty member; Dr. Heidi Ward. 819 more words

Beef Cattle

It Takes a Team...

Where does your food come from?

Apart from food that is completely home raised and never leaves the farm, it takes a team of people to get it from… 559 more words


Busy Times...

Over the past two weeks, I have failed at blogging.  The days passed in a hurry and my tired voice found little strength to share.  Thus, I put Feed Yard Foodie aside, pausing to put my thoughts together and hopefully find inspiration. 611 more words


Did you know?

Did you know?

Without the use of growth promoting technologies, Dr. Jude Capper estimated that the number of cattle required to produce the same amount of beef in the US beef supply would require 15 million more cattle, placing greater demand on land use, water use, and fossil fuels.  63 more words

Beef Cattle

Seeing In Pictures...

If you have read one of Dr. Temple Grandin’s books or seen her movie, you will remember hearing that cattle see in pictures. What this means is that cattle view the world as a collection of images. 537 more words


All Before a Cup Of Coffee...

It’s a family joke that I don’t drink coffee because it exacerbates my inability to sit still. The “rest of the story” is that I don’t drink a morning cup of coffee because my alarm goes off at 5:35 am and I am out the door 10 minutes later. 675 more words

Factory Farm