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What do I fear? I fear being left
Not in anger but resignation im bereft

In the absence left by yelling, quiet
when i am no longer worth yelling at silent… 27 more words


Feelings that never left


I’ve decided to move on. I’ve decided to let go. To look forward and to forget. I’ve done that and made up my mind. 217 more words


Stop, Drop and Write.. for once

I need to make more time for myself where I actually take the time to write about my travels because I actually enjoy it, however, work exhausts me and I feel like I’ve been so busy, I haven’t even finished writing about my Greece trip from 5 months ago, it’s terrible… 103 more words

The legacy.

The smell of spill liquor and noisy air has condition myself to stay a little longer. It’s places like these I’ve come to admired your taste, I was in love with it. 200 more words


It hurts to let go, to say goodbye for the final time and remain distant in your closure, it may even tear your heart… 65 more words


How can one choose the right person to trust ?

  My dear friends, this is an ethical question as trust is based on core values. When we trust someone, we  provide suitable space in our mind and heart for the person. 459 more words