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22 August 2020: Thinking

Some thoughts I had today:

  • I truly enjoy being by the sea lately. I think I would permanently like to live in a seaside town. I find it relaxing to walk on the beach and I’ve found sea swims to be more enjoyable than I would have previously assumed.
  • 311 more words

Rainy Day, Come and Stay

Rainy days. rainy days,
I will not ask you to go away,
in fact I ask and I beg,
to please come and stay,
instead of visiting another day. 82 more words

Unashamedly erotic and packed full of powerful emotion

Precious by Roe Horvat

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I don’t think anyone else can write a book in which there’s a sex scene on almost every page and yet still imbue the narrative with a fully fleshed out set of characters and a plotline which fits perfectly into the new world they’ve created quite like Roe Horvat can. 232 more words



you’re gone and i’m done
wishing you were still here

counting the days since you left
your goodbyes ringing hollow in my ear

i wish there’d been a warning… 76 more words


Let Them Weave The Tapestry Of Their Dreams

We give them the whole world

But in our measured mould…

Lame, limited and limiting

A bother, a burden, a binding.

Let go, let them break free… 92 more words


Why do empty days make us feel the most?

Watching silently as even life passes by, seeing all its flaws from a closeup

There are days we are just tired
Tired of living, of the world around us… 179 more words