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Sometimes this World Appears as Strange

It is a drawing which describes strangeness through art. 6 more words


And I am still unprepared 

Nothing can prepare you for the tsunami.

They were good-

They tried to keep me near the shore

But, and I think knowingly, I still swam out. 158 more words


march 29

Feeling alone and unwanted.  Joe left at 3pm yesterday, saturday, to get a case of beer, and swing by his favorite bar for a couple drafts.   171 more words

Sunday's Feels For The Week #2

happy for the very few sunny days.

annoyed it wasn’t just a tiny bit sunnier, like please. I’m ready, Spring.

inspired x 10 from the place I went for Day Tipper, out next week. 22 more words


How to tell a friend that you were sexually abused

This weekend I decided to tell a good friend that I was sexually abused as a little girl.

I am tired of hiding and I am sick of secrets that weigh me down and make my interactions with others stilted and wooden. 370 more words


The weather outside may be gloomy...

Its raining,blowing a gale,a husband not feeling well and two children just starting their Easter holidays but I will not despair,I will be positive. Ha ha it is a bit tricky sometimes to always look on the bright side.So a quick post of some of the things that have made me smile so far today, not including the children as they always can make me smile (and scream !!)bless them :) 120 more words


Rage Within

She bottled her emotions
To make it seem
Like nothing was
Ever hurting her
Then one day
It spilled over and
The rage won… 32 more words

Poetic Diction