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Picking Myself Back Up

So May has been a VERY busy month for me. 

I have had uni hand-in deadlines, assessments (which i’m pretty sure I fluffed up), my job, uni work placement and my YouTube channel to work on! 570 more words


Everything Will Work Out

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been trying to get your shit together for the past few years. I’ve been trying to lose weight, get my mental illness under control, do my best in college, get a job so I can save money, figure out what career path I want to go down, et cetera. 220 more words


Clinging to the lives we don't lead


Is it less picturesque than planned?
Here in your car with empty hands no one’s holding
Where I glance at you for a glimpse of blue… 509 more words

Random Posts

Use List to Lift Your Spirit and Beat Depression

Focus on enjoying life – use this psychological technique to get yourself out of the dumps.

Once in a while even the happiest and most well-adjusted person starts to feel down in the dumps. 281 more words

Doris Wild Helmering

Depression is depressing

What did you do today? I bet it was something…therefore, you did more than me. I woke up (late), got my kids off to school, then I did…nothing. 426 more words


Why so serious

Hey Bosses,

Guess what. I’m furious. At myself mostly. This right here, is why I started this blog. I for one am tired of feeling this way, I got into my head, destroyed my own confidence and ended up slightly injured. 210 more words


Today, I am thankful.

Just before I’ve almost had a massive panic attack. Which can be pretty ‘normal’ at the evening time especially.
While about to panic the fuck out, something in my mind just screamed ITS ONLY ANXIETY!! 138 more words