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Worshipping the God of Exercise Walks

Many dog owners worship the God of Long Exercise Walks, convinced that the more exercise he has the better their dog will be in all respects. 585 more words


How Can You Tell?

Quick…what does an Islamic Terrorist look like? Can you pick one out of a group of people? If you ask them where they are from, are you able to discern which one will blow you up? 492 more words


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Why your dog must feel SAFE

By Jeff Stallings, CPDT-KA

I recently fielded a call from the owner of a one-year old male German Shepherd who said that her dog had just shown aggression towards her and that she needed to “fix” his problem, pronto. 1,619 more words

Dog Training

Paradox of personality

Each one of us is a paradox – we carry conflicting personalities inside us – which overlap and merge and meld so brilliantly sometimes that it’s hard to separate them- but when these paradoxes are very distinct and black & white , that’s where we need to integrate them – to arrive at the best and highest version of our own self – for example , a person who’s extremely courageous and bold is utterly vulnerable under that veneer of courage and strength – but once he or she is aware of this truth, that person can handle this paradox with ease and love – and can slip in and out of this shadow and light with consciousness- and that is the key to tappping into our authenticity- the more one accepts one’s dichotomies, the more comfortable we get in our skins and souls – and the better we are equipped to face the challenges of our path – it’s all about embracing ourselves – totally, truly, completely and unapologetically.

Becoming more of yourself

It takes walking thru dark alleys, one after the other till one reaches a crack from where the light pours in- and that sometimes is almost half of your life- and once you see that light- you can’t turn back anymore- yes, once you see your own naked truth- the real you- you just keep on becoming more & more of who you are- whether you are liked or shunned or discarded or rejected- it no longer matters- because sometimes kindness and compassion to your own self is the only way to nourish your soul, its the only path to your own survival and its the only way you can birth yourself …listen to your self- shut the mind for a while- the mind misguides- the soul always guides- the pain of revealing who you truly are is excruciating- yet its the only way to be- to come out of the womb of darkness- into the light of life- the fetus cannot choose not to take birth once it is matured – birth is not an option- just like coming into light is not- you are pushed and prodded towards it once the soul has awakened- I feel like like that fetus right now- I have no power to stop this leaping out- the labor pains have been triggered- I am restless and I am at peace- what a paradox !

Of wounds & scars

Its about the remnant of pain from a wound that you assume had been healed for good – so when it comes to prick you again- or when it is triggered – that’s when you need to pay attention to it and embrace the pain once more – to release it from your system forever- for it has come to teach you something more yet again before it disappears into the ether of time- some pains re-visit us so we can vacuum them completely out of our psyche and get rid of them- they are here to tell us that its time to let go of what was once so precious ‘coz it doesn’t serve us anymore- they are here to reveal to us that the soul has to align to its highest purpose and whatever disrupts or hampers its growth has to be discarded ruthlessly- pay attention to every little emotion you feel- however slightly discomforting- for every micro emotion contains the seed of your growth- and the moment you honor its presence and become aware, you can heal it and each time you heal, you also heal your ancestors and others around you.

November 13- Daddy to the Rescue

For He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son He loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. 287 more words