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Valentine's Day -paying it forward

May this Valentine’s Day bring greater truths into focus. May the people near and dear to you feel more loved and more connected to you than ever before. 76 more words

Back to school

The last two weeks I had no school. The first week everyone in my grade had to to kind of like an internship and the second week we had a school brake. 118 more words


Happy Valentine's Day!

To my husband,

Let’s pay a man $20k to knock me up. I wanna have your artificially created baby.

Love, me 10 more words




Sometimes, I am asking myself what the heck is wrong with the universe or at least people. There are days when you are just face – palming yourself, feeling kinda ridiculous, being confused as hell, not knowing from which side you’re gonna get a bullet. 243 more words


Mytwosentences 130

The amative man with created red hair and a pocketless plaid jacket was about to hold the arm of a fubsy blind woman who was curiously smiling on a busy train platform. 40 more words


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Nice story, beautiful rose.

somewhere in neverland

A beautiful purple forest, just go straight ahead;
and get lost, somewhere in neverland.
Feels like a dream but it’s not, it’s real.
Don’t ever wanna leave from here, 16 more words

I feel...

I feel…  Tired and lethargic even though I slept in today.

I feel… Overwhelmed because I have a large to-do list and feel too tired to begin. 258 more words