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Keep It To Yourself

Keep it to yourself,
If you think that you still love me,
Put it on a shelf.
If you’re looking for someone,
Make it someone else. 25 more words


to give my mind

There are some stories that are not meant for the bleeding heart,
Their tales too dark and twisted,
Not yet meant for the minds of the innocuous and blameless, 476 more words


An Unexplained Emotion-Love

Love…!!! One thing, one person, one soul coming to our mind with the broadness of the thoughts we shared among ourselves. Is that what we all call love..? 418 more words

The Market!

Should I put myself back on the market…? Your first attraction is based on what you physically like about a person. (This I mean if you don’t know them) Oh… it’s this next step really annoys me, that getting to know step of hell. 261 more words

She is My Soul Sister...!

Profound Thoughts… :’)

She is wild, yet a little subtle.
She is Beautiful, yet a little plain.
She is strong, yet a little subdued.
Her elegance is magical.

67 more words

your world in mine

in a world without ears,

i would finally understand

how you use your hands

to tell me your fears

which i cannot comprehend

I never knew your livid throws… 180 more words


3 reasons why we are stuck on someone

I’ve been stuck on “love of my life” for almost 3 years. I went trough stages of deep love and deep hatred. I considered him to be my soul mate, then a twin flame, then I considered submitting myself to the mental hospital. 1,005 more words