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Can someone please answer me?

I have been following the current U.S. Presidential election process for many months now. I know who I am voting for and have known pretty much since before it began. 367 more words


Dear Diary - Confessing

We were mature enough to handle shit. But he kept on handling, one after another. A girl like me, looking at all the four corners of a square. 179 more words


Allowing myself to wallow

Each week I experience, at least once, what many call “the blues.”

Yes, I live in the “greatest country on earth.” Yes, I experience white privilege on a daily basis. 462 more words

Life Musings


Once in our life

We have got to get hurt

And make mistakes

It’s the only way

That we’ll get stronger,

It’s the only way… 15 more words


Let's GO!

Around the time it was announced that Pokemon Go was released in Australia – those lucky bastards – my hype levels were spiking up and down like a two-year-old waking up from its slumber to cause havoc until it has to give in to the black unconsciousness and shoot right back up until you slowly give in to the existential darkness of the reality that is this screaming, tasmanian devil of a rotten thing and then sweet, sweet bliss when it passes out and you have that one moment of relief before the cycle repeats itself. 902 more words


Having Ambitions?

Having ambition
Is not the same as having a vision.
How do I know this?
Well, cause I have been there and let me tell you ignorance was a bliss. 200 more words