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When You Have A Review At Work, And You Make Your Boss Cry.......

You read that title correctly……I definitely had my review/evaluation at work yesterday, and at the end, my boss started crying……and I have to admit, I was crying too. 665 more words

Wishing Stars and Dandelions

Bawat tao may kanya-kanyang kwento lalo na kung tungkol sa kani-kanilang first love. Sino nga ba ang madaling makakalimot sa kanilang first love? Siguro at some point in life maaalala natin ang mga taong ‘yon habang tumatawa na kahit hindi tayo nagkatuluyan ay may napulot tayong aral sa kanila.

656 more words

#RandomThoughts: Note to self

Hello everyone!😀 

Did you missed me, I sure hope you did miss my posts,😅 I missed writing a lot but I haven’t got a lot of free time, until today, I thought I could just pop up to share with you a note that I keep telling myself, that I think everyone should keep in mind, so here it is a little piece of my random thoughts: 193 more words


Flew past your dreamy eyes,
Swam across your vivid thoughts,
Ran beside your cold lies-
Would not have existed
Had gravity ruled intangibles.


How does it feel?

Dear Junk E-mail,

How does it feel to be a Junk?

Dejected in some sidebar,

Looking up at the inbox full of “important” e-mails

Do you feel out of place too? 280 more words



मेरे रूह से अभी भी आती है तेरी खुशबू
तेरे बाद किसी ने नही छुआ इसे ।

– हर्षा दुबे

English translation:

My soul still holds fragrance of you… 9 more words


Tear me up

​They never left

Still here






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