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9 awesome reading apps for ebooks, news and RSS feeds

One thing that never seems to go out of fashion since the Gutenberg press is reading. Even in the modern age of screen lust reading has transitioned smoothly to its digital form. 99 more words


6ª Conferência myMPeL,UAb- Portugal Mestrado em Pedagogia do eLearning

Bem-vindo (a) à 6ª Conferência myMPeL – Site da Conferência- http://mympel.blogspot.pt/

Existe a modalidade Presencial (lugares limitados) e modalidade Virtual.
Em qualquer dos casos é OBRIGATÓRIA a inscrição. 51 more words


RISING voices: Ben Lukuyu, animal nutritionist at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

Ben Lukuyu, animal nutritionist at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), introduces himself and his work with the program. It is one of a series of portraits of key people in Africa RISING. 574 more words


Modeling forage intercropping and best bets for farmers in Tanzania

Farmers in East Africa could increase their yields and simultaneously build richer soil in a sustainable way by adopting intensive farming practices. But, knowledge about which farming practices are the most effective is not well documented by researchers. 65 more words

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Nutritional value of feed ingredients for pigs in Uganda

In Uganda, smallholder pig farmers report that feeding management is an important production constraint. Feed scarcity, high cost, seasonal variations in feed quality and availability, food competition between people and pigs and lack of knowledge to formulate low-cost nutritionally balanced rations for pigs are key challenges. 120 more words

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Dairy development in Tanzania with local innovation platforms: When and how can they be useful?

Farmers and livestock keepers in Tanzania face a range of problems, including feed shortages, land tenure issues,animal health and milk and meat marketing. Most dairy producers find it hard to obtain feed in sufficient quantity and quality to improve their milk production. 193 more words

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