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When You Sleep

When you sleep, I am awake
Pretending I don’t have any aches
Pretending I won’t break
Does that make me fake?

When you laugh, I cry… 229 more words


There is no denying
I am afraid cause I am dying.
I am tired
Of feeling my internal crying.

I am a good fellow
Why do I get abused in such ways? 160 more words

With My Own Eyes

With my own eyes
I saw the silent cries
Of so many kids picking up trash.

I felt the wasteland
A land where no hand… 226 more words

Every Time I Go To Bed

Every time I go to bed
I wish only one thing
To never get up again.
I know what you are going to say:
“Why? Life is so beautiful, you must learn.” 243 more words

Been Here Before

Been here in this place before
Thought I close the door
But I was wrong
Now I have to fight all day long.

Must stay strong… 175 more words

Ako Ni. (This is Me.)

Wala pa nako tinuod nga nadawat
Ang akong kaugalingon
Ang akong mga apan
Ug mga kakulangon

Kanunay gihapon nako makita
Ang mga angay unta nako bag-uhon… 196 more words