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Right wrongs

​By far the worst choice I ever made

Somehow it always felt right.

But when you were with me

The look in your eyes

Your breathing… 68 more words


The Cold Storm

You know  that you are doomed, only when the storm hits, everything becomes clear, the masks will be washed, and then you will remember that non of them really cared about you, everyone is running, trying to stay alive. 112 more words

Life's got me like 

As previously throughout my blogs I’ve always come across as a conflicting person which in all fairness is me. I’m a very conflicting person, I have so many conflicting emotions that I get tired of the lashes ofwhiplashing. 123 more words


"I don't know my name"

“The only thing that makes sense today is that I want to breathe.”

It is always kinda hard for me to start writing. Eventually I always start to write down my thoughts and it will turn into smooth and logical piece of art (for me), but still a little bit hard from time to time, especially with a day long headache. 607 more words


Your Assimilation Of Excessive Unregulated Impulsions

Of heart encryptions

Of observation,
Of information

Execution translatable
Upon examination

Ungraceful in regulation

On discovery,
Affect effected negatively

Yield impartiality
Show no bias… 13 more words

 The Fear of Missing Out… Fomo

 The Fear of Missing Out… Fomo

By Eric Dahlinger




  1. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.

  2. 328 more words

There Is Nothing As Stale As An Empty Mind

Everyone’s a winner if the race is never run

Bruises count for nothing if the game has not been won

Everyone’s a dreamer when time is on their side… 11 more words