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The City.

She sat by the window, there was no lovely cool breeze, fluttering butterflies, there was no mysterious rainfall, no shining moon or the twinkling stars. No busy streets or the sounds and lights of the busy city. 395 more words


Weekend Update

*Warning: Boring and Dull Content Ahead*

I have had a LOT on my mental platter recently, as you all well know. These past three weeks have drained me physically, mentally and emotionally. 924 more words


The Life Of Blogging | Motivation

So it’s Friday and so far I’ve achieved nothing I planned to this week, I wanted to have at least two blog posts up by now and the third today but Im sorry to say that you’ve had none. 155 more words


Because The Art Therapist Is Himself

Because the Art Therapist is himself

Yesterday was my second scheduled call from the AT.  I was so worried he was going to forget again that I was just shy of having an anxiety attack before the scheduled time.  276 more words


The need to meditate

The last few weeks I’m not balanced,  I get mad easily and I get annoyed easily. That’s not me…

That Never was me and I hope that will never be me… 105 more words


Dear daddy

(This is a vent. This contains a lot of uncensored swearing. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, please don’t read. If you have a strong connection with your parents, you might not want to read either. 1,338 more words


articles telling men to be chivalrous, can you not?

It took me a bit to gather how I felt about this article and the comments that follow: http://elitedaily.com/dating/chivalry-dead-9-everyday-gestures-make-girls-melt/863633/.

Why do we write these articles, like these articles, share these ideas that push the idea that men need to do these things or that men who behave like this deserve something? 1,351 more words