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TEA PARTY // 01.10.15

Usually I wouldn’t publish three posts in a row that are in the same category, but I’ve been so occupied lately that I haven’t had time to write anything new.. 90 more words


I like my face

So….. It’s been a few days of being back in the habit of blow drying my hair and wearing my BB cream.

It’s so nice to have tame hair again. 346 more words

Behold the power of hair dye and pale skin!

Killing it. Irish style. Hell yeah.

P.S. If anyone is interested in what hair dye I use to get a nice strong red every time, it’s VS Sassoon Salonist 5/452 (Medium intense red.) I will do a review on it in a week or so when I dye my hair again. 45 more words

Irish Things

End of My Challenge

Heck, I was going to type up a cute blog about going “all natural” for a week. But hey, my heart hurts a little too much to be cute. 251 more words

Friends and Clean Flats

It amazing me how long it takes to organize your life after vacation. I have been back a week and my flat is FINALLY organized. Clothes clean, dry(takes forever in a damp flat) and put away. 292 more words

Like them French Ladies

Today was one of the days I was most worried about. It is the play group for parents and toddlers. Today I found I become more nervous around other women. 264 more words

Advertised Beauty

Day 3 of the Natural hair and face challenge

Living in a section of town where there is mostly older folk make this challenge easier. Today I worked out of the local coffee house and had no difficulties leaving my house with no make up on. 289 more words