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Hello 24, Goodbye 23

February 21, My Birthday.

As I celebrate coming into another year of life, I reflect on my old one. 23? What have I accomplished at 23? 438 more words

Don't Talk About Me! (Discussing Our Children With Others)

It’s amazing how our children cannot hear us when we’re standing right next to them, talking in their ear. But, somehow, through a noisy room, their ears perk up when mom mentions their name. 672 more words


"To Wednesday From Tuesday"

“…trees are friends, nearby in thoughts and almost in days –
I was Tuesday, he was Wednesday –
‘Come on on Wednesday’ – he used to say – 161 more words

Light up the shadows 

Those lights he said are the souls of the dead

Flying the skies like birds in formation

Migrating from this world to that without anything but… 154 more words


My thoughts on social media

Just a little warning this may be a bit of a wordy post. So the reason I didn’t post yesterday is because I was feeling very down and defeated with this whole blogging thing. 918 more words


Promise to success

Promise never become a permanent one because the successful promises are rare in this world. You may hear so many promises but we get very rare truth ones. 74 more words