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Are you trapped in your comfort zone?

We tend to be creatures of habit. We like things to be familiar. We get to feel safe knowing what is and how things are, and strive to make new things feel familiar as quickly as possible. 265 more words

Me and my haversack

Some people ask me ‘why do you always have your haversack, why not a handbag for every occasion’? My response is usually ‘why not?’

Actually the reason is far more complex than that. 386 more words

Strategies I Find Helpful

A well-documented sober slump

I emailed Belle the other day, to ask whether anyone else ever said that month seven feels like month one. She replied that yes, there is a well documented sober slump between month 6.5 and 8.5. 146 more words

Back to basics

Another tough day at work. Afterwards I had a few things to buy, places to go. I didn’t rush, just steadily crossed things off the list, one by one. 220 more words

It hurts

on different levels…

Yesterday my run increased to 2×3 mins and 2x 4 mins with walks in between. I found it tough going! I didn’t stop. 274 more words