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Birdwood Traverse #1

(personal photos)

I recently hiked Birdwood Traverse with my husband and friends. It is amazing that only 1 1/2 hours from city limits a backcountry experience can be had. 110 more words


Is This Really What It's Come Down To?

Not expecting much out of my neurology appointment and feeling under the weather from a rare cold, I nonetheless plowed through and attended as usual. Way back when, I had hope, but that was about ten years ago. 390 more words

Feeling Like a Kid

Feeling Like a Kid: Childhood and Children’s Literature has captured my heart.

The eye-catching cover and overall design of Feeling Like a Kid deserves special attention. 667 more words

Book Reviews

Tracking the neighborhood wildlife: My photo safari

One of my favorite adventures is a photo safari. I’m on a tight budget, so I book my safari close to home — very close. I take a walk in my neighborhood, cell phone or camera in hand, and document the local wildlife. 413 more words


Swimming To The Floating Dock

Yesterday we went swimming in Lake Squam. The water was cold when we first plopped in, but soon became comfortable as we got acclimated.

About 40 yards away from the end of our dock was a floating dock. 204 more words


Writing 101, Day 2: Transporting back to the past

I have always dreamt to be a writer since I was little. I want to express my thoughts and my ideas. I want to share my experiences. 665 more words

Writing 101

Grown Up


For whatever reason, I feel rather grown up today…and yes, I know I’m nearly 33 (only 99 days now..eek!), but sometimes I still feel like I’m a naïve 17 year-old. 317 more words