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Resignation - no more work

I don’t know hpw long it is, maybe two weeks or three?  I am currently thinking back through our relationship and seeing that whenI was feeling loved, desired, close to Gerry it was all a pretence; that he acted in his make-beleive, safe world for what ever reason.   518 more words

Heartbreak Therapy

Children Fall Through the Cracks Because Those Responsible for Their Safety and Care Fail Them

Social work, child phycology, and other tools currently utilised to help children stop being juvenile delinquents and become healthy contributing members of society for the most part do not work, because they do not address the root causes of the pain and suffering of the children in question.  1,047 more words

Self Love with Lavender

Do you ever feel:

  • Unlovable?
  • Unimportant?
  • Unheard?
  • Rejected?
  • Fear of being yourself?!?

Why are we so cruel to ourselves?  Why do we not love ourselves to see how amazing we are!?   125 more words