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Like 3 layers in a burger

“ Sorry, I was in a meeting, that’s why didn’t pick your call”

“Of course I remember our anniversary, I just wanted to surprise you” 390 more words



Throughout my life, I have found myself sitting and waiting on others. It wasn’t because I needed them to fulfill my life and make me happy or entertained but I was a good girl. 422 more words


Things I Shouldn't Do: Overanalyze Tumblr

And I begin the morning by looking through his Tumblr, trying to overanalyze things that don’t really need much explanation. Things he thinks are really funny, videos that he finds amusing. 249 more words


6 months with the best friend 💕

Ki gaal dassa ni mein teri
Naal tereya sattha di
Tu yaari da saacha aarth wakhaie
Na kaadar kaare haalata di
Yaari ni mein vi hun chadni nhi… 117 more words


Loneliness was always there, as far as I remember. But it never used to haunt me so much. It’s been quite lot many years it has started talking toll in my life. 31 more words


Right and true.

It’s the principle behind something, that matters the most.

Why are you doing what you’re doing?

If you start being honest with yourself, it is easy to see the right from the wrong. 46 more words


Day 626 - What I learned from my experience of having low blood sugar

From Facebook Saturday, 28.11.215

“Today I felt low blood sugar, it fell deep within me. I was really dizzy, down in the center of Vikeså. I was lucky to catch a ride both up and down from the store from my apartment Vikesdalslia 43B. 533 more words