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Base Chakra Healing


I just created a quick audio healing meditation for a client with a grumpy base chakra, and thought I might share it here too for others to enjoy. 157 more words


A case for feeling trapped


It’s a sentiment coating a lot of prayer requests I’ve received recently — feeling trapped in a job, a health situation, a poor decision or a life circumstance. 535 more words

In Affliction

Today's a strange day.

I had planned to take a walk and organise my pictures. The last one was ok, but I had not as much fun with it as I hoped. 286 more words

Riding the storm of anger

Threatening to take over.
Vision narrowing.
Volcano filling.
Hot Coals, Lava and Earth, bursting forth.

Rubbed raw.
Shattered nerves.
Drawn, the last straw. 89 more words


Musing on Dreams and Triggering Thoughts

I dream a lot. Some are more vivid than others. Lately the dreams have been more vague upon awakening than usual but what I do remember is pretty clearly. 712 more words


Hospital beds are far too uncomfortable...

Having just woken up from my third night in hospital I thought I would make a start on my post today!

I appreciate the consultants concerns that I am now high risk of bleeding which is why they want me to stay here, but it makes it hard when I am just so uncomfortable here. 218 more words

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