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Bust that box

In case you haven’t read any of my previous posts, let me preface this one briefly. I was a shy, quiet, anxious misfit who didn’t get much support in my younger days. 301 more words

Personal Reflections

Got Me a Case of Cabin Fever

Now that I’m finally feeling better after being sick since October with some sort of upper respiratory infection or another, I realized that I have the dreaded winter malady, cabin fever. 309 more words



if you knew
how hard it was for me
to conquer my fear
to mail you
afraid being rejected
the thought
no everything
in my life… 55 more words


A Touch Of Cabin Fever

The blizzard raged on all day. The winds caused the snowdrifts to shift around to different places on the yard, driveway, and street. If I wanted to scoop snow off the concrete, it would return within just a few minutes. 490 more words


Finding Happiness

Under the pebble? No.

Maybe its in a drawer,


Wait, Why am I looking for this?

I don’t know.

Under the bed? No.

Open the cupboard. 64 more words

Growing Up

Sun and the Moon

Most people,

they’re the sun,

constantly reminding us of their brilliance,

shining evermore.


I’m the moon,

reflecting off the glory of others,

and while sometimes I can be a beautiful full moon, 11 more words

Growing Up


I’m slightly claustrophobic. I don’t get panic attacks or anything like that just thinking about it but I hate being confined. (Bondage I’m alright with but that’s probably too much information) No it’s the feeling of feeling stuck with no way out that gets me. 866 more words