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I am waiting,
hiding in my closet,
trying to get closer
to a part of me
that understands

My heart aches for you… 83 more words


Pregnant in spite of my...self

I am pregnant.

Yes, it’s true.

I can hardly believe it.

I was in such a state of shock and disbelief that I took two home pregnancy tests in one day, and then waited for another test (yesterday) at my doctor’s office to confirm before being able to process it all through words. 1,137 more words


For me loveRAIN

For me,
You are the rain….
I see something in you that no one else does.

I waited to see you as like a farmer for rain, 152 more words

Poems On Infinite Feelings

Happy Birthday!!

Sometimes the universe gifts us someone special with just the right words at just the most wonderful of times who stays in our hearts forever. 😘 😘

284 more words

Dear Poetry

To you I come once more
To whisper in your ear my secrets
And disclose my intimate thoughts
My diary is neglected
Because to you I confess… 178 more words


When Someone...

When Some One Is Looking For One,
One Feels Like Living In Heaven;

When Someone Is Looking To Love One,
One Feels Like Deity In Heaven. 95 more words

Living Life


It takes time to erase the tawdriness from the stories

Perceive each anecdotal piece from many other angles

Sometimes, one has to work beyond time and even forgetting about it… 52 more words