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Breakdowns doesn't mean you're unhappy.

There will always be a time in our life that it gets too salty – and that wrinkled face you do with a matching shaking of the head is a sign. 726 more words



Well I have been trying to get this one done for a few days now. But I have a sunny day coming up, sorry sounds odd but it is my way of trying to avoid what this post is primarily about. 978 more words

Selfie today

I was feeling down about the stupid weight gain so I got in the shower and then dressed like I was going out. Even wearing my compression tummy garment.


Being happy

Hello again…

Thank you again to the reader who gave the time to like my post from yesterday, it means a lot that someone is reading the thoughts I spill out here…  They may come across as disjointed, so for this I apologise.  782 more words


Dad to the rescue!

This is what my dad tells me when I’m down. He stole it from somewhere. But I don’t care because it always makes me feel better. Thanks for the perspective, Dad.


Say eff it!

Hi there lovely peeps!

Have any of you felt so dead, that your third eye is paining, your back is aching and your eyes are burning? 189 more words

If You Feel Like Giving Up, READ THIS

I just got up from my bed and immediately went to my laptop to write this. I want to share something important or something that might help you too to lift yourself up whenever you feel down. 130 more words

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