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Feeling safe

As a kid I always attached myself to someone pretty much everywhere I went. It made me feel like I belonged there and made me feel safe. 149 more words


It'll Be OK

There comes a point in all of our lives when we must decide what matters, who matters and what doesn’t matter and who never did. 371 more words


Are you real?

You speak the words I think
you possess the knowledge I seek
You reach for the dreams
that are trapped in slumber 98 more words


The Five Second Rule

Eight. That’s the exact number of chocolate covered almonds I counted out and carefully placed in the bag at the supermarket. I had been having a rough week and started craving sugar.  821 more words

Personal Growth

A Little Lost in St. Louis

My reading at Left Bank Books in St. Louis was very pleasant. More family and friends were there than strangers, which put me at ease. The setting was tasteful and comfortable. 560 more words

The heart of art❤️

Art is God! Cuz it never ever judges you!

Allows you to simply express it, irrespective of whatever else that’s a part of it❤️

My latest grounding doodle❤️ 79 more words


It's Dangerous

There is a organization called STAARR (sexual trauma and abuse recovery resources) that I get emails from twice a week and they are spot on! I cannot tell you how many times I read their email and it expresses exactly what I feel but have difficulty verbalizing. 109 more words

Sexual Abuse Survivor