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A Message.

If there was something I could tell him, one last thing I would say, it would be so many things…

Like thanks for taking the leap. 241 more words

Thomas the Monkey King protests

Thomas dreams of a day his protests will be heard.
He says a Monkey King can not be equal to thy scaley beast.

Random Thoughts

Pain and Faith

Pain and Faith. Two things that will always test our character and true grit… but they always take us somewhere.

If I can take it, I can make it…” excerpt from Unbroken


13th Chapter


For almost an entire month, I was MIA… After writing chapters 11 and 12, I became completely emotional afterwards. The toll on me after finally getting my secret of my chest was devastating. 712 more words


Love is our enemy, Love is our friend

Love is a powerful force that can make us or destroy us within seconds. It makes us feel as if we are on top of the world or at our very lowest. 126 more words


What am I missing?

Ever since I left, I am not the same…

Ever since I came back, I am not the same…

Something happened… ┬ámany things happened… and now I am still trying to figure out what to do. 117 more words


When the Wind Won't Quit

an overpass. me. heavy coated, hunched. steps quick. collar up. hat down. hands deep in pockets. you. clawed. digging. finding a gap. rush in. me. freezing. 28 more words

Effie Graves