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Lost is perhaps one of the most frightening words in the English language. I have been feeling lost lately. And i still cant help myself find a way out of it. 352 more words



I’ve always been unusual, maybe I trust too easily, maybe I’m not afraid to open up…

Life is very unexpected and it takes you to places you never intended to find. 133 more words

Cradle Beside You

Black bandana tied around my eyes while you introduce me across paths. You stop and untie the scarf. You enhance air quality. Enjoying the moments around my sidekick. 186 more words


Let The Hate Rage On.....

The hate fires are fueled daily. ¬†Russia, taxes, white supremacy….the list goes ON, and ON, and ON, and ON, and ON…..and it is MONOTONOUS and INFURIATING!! ¬† 712 more words


Time to tango

Let my hand travel to your heart

And caress it with such tenderness

Let my other hand touch you soul

Submit to me and let yourself go… 116 more words


Daddies love

She wore the shortest skirts

The highest dresses

To turn men’s heads

And liked them assessing

Her sculptured body

And her silky skin

Her beautiful looks… 103 more words



I feel feelings.

Some rational.

Some irrational.

My heart it wants love.

My heart it wants to love.


I hurt easy.

I want to do so much. 40 more words