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Loneliness, Apathy, and All-around Anxiety

As it may surprise some of you to know, I do, in fact, still intend to keep up with this blog. (Also, will add photos at a later date.) 1,818 more words

This too shall pass.

Sometime I just feel so lonely.

Being in a house with very negative, narcissist people can be challenging. Sometimes all I want to do is to please them. 258 more words


Sometimes You Just Feel Sad

What an awful week. Just horrible and mentally draining. I could not wait for it to end. It’s funny trying to explain to your boyfriend that you feel truly sad, without him thinking that something must be seriously wrong. 396 more words

Girl Traveller

My name is... and I suffer from Depression

I really don’t want to go to work tomorrow. I hate going back there, it makes things worse… but i need the money :(

On a brighter note, I know who it is I want to try and talk to about how I’m feeling. 35 more words

The Down

Well I have been feeling absolutely miserable for no reason yesterday. Tears threatened to free fall every now and then and that got some close buddies worried. 102 more words



I feel terrible about myself. I’m sad, I feel lonely, my job gets me depressed and I’ve lost what motivation I had for life. Why can’t I tell anyone how I feel? 24 more words

Pity Parties

Ever have a day, week, month, LIFE that left you wondering why God even bothered to put you into this world?

It’s as if some of us were just born to be in bad situations. 203 more words