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5/11/17 - Gotta Get Out

Breakfast – two yogurts, banana, 2 weetabix with almond milk, a few raisins wheats, some cashews (approx 30g)

Snack – weigh to go wrap

Trapped. Some days and often Sundays I feel so trapped. 352 more words

Weight Loss

Day 1766: Trapped

Yesterday morning, somebody in therapy talked about feeling trapped and how that affects anxiety.

Later in the day, we heard how people in New York City were trapped, injured, and killed in a  pedestrian pathway . 81 more words

Personal Growth

Time to MOOOVE!!!

Growing up is hard!! Yes and one of the most realistic moments you’ll experience are the pains and signs that it’s time for you to go! 12 more words


Quote for Today: Sylvia Plath

I knew I should be grateful to Mrs Guinea, only I couldn’t feel a thing. If Mrs. Guinea had given me a ticket to Europe, or a round-the-world cruise, it wouldn’t have made one scrap of difference to me, because wherever I sat – on the deck of a ship or a street cafe in Paris or Bangkok – I would be sitting under the same glass bell jar, stewing in my own sour air. 10 more words

Quote For Today

A Kind of Catch-22

I started blogging because I believed that purging all the pain and telling the story that my family refuses to listen to would help me heal. 950 more words

Mental And Emotional Health

Profiterole Girls

Hey, sick puppies,
lying, with your
bellies pressed to the floor.

I could kick you,
or I could tell you how
sorry I was, for going away. 118 more words