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Our results

As promised in the last post, I said I’d update on our results.

So far for me, it appears I only have an underactive thyroid.  I say ‘only’ here, as despite the fact that it’s a chronic illness and I’ll be medicated forever, it is the best of possible bad news.   166 more words




Sometimes you would feel nothing but emptiness inside. Even if a person is trying to make you laugh or distract you from destroying yourself, you just become numb.

86 more words

Feelings stop Flowing

When feelings stop flowing

Scarcity etches deep fissures

Exposing the parched territories

Shallow beds of life suffer silently

Contours of melancholy are evident

Lips dry up- unable to speak… 33 more words



Popcorn latte; Caramel
Hazelnut, cinnamon as well
Gingerbread and chai lattes cool
Or cappuccino for those who
Prefer a different coffee time
I enjoy this sublime time. 57 more words


Squishing and crushing

I really love the word ‘squish.’ Specifically, I love the word squish in its ace-communities-relevant sense of an intense liking or non-sexual attraction for someone, that includes a hard-to-articulate desire for them to return your hard-to-articulate feels for them. 327 more words

Dark poem : Woods

Lights started feeling like a pain,
when falls on the skin built from ashes,
Lock me inside a prison of no escape,
to let me escape completely. 120 more words