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May 5, 2016

Call yourself

a ‘Ball of Sadness.’

But always remember,

you’re not alone.

You’re just like one

of those fictional characters

in your latest favorite book. 19 more words

"We Cried The River"

They cried a river
and we did,
We know why
and don’t explain,
There’s a little space and time for us remain to make
until the river floods this bed and other banks, 37 more words

Quiet couples

Life in harmony is perfect. No conflicts, no broken nerves, all is perfect, we can almost hear sound of violin in background. Just, unfortunately, eternal harmony is not real, because life is not a fairy tale. 416 more words


În spatele măștii... - Behind the mask...


This happen to all of us… We all have a time when we wonder what to do. We aspire to something, we think it could be ours, we sat, we think, we balance every possibility and then, when we decide on the decision… we retreat. 496 more words


I Don't Know The Title

I don’t know
Is answer I always give
Are you okay? I don’t know
Are you going to come? I don’t know
Are you happy? I don’t know… 189 more words


Little faces

What: Little changeable faces made from cardboard rolls, for storytelling and talking about feelings.

How: I took a couple of toilet roll centres and cut a face-shaped hole in each.  446 more words

Reduce Reuse Recycle