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A couple of important things that I’ve learned:

  • Secrets are like blockages – it’s best to release them as quick as possible. Once they are out there, they somehow lose all importance and getting rid of them opens up whole new vistas.
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I just finished this awesome book by Seth Godin. It was a short and easy read with a lot of golden nuggets. I haven’t read too many of Seth Godin’s books but I love his blog and plan to read more in the future. 495 more words

Mark Manson

Caught Out!

A fundamental basic that has transformed my interaction of people is the understanding that people are not out to catch me out or judge me.  What happened to put me in a mind set that I had to be perfect in all situations and never fail or have to be corrected.   221 more words

Feel the fear and do it anyway?

More than ever I follow my heart to guide me along the journey of life. You know that saying ‘it just feels right?’ is what I do nowadays. 598 more words


Pain(t)ing by numb(ers)ness

On the tips of silken whiskers
Upon the shadows of our hearts
Crawls a low and tender whisper
Hurling pain lest we depart

From the light that hangs so brightly… 63 more words

The Last 6 Months Of 2016

Why I am scared of living my dream! (And 4 ways I'm dealing with it).

Yes, you read correctly!

Living my dream is bloody terrifying! It’s tough and it means pushing myself in ways I’ve never pushed before.

If I woke up and didn’t want to do something, I used to say to myself we’ll try again tomorrow/after work/when I felt more in the mood/after X, Y and Z on the to-do list, etc. 714 more words