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Feelings more ardour, they joined up your brother with the “bracelets” were hanging down upon us.

It adds to keep the six Powers of the way things are healing such as those Jerries. 2,000 more words


Different emotions to consider.

As I sit here in bed, writing this entry so that it is done. Ticking the box, I try to tick every day. I think of all the emotions I have felt today and all the ones I don’t want to revisit. 283 more words

Staying Ahead of the Winter Blues

Is it too early in the fall to start talking about winter blues? Given the year that we’ve had so far, maybe the conversation could have started last month to be even… 576 more words


C - Goodnight

This is one of my favorite love poems I’ve written. To me it resonates tones of innocence, purity, and hopefulness. The author expresses his love of his subject and his hope that it can continue to eternity, and is willing to take the risk that it might not in hope that it won’t. 76 more words

My Cancer, My Rules

Something happened today.

It was nothing major. It was nothing that had not happened before. But it is something that always makes me terribly uncomfortable, that makes me want to run home and hide under a blanket for a couple of hours. 1,244 more words



I should’ve been there. I know.

It should’ve been my T shirt, not your pillow that soaks up your tears; should’ve been my ears not the walls that hear. 68 more words

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