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Feeling pretty

I recently watched a YouTube video by Theodora Lee which first came up in my subscription feed under the name: “I feel ugly”. I wasn’t sure what to think of it because for me Theo always seems to be promoting a positive self-image and this didn’t seem to really suit that. 1,656 more words


Krispy in the sun

“Joy comes in the morning”  and hope shows up that afternoon.

Well, I have a sunburn. I did not plan on being out all afternoon but I was enjoying being around people. 224 more words

Brave New Girl

This post isn’t going to be about my workouts, but about how my workouts are changing my life. I’ve never been a confident human being. As the fat girl in every circle of friends I had growing up, I just tried to blend in and hoped people would still invite me out even though I barely said a word. 613 more words

Cutting it short

The minute a girl cuts her hair short, she is labeled as a lesbian. Why? How is reducing the length of your hair related to your sexual preference? 596 more words


What this blog really means to me

Feeling good, both at the inside and at the ouside, mentally and physically, is my biggest goal. It’s also a path, where I learn lots of things that I like to share with you all here. 568 more words


on randomness.

My nightstand.  Glamorous, isn’t’ it?  No?  Yeah, I don’t really think so, either.  But somehow, it’s inspired this post.  I’ve been at a loss for words the past few days, mostly because I have been down with a cold and stuck in bed.  823 more words