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How to feel good and survive the dullness of depressing winter days

Do you have your favorite recipe for surviving dark, cold, nasty winter days?

I’ve seen and heard from a lot of people recently who are in cold and bad winter weather areas that they don’t feel well. 1,296 more words


For a Rainy Day

For a Rainy Day is a project I thought of for whenever someone is having their own personal rainy day. My goal with this is to encourage people, whenever they’re feeling down or not like themselves. 297 more words

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Imagine your Reality!

You’ve been pained? … You felt small? Once, twice, so many times? and Somebody caused it?

BOUNCE! Be harder than you never thought you would be! 125 more words

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Alopecia update 1

I wanted to start sharing with you monthly Alopecia updates.

It is, unfortunately, a huge part of my life right now. So I should start telling you what’s going on! 575 more words

When life gets you down, WRITE! (Another short story)

A/N: Whoa, another story? Yup, I’ve been feeling pretty down today so I wanted to write my pain away. I can’t say if this is a regular thing or not. 1,075 more words

The Chronicles Of A Lost Girl

Log: 5

Untuk ke sekian kalinya, aku meyakinkan diri bahwa aku harus bisa memahami mereka. Tidak ada hal pasti, tapi aku benar-benar tidak ingin melakukan perlawanan. Aku tidak ingin diriku dikuasai oleh kemarahan. 380 more words

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