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I’m feeling really down on myself today.

I hate how I get anxious in situations and how sometimes it’s obvious to others.

Sometimes I honestly don’t even feel anxious and people ask me if I’m okay :( … 103 more words

Movie Night

Still not feeling great. I’ve managed to write a lot of words this week, though, which feels great. I’m going to watch a movie this evening. 57 more words

Daily Life

That Loneliness Again...

Tonight I found a channel that’s playing some short films? I love good short films, great another hipster trait? Haha! Just kidding, I always joke like that hehe. 273 more words


If You're Struggling, This is For You

Exactly zero people have wondered where I’ve been. I’m not going to apologize and go into some lengthy explanation about my blog and my writing–because literally no one cares. 813 more words

Mental Health

Feeling way down low

Originally written on 09/01/14

Today has not been one of my best, I am still suffering the after effects of my Christmas chest infection which resulted in strong antibiotics, I am grumpy because the weather is rubbish and today in particular I think I have gone through most of my emotional range. 159 more words

Bad Days

Originally written 31/01/13

I’m feeling quite disillusioned today and a bit down, it seems everytime I find something that seems to be really good it turns out to be one of the old sayings going… If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. 97 more words

Head wrecked

Hi everyone!

Well this has been one heck of a long week. It felt like a month long but then September is usually really long and dragged out. 730 more words