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It hurts

on different levels…

Yesterday my run increased to 2×3 mins and 2x 4 mins with walks in between. I found it tough going! I didn’t stop. 274 more words


can't get out of my own way again

Spent the session with TM pretty checked-out. I didn’t know how to ask for a reality check around what I interpreted as her being sad and tired today, so I didn’t bring up any of what I had intended to. 350 more words

Rest in Peace

The feeling of warmth, safety, and love.

Insanity overwhelms the mind in an instant.

I´d give the rest of my life for a day in that world. 6 more words

Dark Thoughts

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After we had been at the park running around playing catch and running to the top of a small hill singing I’m the king of the castle and you’re the dirty rascal we got back into dads car and off we went home . 483 more words

Feeding The Ducks

Love gives us the freedom to feel safe to be ourselves.


Can I trust a stranger? - story of the Tuk Tuk driver

Unwanted male attention is something you just have to get used to if you travel alone. From people taking photos of you without a permission to asking for your phone number, “something fun”, you name it. 1,390 more words


My mind is having a big inner rant

It’s a family member, arggghhhhhh. Nothing like families to press your buttons. Who was it that said if you think you are enlightened, go and live with your family of origin for a week?! 431 more words