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Cheeseburgers and Sprite

Cheeseburgers and Sprite

So last night my mom walked into my room with tears in her eyes. I asked her whats wrong and she said it my old elementary school teacher (lets call him Mr.T) said something very sad but very heartwarming on social media. 97 more words

September 28th - William the Conqueror invaded Britain - "Norman"

In #1066, #WilliamTheConqueror invaded Britain.  Here is a song called #Norman by a lady called #SueThompson, that I didn’t know, but whose title fits well with the theme.  258 more words


You Won't Believe What This Ohio Cop Did During a Routine Traffic Stop

TROY, OH – As we encounter another wave of stories about police violence, it`s good to be reminded that not all incidents involving the police and civilians are bad. 188 more words


How they feel about you 

How others feel about you is always and only because of their own energy alignment or energy blockage. It truly does not have anything to do with you! 128 more words

How To Allow

The Halloween Alternative

Halloween. It is not for everyone. Have an alternative party in your own home or serviced property.

Light Party

Halloween is traditionally all about ‘the dark side’. 369 more words

September 27th - Beach Boys - "I get around"

In 1964, the #Beachboys made their TV debut with “I get around”.  I know that there was lots of Beach Boys stuff over the Summer, but this was the best story I could find for today (and I know you like their music).  392 more words