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3º weigh in - Gaining weight, not again!

I gained weight! There, I said it! I don’t have any excuse for having gained weight. This week I didn’t feel very well, I felt stressed and guilty about some things and I felt the need to eat my problems and that’s what I ended up doing. 255 more words

Making Plans

Let the wind blow...

Sometimes I see the sun
shining oh so bright
Sometimes I see the sun
but somehow it feels like night

Sometimes the rain is pouring… 67 more words

Weekly Wisdoms

Ever So Hard-To Write A Greeting Card (46)

For the days you feel down-

Know that I am thinking about you, with much uplifting, to be found.



Are you feeling better...

…when you read about other feeling miserable?

I’m not. But lots of people seems to do that when they read this kind of gossip press. 149 more words

What Ever


Once you are saved you do not try to live right to stay saved Jesus already took care of that,  You try to live right because you love the Lord . 199 more words


Status: Idle

They say whenever you feel down, you should do something that makes you feel happy. They never tell you though that sometimes doing so doesn’t necessarily bring your spirit up. 668 more words


I'll never be good enough (Notes about the Simple Life Part 4)

Dear reader,

a terrible week is behind me. I was absolutely counter productive, procrastinated a whole lot, was upset with people, annoyed by company, yet I felt lonely. 630 more words