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Using a Mortgage to Buy a New Home? Here Are 4 Ways to Reduce Your Closing Costs


Interest rates may be on the rise, but many people aren’t aware that the closing costs on mortgages have also increased in recent years. While it may not seem like a significant cost, the closing costs on a mortgage can add up to a lot by the time the final deal is sealed. 365 more words

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The (Hidden) Costs Of Selling A Property in Zimbabwe

There are a number of costs involved in buying and selling a property, in addition to the payment of the actual purchase price. Most of the costs are for the purchasers account, but the seller does bear a few costs. 303 more words

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Implementation Fees.

Welcome to part two of a three part series on FEES.

Time to be perfectly frank, implementation fees ARE the commissions slapped onto a particular product, which are meant to entice the planner to SELL, SELL, SELL and in a world where there hasn’t been an upfront financial planning fee charged and a client hasn’t gone through a lifestyle financial plan, that is exactly what they achieve BUT this is not THAT world and I am going to take you through the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW of implementation fees. 897 more words

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New California Registration Fees Are Obscene!

Last June 2017, the registration fees for the 2006 R6 were around $100, last January 2018 it was $111 when I checked.  The new laws went into effect and it is now $233 (June 2018)?    142 more words


Unhappy about vehicle registration fee? Blame the feds

Our view: When Congress stopped increasing the federal gas tax in 1993, cities, counties and states had to step up.

Drivers throughout Washington County — and, to a lesser degree, throughout the state, are about to be hit by sticker shock. 30 more words


San Francisco’s justice system gets a little more just

The job of the justice system is to do justice, not to raise revenue through hidden taxes imposed on those who can least afford them. 60 more words

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