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Rain didn't stop play

It’s the second week of the summer holidays and there was much excitement in the house today as Eddy’s two friends came round to play/hang out/squad rollout* (*Molly’s term) or whatever the correct terminology is nowadays for three daft boys being let loose together. 711 more words

How wonderful do you want your day to be?

Your day will be as beautiful and bright as your mood allows it to – and it has nothing to do with the weather, it is all about your mindset.

How To Allow

July 28th - Cliff Richard and the Shadows - "Please don't tease"

In 1960, #CliffRichard and the Shadows got to No.1 with Please don’t tease #singing;#feelgood

Please don’t tease

You tell me that you love me baby… 310 more words


A Good Day (Part 2)

The concept of a ‘crush’ simply fascinates me. 

The lady walks towards me. The blessed cup of tea wobbles in her grasp, and she stares at it with intense focus, as if to say, “This one’s special.” (At least I hope). 560 more words


Memories Are Butterflies And MY Mind A Net Catching Them.

Memories Are Butterflies And MY Mind A Net Catching Them.

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A ride through the neighborhood

Went for a ride today, after work and as soon as I got home.  I was looking forward to it and couldn’t wait to get on the bike, but I needed a change, I had to take a new route to keep me motivated.   716 more words