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Online friend part II

I think I know why I feel the way I do about it. On text I can’t see if they seen my messages. On Facebook I knew when they saw it and I didn’t want to message anything back because maybe it was a quick look and couldn’t write back. 57 more words


My two best friends that I know in person we are part of a group in messenger. I’m the group are other friends of ours like 2 more people. 69 more words

Online friend

So my online friend messaged me that they’d be deleting stuff and gave me their number to text for now on. I’m so used to messaging my online friends through messenger. 35 more words

I know it's Spring when...

the breeze is lighter

the sun shines brighter

the flowers bloom

colors a flow

the trees renew

and grass is filled with dew

smiles on faces… 18 more words


Skin deep sorrows

She laughs all day, only to cry every night.

She’s perfect in your eyes, but she’s shattered deep inside.

She’s the Supergirl who tries to withstand the kryptonite. 7 more words


A Retreat from Love

Loneliness is healthy. Yes I said it. Of course that statement varies. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I love… love! Ever had that feeling when in a brand new relationship you would wish it would last forever. 1,206 more words


Three Years Gone

We lay silently wrapped in your sheets. Our bodies fitting perfectly together. My arms wrapped around your shoulders, you clasp my hand tight. I mouth the words, “I love you” silently to the back of your head. 544 more words