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Volcanic Eruption of Emotion

The lava won’t stop,
I want to stop but I can’t………………….
The lava is everywhere,
My mind is here then its there………..
So much stuff and I don’t know what to do with it. 437 more words



Where did the “boys always have to be strong, incharge and never vulnerable” and “girls should always be sweet, soft and helpless” mindsets came from? 80 more words

Thoughts & Emotions

Why Lisa started her blog

So here I am writing a blog about the things I love and how to actually feel good about it!



Let's talk about crushes..

Everyone has a crush on someone it’s imposable not to. But how do you deal with having a crush on a friend or a close friend? 668 more words


The Process of Letting Go

After several months wholly focused on resolving the instructional materials issues at my son’s high school, it was time to turn our attention towards the future. 724 more words


Is There Anything I Can Do?

Is There Anything I Can Do?

I just wish someone would tell me

What the heck I’m supposed to do

All that comes to mind… 140 more words



It’s 2:00 am now. I feel the cold wind coming through my window. It’s a bit crazy to open the window at this time of the night and weather. 434 more words