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How Do You Know If What You're Feeling Is Normal?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself basically since the day the twiglets were born. I felt utterly and completely overwhelmed in those first few weeks, even months, and constantly found myself wondering ‘is this normal?’ In the very early days, when we first brought our tiny bundles home, the midwives and health visitor were keeping a very close eye on me as they were concerned about my emotional state. 1,097 more words


Rash of Satan - Continued!

Recently, I had posted about getting a pretty nasty rash that I keep breaking out with several bumps at time from taking the Spironolactone.

Since that post, the first day after I stopped it, I had several blisters appear on my arm. 80 more words


Heavy metal

A hot iron plate

Under, over, in-between

A burdened, weighted state.

Multiplying tons

An immeasurable weight

Where the thoughts go to run

No indicator of fate. 15 more words

No More Poetry Left In Me

I’ve been staring at this page for 2 hours straight,
Like a brain freeze gone too long,
I’ve been thinking all evening; its getting late… 155 more words

I Do Not Love You

It is easy to blame someone
Though sincerity is always misunderstood.
It is good that everyone knows the reality
Can blame
As much as this world wants to… 30 more words



A smile is spread to every pair of eyes that we meet, even if they’re acquaintance.
But, there is that one pair of eyes which gets skipped deliberately. 62 more words


Farrago of Emotions

You were poured into my life to enrich my freshness and change my boring attitude towards Life.
When I held you in my hands, not just my body but soul too felt warmth. 48 more words