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We want to slow it down

These are forecasted to be the final warm days of the year here. Autumn has often been a melancholy time for us. Suicidal ideation often spikes as the leaves fall. 758 more words


Sharing Nin's Joy

I think it started at the coffee maker.

“Joy in the task of coffee…” Nin’s words rushed into my morning mind.

A leaf fluttered in through the window this morning, as if supported by the rays of the sun. 389 more words


It’s been some time , and i was away with my own personal duties which was due and had to be completed. Anyway it feels like time has been paused by the almighty in the form of pandemic to make people understand the essence of life, to understand themself and the importance of respecting this blue planet. 519 more words

D is for Drunk

I used to drink a lot. I would binge drink on the weekends, sometimes in the week too. I was miserable, desperately unhappy with who I was, full of self loathing and regret and I was bitter and angry. 677 more words

embodying "ugh."

I have been totally uninspired to write these past few days, both work-writing and writing on here. I’ve just felt…blocked. A lack of inspiration isn’t really it. 874 more words



Apparently, tonight I have been suffering for this feeling of emptiness and despair. I am missing someone but I do not know. I am longing for peace that I can’t find.


Writing Prompt #15

It was there before
And would live forever

A secret like this
Love know by few
And yet forbidden

Memories are fading
As they’re getting old… 32 more words