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You're Just Bitter or The Swing Back To Normal

Often when you have been restricted from certain things in a controlled environment you will go out and experiment wildly with those things when you finally find freedom. 3,579 more words

Feeling Safe

Drawing Lines in the Sand - Part 2

Drawing lines in the sand is good for everybody but not everybody will initially recognise this. If you have been raised in an environment where the lines have been erased and redrawn a thousand times and you are used to people making declarations which mean precisely nothing lines will be ignored. 1,542 more words

A Safe Place

I was listening to the Esther Phillips album And I Love Him! the other morning. The intro to Moon Glow was Theme from Picnic, which – like Proust’s madeleine — hurtled me through time back to when I was little, home sick with strep throat and watching movies on the TV set up on a chair by my bed. 323 more words


The Radicalization of Fear

I wrote this over the summer, and put it away as too much of a downer…until the events of this past week promoted me to bring it out again. 1,020 more words

Your Arms Will Always Be My Safe Place

I have gathered all your promises and weaved them to serve as my blanket in times of longing. I have written all out memories, pasted all the sticky notes and stories of us to keep me from missing you. 291 more words

My Verdict - Not Guilty

When we come face to face with a situation
We were not strong enough to handle,
We improvise, we become stronger
Than we ever thought we could be. 208 more words


Battle of the Sexes & Harassment.

Today I went to see “Battle of the Sexes” and it was great. I love Emma Stone so much.

Unfortunately, although I’d bought a ticket for a seat with no one around it in a theatre that was 2/3’s empty, as the lights dimmed, a disheveled looking male slid into the row and sat next to me. 302 more words