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When I'm Just Not Feelin' It

When Scotty McCreery released his summer theme song “Feelin’ It,” I was instantly hooked. Probably because deep down I’ll always be a beach-loving, flip-flop Florida girl at heart. 450 more words


Getting over a Breakup

Breakups can be really hard, especially if you were with that person long term, feelings don’t just go away and you’ve taken time to build something with someone all for it to end. 240 more words



Why I’ve been MIA.

Frankly, i’ve been depressed and busy with life. I’ve been uninspired to write and disinterested in most things. I’ve dealt with depression for many years, there are ups and downs. 96 more words


I am a bad mother

There are countless times when I questioned myself. There are countless times when I felt like screaming. There are countless times when I screamed, cried, threw things, shouted, pulled my hair out, wished for a different life. 299 more words


Blogging your way out of misery

I know it’s tough when you are stuck in that downward spiral. The whole world is one inch away but you are two thousand deep. ‘You know you should go to the gym,’ says your best friend. 227 more words

Creative Writing

*Insert Witty First Post Title Here*

Things I have accomplished today.

  • I ate a donut. (And some cookies, oops)
  • I tweeked my resume.
  • I took a bath.
  • I thought about doing laundry, and then I didn’t.
  • 532 more words

When you're tired, rest. 

Here at 100 Montaditos, Narvaez. It is my favorite place the food is cheaper than any other bars & restaurant you could ever encounter in Spain. 380 more words