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If I Write About Kendall Jenner, Will You Like Me?

A couple of weeks ago, as some of you know, I was accepted to be a writer for Elite Daily, after having submitted a piece of writing that was approved. 628 more words


Dealing with Rejection

We all face rejection at one point or another in life. Sometimes it is easy to get over it and not really care and other times it really gets to us to almost a point of depression and if we dwell on it long enough it might lead to us getting depressed. 520 more words

Staying Engaged

I hate it when clients are late. Not because they’re late but because it sends me through a major emotional rollercoaster every time it happens. 1,040 more words

Social Work

feeling rejected.

One form of pain is rejection.

It says:

not wanted.

not liked.

not valued.

God says something very different.

“But if God loved me  he wouldn’t …” 33 more words

“When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation, you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret”

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My Reaction To Truth And Reconciliation Report

I have stated over and over that I detest any form of racism, senseless violence, or oppressive behavior whether it stems from our past, or is still present in our every day life and so I am pleased that the… 1,247 more words