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How I Learned Social Skills

Social skills do not come naturally to those of us with Aspergers. In fact, it is one of the hallmarks of the condition. I didn’t acquire social skills easily. 736 more words

Progress and Fear

Interesting combinations of words, huh? One sounds positive (Progress) and the other sounds, well…fearful (Fear)!

Actually the title is about two positive things!


Making progress on the five (5) quilts that are back from the long-arm quilter and need bindings to be completed (refer to the posts “ 224 more words

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Sink or Swim

I always remember learning to swim as a child. It was the literal interpretation of the saying “sink or swim”. A few weeks into lessons, our instructor told us that each one of us would have to swim the width of the deep end of the pool. 527 more words

I am Scared. That means I'm Living.

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been quite some time since my last post. Life has been pretty hectic for me lately. The whole idea to start this blog came from the fact that I am moving out of my home and in with my partner for the very first time. 501 more words

OMG I'm dying!

Today, I had a doctors appointment. It was for a minor reason which I will not get into. Generally, I don’t mind doctors…if my anxiety didn’t defeat me before I even walk in the door! 317 more words

The Week That Was - Ending April 9, 2015


Each week I sit down to give you a weekly wrap up for all that was happening at ivansiladji.com as well as key things you may be interested in that happened in my week as a busy family man, husband, scientist and entrepreneur. 215 more words

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ivansiladji.com - 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

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I have raved about this book before, I’ve…

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