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Musing on Dreams and Triggering Thoughts

I dream a lot. Some are more vivid than others. Lately the dreams have been more vague upon awakening than usual but what I do remember is pretty clearly. 712 more words


Hospital beds are far too uncomfortable...

Having just woken up from my third night in hospital I thought I would make a start on my post today!

I appreciate the consultants concerns that I am now high risk of bleeding which is why they want me to stay here, but it makes it hard when I am just so uncomfortable here. 218 more words

C Section

Small progress report

Okay, for a bit of context. Dad and I food shop each week at Sainsbury’s. When my anxiety first kicked off this became a big issue, it was quite a “trapped” situation, as in I was there until we finished shopping. 691 more words

Stupidly High Levels of Anxiety

I don’t know why, I can’t pinpoint it just like everything else when I am overloaded, but lately I have had super high levels of anxiety. 1,263 more words



Think of a maze.

That’s me there –

In the Middle –

Corners, corners, everywhere

I’m lost; I cannot bear

The walls closing in.

My head is pounding… 34 more words

I Feel Trapped

I’m afraid I’m going to end up hurting you like my dad did my mom.” Those were dismal words said by David, my ex husband, to me in 2010, two months after we began dating, if dating could even be considered what we were doing given the thousands of miles of distance that lay between us. 287 more words


What It Feels Like to be Trapped in a Birdcage

There’s an asian stereotype that is 100% true for me. And that is, that asian parents are the strictest people in the world. I couldn’t possibly agree more. 799 more words