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Independent intercultural trainers and coaches - What are you planning for 2016?

The season for the social gathering of trainers and coaches is about to begin. There will be some wonderful events. And, as the red wine flows half of the trainers and coaches in any group will start to quietly complain – about the number of days they got this year, the fees they received per subcontract day and how their income is not necessarily keeping up with rent or the cost of bringing up children. 766 more words


Immigo Feature Update - More Invoicing Enhancements

Hello again everyone!

We’ve added a couple more improvements to invoicing, which we think you’ll all find useful, as follows:

Power Selector for Fee Status… 254 more words


How to get paid what you're worth

“I’ll do it for free!”

Those are the words any organizer or client would love to hear if they approached you to MC their event. If you are an occasional master of ceremonies or do not need the money, working for free is fine. 758 more words

Selecting an Architect

One of the most exciting and rewarding things in life is building a new home or renovating your current home around your lifestyle. The person who will have a large influence in the outcome of your project is usually the Architect. 338 more words


An Employee turned Entrepreneur

Kid ‘Papa says never to stand behind a donkey and never to stand in front of boss’

Mom ‘why?’

Kid ‘Donkey kicks from back and Boss kicks from front’ and shows his thumbs down… 163 more words

MOT Charter, Charging Fees, Is This Even Allowed?

I was quite surprised by all the fees MOT Charter charges parents: $100 registration fee, $150 per student for every sport that a student participates in, and fees have been assigned to their clubs and activities. 190 more words

A guide to getting to Boracay

So you want to party it up in Boracay, but you’re not quite sure how to get there?

Well here is a step by step guide that includes costs,logistics, fees etc… 412 more words