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Hello again.


It’s been over a year since i’ve written something on this blog. A lot has changed. 2018 started off as the rockiest year yet. I found out my boyfriend had been cheating on me, shitty right? 223 more words

Energy Zap

Rough day. Physically hurting and feeling very down on myself. More of things I wouldn’t say to others but am okay saying to myself, putting myself down. 39 more words

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Away 21:

Just feeling down atm, after the last one


It's the terror of knowing


Lately I’ve been feeling extremely anxious.

So much so that the usual pain I feel in the muscles around my neck has gotten so bad that I had to take some muscle relaxants. 489 more words


Alone, I often fall into nothingness


This week I haven’t been able to draw. It’s probably because I’ve been feeling down, as I do every month, so when I’m feeling down I try to write, as I’ve found it’s a good frame of mind to do so. 325 more words


I'm stepping through the door


Throughout my life I’ve had dozens of diaries.

It was a popular gift to give to a young girl, so every Christmas I’d get a shiny new notebook and was told to write about my day-to-day there every evening. 345 more words


Small epiphany

No song references today.

Last Friday was my birthday.

I didn’t particularly plan a birthday party per say, as I hate planning them. I get way too stressed out about it and if people are enjoying themselves or not. 588 more words