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How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 6: Facing Fear.

After I cracked my head open, I decided it was time to change. One of the first things I did was try to leave the house. 1,614 more words

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 4: Self-Help.

These, as Sally would say, are the dark days. I was at my weakest, both physically and emotionally, and to add to the fun, was expected to start flying to the States for business. 1,510 more words

Every Day, Every Moment, Every Step...

Do more than exist – LIVE!

Do more than hear – LISTEN!

Do more than read – LEARN!

Do more than like – … 8 more words

Empress Of Empowerment

Words of encouragement .... Never look back!

The Kindness of strangers

Given my recent wobbles, I thought it might be timely to document some of the words of support I’ve had giving enthusiastic endorsement of my travel plans, however precarious.   1,261 more words


Feel the fear and do it anyway

‘Feal the fear and do it anyway’ is a book written by Susan Jeffers. I haven’t even finished this book yet but already I have learned an awful lot from it. 341 more words


Are you going to let fear determine your destiny?

I am so passionate about this topic!

Mind (Decision, Focus and Belief) + Body (Energy, Vibrations + Action) +
Soul (Inspiration, Trust & Love) will lead you to your desired outcome.
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Three Things You Can Do Right Now To Stop Procrastinating

Let’s be honest. You know there is something you should be doing right now in your life, in your business, in your relationship, with your health… But the only thing you’re ACTUALLY doing is keeping your seat warm. 968 more words

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