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(Tanka form)

No trellis alive

With morning glories dancing

Shall bright heart battered

More fond, than did his handsome

Face–eyes, blue-fired passion.  Safe.

© L. Forte, 2015


Me and my haversack

Some people ask me ‘why do you always have your haversack, why not a handbag for every occasion’? My response is usually ‘why not?’

Actually the reason is far more complex than that. 386 more words

Strategies I Find Helpful

A well-documented sober slump

I emailed Belle the other day, to ask whether anyone else ever said that month seven feels like month one. She replied that yes, there is a well documented sober slump between month 6.5 and 8.5. 146 more words

Back to basics

Another tough day at work. Afterwards I had a few things to buy, places to go. I didn’t rush, just steadily crossed things off the list, one by one. 220 more words

It hurts

on different levels…

Yesterday my run increased to 2×3 mins and 2x 4 mins with walks in between. I found it tough going! I didn’t stop. 274 more words


can't get out of my own way again

Spent the session with TM pretty checked-out. I didn’t know how to ask for a reality check around what I interpreted as her being sad and tired today, so I didn’t bring up any of what I had intended to. 350 more words