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You guys ready for a feels trip?

This is gonna be a short one.

I just got home and I was scrolling my Facebook page and I saw this, I was curious…but I never knew water works would come rushing down like freakin’ Niagra falls. 151 more words

Heart wants what the heart wants.

I keep telling myself I really dont want to be with you, its just me remebering old stuff and I wanna help you fix things with him but honestly something deep down in my bones just wont lay down and die. 101 more words

And here it comes!

So, my sister came to pick up her cat. The apartment is all mine again. I am.. unsure of how I feel. A part of me is glad that it’s quiet again but on the other side, it’s kind of lonely now. 254 more words


The Croods

I don’t know what’s with animated movies that make me cry always. Animated movies never fails to make me smile, happy, sad, cry, think, analyze, love, hope and all the feels. 172 more words



I feel so broken sometimes
I wonder how it is possible
I am still standing in one piece


That Night

My sister once told me

That she wasn’t worth it

My friends keep telling me

She isn’t worth it

What troubles me

Is not what they say… 36 more words