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Me Before You - Book Review

This is one of my all time favourite books, as you can see by the picture my copy is a bit battered now from over use! 684 more words


(Blog/Poetry) "Oh Here I Go, Don't Let Me Go"

Today is a day of many emotions.

Well really, yesterday was the day with all the emotions, but today is the resolution of those emotions. 2,130 more words


My world’s ablaze

in your presence

please don’t go

I’m scared of darkness

I don’t wanna drown in it again


A guy, a girl and a lover

The Guy
She looked at me and I could clearly see it in her eyes. She wanted me to ask her out. I gathered all my courage and was about to talk to her when suddenly I realised the baggage of my past was still too heavy to begin a new long journey. 648 more words



Take a second or two
maybe it’s sounds like new
but I don’t know if you already knew
but this shit
it’s about you
like an… 50 more words


The Worst Feeling In The World

I had this discussion with a friend about what is the best feeling in the world. To me, the best feeling is the feeling you get when you are working on something you know to be (relatively)big, even if others don’t quite understand it… yet. 1,072 more words