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Lately I haven’t been feeling myself. Just feel like there’s no progress in life in general. It’s like a standstill and a period of waiting and hoping that something good will happen. 68 more words

The Daily Grind: Living Against Depression and Anxiety

Depression is truly an untamable beast. For some it is a feeling that comes and goes in waves, and is manageable. For others like myself, it is a leach, always on my shoulder, that will continue to steal my life if I let it. 377 more words


Step One to Pulling Yourself Out of a Rut

You can’t be on top of the world all the time. Me personally? I spend half of my life at the bottom, trying to climb back up. 371 more words



My biggest mistakes:

* Not pursuing photography at 16
* My marriage
* The newspaper article that lied about me sleeping with over 1000 men (TOTAL crap) 12 more words

How Just One Drink Can Cause A Mental Health Backslide

As good as I am with words, I can never truly explain the level of hurt that I feel when I am severely depressed. Depression is not like pain, it is an overwhelming emptiness. 466 more words

Mental Health

Free Yourself From Feeling Down

If you’ve been dealing with your mental illness for long enough, you’ll understand completely what I am about to talk about. There comes a time in our war against the mental illnesses that occupy our brains. 910 more words

Mental Health


I sent a message and a request in Facebook..

If someone is reading this as they were a few weeks ago they should .. check out their Facebook page. 35 more words