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How To Cheer Yourself Up // Blogtober Day 19

We all get blue days. It’s a part of being a human and having emotions. I’ve been having quite a tough time and few blue days myself, thankfully I got myself out of it, I still have to try extra hard but I just tell myself something better is coming on the horizon. 443 more words


Weighed Down By a Heavy Heart.

(This is going to be an I-need-to-get-this-off-my-chest-now kind of post.  I apologize for the jumbled mess)

I am less than a few days from leaving on an amazing trip that was planned many months ago to celebrate a friend who is getting married.  336 more words


Down Days

I was planning to write a well-researched, Witty post about fitness today, but I’m feeling like I need to write about something much more pressing. 354 more words


When you always expect rain

I just wanted to say, that if the raincoat you have isn’t working very well at the moment.  It’s okay.

We all get wet. You can’t always see the wet patches because we take our raincoats off at home. 42 more words

Thinking Of The Day

Friends or acquaintances?

Let me tell you something. You’re all by yourself. There are no real connections out there. It’s all fake. You’re on your own. Most relations nowaday are so fragile that a little dispute could break it! 133 more words

Clouded Mind..

Being happy seems like it should be such an easy act to accomplish.. but at times, it feels like it’s impossible. Here lately, my mind has been everywhere and not here at the same time. 126 more words

A-Z self care

World Suicide Prevention Day is on the 10th September 2017, therefore we have decided to put more posts this week about self care, wellbeing, helplines, charities, the importance of reaching out and more. 830 more words