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The chicken in the mud

Behind the fence, a bunch of animals live. They are there since a long time, they were there before I was even aware of the place. 427 more words


Will power - so unpredictable and finite


  • the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action.
  • control deliberately exerted to do something or to restrain one’s own impulses.
  • 710 more words

Freewrite #1: Addiction to Safety

This is a fictional work and a free writing exercise.

The worst part of an addiction is the goodbye. That forlorn feeling of nostalgia that comes when the danger disappears, and the safety that makes you hope you’ll meet again. 76 more words


wanting free

Sometimes i miss me the me i used to be–
the energy around me when i was still so unsettled,
in turmoil, searching, free…

sometimes i travel back in a dream, 110 more words


Flashbacks in Public.

(edit): I have been informed to not call what happened a flashback, so, I suppose this should be retitled ‘Intrusive Memory in Public’.

I don’t often have flashbacks any more. 664 more words

Mental Health

Minds Asunder

This is how it always goes
Time flies and the distance grows wider
I miss you less and see you less
Your no longer there when I close my eyes… 125 more words


The first two weeks of January

Well, this year has gotten off to a hell of a start. Not only for myself and those I love, but also in relation to the world. 189 more words