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A New Trip

Sticking with the theme of my life lately, the lessons (and gifts) I’ve received from my experience of going to (and returning from) Bali, I’ve been really tripping out at how different I feel on a daily basis. 1,324 more words

Where do you feel safe?

I asked myself this question the other day.  That just happened to be when I captured the  photo of Buttons our gorgeous rabbit sitting in the pot.   265 more words

Feeling Safe

The Road Home

Distantly you recognise an outline….a tree, a rooftop, the crest of a hill….and in your stomach something moves upwards towards your heart. In the pleasant surge, there is a pinprick of anxiety; because what you have recognised is a glimpse into somewhere you know you are absolutely safe…..but you are not there yet.  914 more words

This I Hate To See.

The desperation oozes off of you the way your skin peels in the summer.

You adapt to other peoples’ ways,

jumping into them,

hoping they will give you answers… 35 more words

Feeling safe

As a kid I always attached myself to someone pretty much everywhere I went. It made me feel like I belonged there and made me feel safe. 149 more words


It'll Be OK

There comes a point in all of our lives when we must decide what matters, who matters and what doesn’t matter and who never did. 371 more words


Are you real?

You speak the words I think
you possess the knowledge I seek
You reach for the dreams
that are trapped in slumber 98 more words