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Letting the Light in

Three times today to three different people, I quoted Leonard Cohen’s lyrics: “There’s a crack in everything.  It’s how the light gets in.”   This message is profound for the world we live in today where wrinkles are blasted with botox, old buildings are torn down to build new, irregular things discarded as “damaged.”  We are led to believe everything must be perfect – free of blemishes, weathering, and cracks. 241 more words

Feel Good

Choosing Interdependency

As a young working professional, the idea of having a career, social life, dating life, personal life as a one-size-fits-all sorta deal just never resonated with me. 545 more words


Thank You to the One Who Discovered these Words...

Not too certain where this quote originated:

“Your body hears everything your mind says stay positive.”

~ Author unknown.

Thank you to the one who discovered these words for this wonderful quote makes absolute sense. 44 more words


Heads up!

Heads up! If you’re active most days – showering often can cause dry skin. I just picked up a tub of this and not only does it give my skin the consistency of a cherub’s butt cheeks – it also smells so good I would plunge my face into the tub if my face were smaller. 35 more words



A flower needs water and sunlight to grow perfectly.

Meaning a flower (person) needs water (tears, crying, sadness) and sunlight ( 75 more words

Motivational Section

A day with our diffuser 

There was such a large outpouring of positive feedback after my first blog post on our experience with oils, I thought I’d expand a little on diffusing…. 310 more words

Confessions Of A Superhero

Book Review -- Love Crushed (ARC)

Holy smokes! So I received my first ARC for blogging purposes and I absolutely loved it! I did read the first one called Ten Year Crush (which you can find… 394 more words