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This is What Racism Looks Like

Or am I afraid? Washed with disgust as they join the same train.

Mind’s just backwards of course, definitely, nothing worse. I see the colors of hatred and thirst… 165 more words


Feeling Better, Teenage Attitude & Waiting On Baby

This morning pup is better. He’s eating, drinking and pooping normally. Bear and I have breathed a massive sigh of relief, after seeing blood in his mucus-y stool yesterday. 408 more words

Living La Vida Loca

What to Do If You have RBF

What is RBF?

Resting Bitch Face. You already know about it; it’s been a meme for a couple of decades now. Here’s how you know if you have it: people tell you–or react to you as if–your face is expressing anger, sadness, contempt, etc, when you aren’t actually expressing anything. 1,889 more words

Feeling Better

How to Be Part of Something Bigger

Feeling like you are a part of a group, especially one with a spiritual or otherwise important purpose, is one of the best feelings there is. 1,406 more words

Feeling Better

Hyperlocal Travel Journaling

You’ve seen the gorgeous illustrated journals on Pinterest and Instagram. You’ve pored over the sketches and watercolors, the bullet journal layouts of itineraries and packing lists. 2,329 more words

Feeling Better

Your Wellness Toolbox

What is a wellness toolbox? For me, a wellness toolbox is a list of things or activities that I can do to help me feel better, especially when I’m anxious or depressed. 374 more words


What Does Coziness Mean?

Let’s start with the etymology. What do the words themselves teach us about how to make a room cozy?


There is a connection to the Norwegian words… 1,838 more words

Feeling Better