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love does not boast

“youve never shown me your love outside of money”

19 years of sorrow: out

“Ive always felt like an elephant in the room”

19 years of loneliness: out… 56 more words


anyone… someone… not even romantically.

been feeling this way for a while now and the right words just sprung to mind! aaanndd would you believe it? 54 more words


The Gospel of Mark

I’d like to call this book, Matthew the Remix 😅 Didn’t say before but this is more like a Gospel series, talking about some things I learned and thought I should share 😊 335 more words


Little Things Girl Thinks

The more we meet each other, the more I know you. The more I know you, the more I can’t put my whole love into you. 84 more words



If I could replay a memory again;

If only there was a button waiting for me to press it;

If only memories don’t fail

and deliberately edits out what we want to forget; 81 more words


Maybe I

Maybe I’ll see you someday, or maybe I won’t.

Maybe I’ll see you when I least expect you

or when I’m not looking for you. 54 more words