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I am screwed

You know you’re screwed when you start crying at your favorite comedy show.


Worst weekend😔

This is just a little post before work! Hopefully it’ll actually be benifical to even one person who reads this.. This weekend for me has been a bad one, partially because of my tendency to panic and overthink but also due to a small minority of people in this world who purely think that they are gods gift! 66 more words

Feeling trapped by my own sense of inadequacy.

There is a literal and metaphorical cloud hanging over me today. It is raining outside and each drop is being taken by me as another increment in feeling down. 471 more words


Don't Let Anyone Get You Down (Or try Not To)

“If people are trying to bring you down, be proud of it. It only confirms that you’re above them.”

I feel like that is something that I need to write on my bathroom mirror, better yet on EVERY mirror in my house in red lipstick as a constant reminder. 767 more words


All Work & No Fun

So these last few weeks have been all work and no fun. Well, there’s been little time for fun.

When I last posted I mentioned trying one of those adult dating sites. 274 more words

Abrupt Stop

Abrupt Stop

Dear Applicant,
The hogs at processing scream a little more loudly
Thank you for submitting…
The hummingbirds no longer seem playful
We are lucky to have so many talented applicants… 81 more words


The Power of Hope...by Linda Carlblom

It lives on the edges of my mind, permeating everything I do. Without it, I’m sad, downcast, listless, feeling like my life doesn’t matter. But then hope walks in and changes everything. 404 more words