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Dealing with Emotions

Just a walker keeps balance on a tightrope, it is of benefit for us to keep balance with our own emotions. Falling down and rising up in our life is common to us and this will follow us till our last breath is stoped. 278 more words


When You're Feeling Down

One of the things that I find most inspiring about professional musicians is their ability to keep practicing every single day. Despite however they’re feeling about the day, they press on and practice. 305 more words

I Won't Chase You Anymore

Dear M,

I want to talk to you, to have deep, meaningful conversations or heck, even for us to be as we were before: familiar, not strangers. 260 more words


How To Manage Feeling Less Than

Tuesday’s Tip: How To Manage Feeling Less Than.

First, understand you are not alone. Even the most positive people have negative moments.

Second, realize “less than” is a part of “more than.” Just because you have a quarter tank of gas doesn’t mean your car is faulty. 104 more words

My Journey

Songs to listen to when you are feeling down

Sometimes, when you are already in bed and ready to go to sleep, your brain decided to betray you by thinking a lot of things. It sucks especially when you have a bad day that time. 374 more words

Feeling Down

The Comedown After a Positive Streak

I’m having one of those days. You know the sort: where nothing disastrous happens, your life is looking pretty good, but it all feels a bit bleak. 360 more words


A Little Off

I’m not really feeling like myself today. I might be coming down with a cold, or just tired from trying to process all the chaos in the world right now. 228 more words