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Bravery and courage. How do we get there?

I use to be so brave and courageous. Fearless, really.

Maybe I still am, but I haven’t used those muscles lately, so they don’t feel very strong and prominent. 314 more words

My Thoughts

Today is better than yesterday

Yesterday wasn’t that great though, so it had to be…

I’m still in quite a negative frame of mind. Still recovering I suppose. I’m taking things slowly. 221 more words

Have The Best Year Of Your Life

Still a Survivor

Today’s activity involves journaling. It’s based on the premise of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – that you can handle it when your fears come true. 175 more words

Have The Best Year Of Your Life

Jumping into the unknown

Bewildered, Shocked, In Awe….Who’s that girl?

‘OH MY GOD’ this was all that was going through my head and out of my mouth (if I could hear) when I did my very first tandem skydive on the 4th February 2018. 481 more words

Life Wisdom

Hollywood and Politics don't mix too well

Oprah Winfrey has just announced she doesn’t have the DNA to run for President. She is an intelligent woman and this is no doubt the wise decision of a person with depth. 418 more words


Shining light on shadows

Today’s activity is bake a cake, but that isn’t possible, for a variety of reasons. So I did Thursday’s facing fears

It is natural to be scared when we’re facing something dangerous.

80 more words
Have The Best Year Of Your Life

Life is a maze, so how do you find your way out?

I was talking to a friend recently about life (I’m guessing most conversations revolve around life and life-oriented activities.) We were discussing the irritating combination of feeling both busy and blocked; having a lot to do but not making progress in preferred areas. 863 more words