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Letting the Light In - Facing Down Fear

I’m very lucky; because of my work I am regularly in a state of the art sports facility and it recently dawned on me that I really should be making use of the facilities to get myself feeling fitter and healthier. 673 more words

Random Ramblings

February Wrap-Up

Despite being the shortest month, February always seems to drag on. I’ve only read a total of three and a half books this over the past twenty-eight days. 300 more words

Feel the Fear and Fudge it anyway!

I am trying Olympic lifting (go me!) tomorrow night. I have got into weight-training much more in the last six months but the first powerlifting meeting I went to was a bit scary to say the least. 1,240 more words



A couple of important things that I’ve learned:

  • Secrets are like blockages – it’s best to release them as quick as possible. Once they are out there, they somehow lose all importance and getting rid of them opens up whole new vistas.
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I just finished this awesome book by Seth Godin. It was a short and easy read with a lot of golden nuggets. I haven’t read too many of Seth Godin’s books but I love his blog and plan to read more in the future. 495 more words

Mark Manson

Caught Out!

A fundamental basic that has transformed my interaction of people is the understanding that people are not out to catch me out or judge me.  What happened to put me in a mind set that I had to be perfect in all situations and never fail or have to be corrected.   221 more words

Pain(t)ing by numb(ers)ness

On the tips of silken whiskers
Upon the shadows of our hearts
Crawls a low and tender whisper
Hurling pain lest we depart

From the light that hangs so brightly… 63 more words

The Last 6 Months Of 2016