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There Are Not Enough Spoons in the Day.

i wish fighting for benefits wasn’t bloody exhausting.i wish it wasn’t a weekly fight,

they got me somewhere between you’re denied again, and ”We think you can adapt to other work”. 357 more words

An Adventure

self asteam!

Everyone in this world has some sort of display of low self asteam, it’s very common for everyone to have the feelings of worth to ones self also some to others to approve of them as a whole.Though it can be rather easy to read as there are many layers, it’s just how deep it goes. 466 more words


Fluttering My Feelings (Part 12)

I think I’m living in hell right now because why else is it so freaking hot in here. There’s no other explanation. Whoever live in the East Coast will know exactly what I’m talking about. 1,989 more words


Inside Out and jumping out of the wagon

It’s funny how sometimes things you see on TV or movies can move you.  Music can do that too.  Like that song you hear and years later you have a memory connected to that song. 364 more words

Locked Out COOL

Do you ever get locked out of an account online?

I must  say that I hope  it is not  gonna be

this  way every time I want to get in, 137 more words


Day Thirty-Four: The Goodbyes Are Not Getting Easier

Today was another wonderful, marathon of a day.  We fit in a trip to the beach and a kids’ party, and included lots of great conversations and goodbyes along the way.   1,280 more words

A religion meant not for you...

Those bibles they gave us stated, That the meek shall inherit the earth. Perhaps they knew not what they were manifesting. Suppose we’ve woken up from the dead and have learnt this.

~Ytheg 🙏🏾

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