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Rainbows, rings and ponderings...

Since my initial post regarding the wish granted by https://www.raysofsunshine.org.uk
Herbie has literally spent every day playing happily on his “treehouse”.  It has been wonderful to see the whole family enjoying it in so many ways from the obvious up the ladder & down the slide with a shriek to movie madness with the film of the moment for Herb, Moshi Movie on the ipad with a few cushions and an Easter egg! 810 more words

Allow me to explain: Stop telling women to smile

Every woman, whether she’s having a bad day, whether she smelled something rank or just because she suffers from Bitchy Resting Face (which is my entire life summed up in three words), has been told some variation of “Smile a little bit!” or “Cheer up!” by a complete stranger. 462 more words


It was on our seventh day in New York that I noticed the change.

The change that led us to this very pivotal moment.

The change that not only ruined our friendship, 297 more words


Confession #163

I am exactly two days from my 30th birthday and I don’t think I will make it. I am having a breakdown.


You Made Her...

All she ever wanted
Was to love
And to be loved
In return…

You led her on
You made her believe
In something that
She didn’t trust. 235 more words



Suelo poner mis títulos en inglés pero es que “sentimientos” es una palabra demasiado llena de significado como para ponerla en un idioma que no sea el que más capacidad tengo de captar como es el español. 370 more words

The Tiredness is Real

All I can think about right now is how tired I am.

I have been feeling ridiculously tired over the past few days and I have struggled to keep my eyes open on more than one occasion during work experience.  112 more words

My Thoughts...