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Don't Shout "Fire" In A Packed Bus

Like every child growing up I had dreams. Dreams of winning Olympic gold medals, of being a famous actor, of being liked by my peers. None of those happened, and probably will never happen, but all is not lost. 1,048 more words

The Reason I am Safe

The reason I am safe is not because of my environment.

It isn’t due to people, or places, or things.

The reason I am safe lies within myself, 217 more words

On My Mind


It’s strange how dreams can dig up things from the past and force them into our memory. I hadn’t really thought much of my romantic past, and typically try to focus away on it. 1,990 more words


Advent Tears

Maybe I’m under too much stress from work and school. Maybe it’s the car that doesn’t seem to understand that it needs to last one more year without bankrupting me. 504 more words

Worshipping the God of Exercise Walks

Many dog owners worship the God of Long Exercise Walks, convinced that the more exercise he has the better their dog will be in all respects. 596 more words


How Can You Tell?

Quick…what does an Islamic Terrorist look like? Can you pick one out of a group of people? If you ask them where they are from, are you able to discern which one will blow you up? 492 more words


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Why your dog must feel SAFE

By Jeff Stallings, CPDT-KA

I recently fielded a call from the owner of a one-year old male German Shepherd who said that her dog had just shown aggression towards her and that she needed to “fix” his problem, pronto. 1,619 more words

Dog Training