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Day 92: The Snail-Tiger

“Look at me with my go faster stripes!” said the snail. “I am a racing tiger!”

“You are not a tiger,” said his family and friends, “Don’t be silly.” 429 more words

Fresh Mercies Daily

For the Meek

Are you different?
What has this done for you?
Perhaps all the challenges
you have experienced
formed the strong,
determined person you are.
It is being more appreciative… 44 more words


I Choose This Life (But I Don't Approve)

I often write my blog sitting alone on my bed. Tonight it occurred to me that though I’m drawn to spending all my spare time in bed, it’s a place haunted by misery and pain.  553 more words

Mental Illness

Energy Update: I'm Losing It

I’m just not sure how much pressure I can take before I “crack,” which from this standpoint looks like “lose my mind” because I’m just… this is too much. 1,239 more words

An Axis of Stability

Dolores Cannon has now published many books based on her hypnotic regression sessions with clients. These books give a view of our universe and its inhabitants that departs sharply from the view that is prevalent in “Western” society. 2,528 more words


For who could ever learn to love a beast?

I was out to lunch with a couple of my co-workers the other day, and one of them happened to ask me “Are you seeing anyone at the moment?” My answer to that was a resounding “no” as if I thought she was completely nuts for asking. 648 more words

Mental Illness

Please don't try to "Fix me"

I know that people in my life are generally well meaning when it comes to advice. But for a person who lives with Bipolar disorder, sometimes even the most well intentioned advice comes across as hurtful and insensitive. 572 more words

Mental Illness