My 1st Pair of Jordan's

As a kid, I loved shoes…I cherished them actually.  I’m really not sure why, but I did….they still remain a guilty pleasure, I admit :) 668 more words

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Having a Bad Day? Do This!

Man, have you ever had one of those crappy days where things just don’t go well?  Imagine something with me for a second…you start off the day with a cold shower due to a broken water heater…you somehow find a way to burn your toast and spill your coffee at the exact same time…you stare at the bumper in front of you, stuck in traffic for what seems like days…you arrive at the office to find jelly on your shirt and toothpaste drippings on your pants…your co-workers are grumpy, you have a headache and it’s raining outside for the 3ooth day in a row.  446 more words

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Polka Dots

We stumbled upon art installations by Yayoi Kusama and fell in love with polka dots all over again!

So, we went sourcing for few more things with the dots. 34 more words


Life Without Love = Meaningless

As I’ve grown older and reached the ripe age of 37, I’ve come to realize something:  LIFE ISN’T ABOUT WHAT WE DO, IT’S ABOUT HOW WELL WE LOVE. 658 more words

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10 Things I'm Loving Lately

10 Things I’m Loving Lately
  1. Southern Savers

Y’all. Guess who can’t make sense of numbers and therefore is super bad at budgeting?! Yep. This girl. But then I discovered… 530 more words

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... on breaking the news

Blaze – looking uncharacteristically disheveled as she blows her coat (big time) – seems to be taking the whole idea of going to hang at a friend’s house, during the wedding, in stride. 274 more words

Just Ponderin'

... on independence (mine... okay and ours)

Sometimes in the midst of the everyday we find ourselves mired in the little picture and, if it seems grim, we believe in the grim. 939 more words

Just Ponderin'