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Feeling safe again!

I love the experience of the following practice regarding feeling safe again. Just imagine, that God is holding you in his/her hands like a baby, he/she takes care of you like a mother/father. 118 more words


Social Anxiety Disorder - My Trip to See the Hygeinist!

I have been having lengthy work on my teeth for the last year and half . I have a very nice dentist who is kind and sensitive and makes me laugh! 305 more words

01. MY HEALING JOURNEY - Learning To Trust Myself & The World

Hands Off, I'm Healing

My biggest stress right now is the relationship I have with Hubby. I am deeply saddened and disappointed by his expectations of me as I heal. 695 more words


Adult Separation Anxiety - The Connection Conundrum!

Having a calling, I feel like my life isn’t quite my own. If I wake in the night knowing I need to write then I need to get up and write. 341 more words

Being Visible

Adult Separation Anxiety - Healing Places!

A True Story from 3 years ago – ‘Let Go to Life and Love’

My family and I had just returned from a holiday in Cornwall. 82 more words

01. MY HEALING JOURNEY - Learning To Trust Myself & The World

Activities to try, in order to get you feeling out your comfort zone

This week I’ve been talking about getting out of your comfort zone by stop playing safe. I talked about how it’s not your fault as well as how you can work on getting out of your comfort zone. 805 more words