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How do bankruptcy attorneys get paid?

Short answer for chapter 7: bankruptcy attorneys get paid in full by the debtor before the case is filed.

Short answer for chapter 13: bankruptcy attorneys get paid through the chapter 13 plan. 194 more words


Three Choices (2015)

1. Plastic.
2. Paper.
3. The paper one with no fee.
Only one way, in the UK-
With no fees to pay.


Your Ultimate Credit Card Guide

So you’ve decided to get a credit card. How grown up of you! Maybe you have financially savvy parents who were open about their finances and taught you how to use plastic in the safest way possible. 892 more words


‘Thousands’ of students expected to protest for free education in London

Activist group says a surge in support for Jeremy Corbyn could bring more students out to this year’s demonstration.

A demonstration calling for free education through the streets of London is expected to attract thousands of students in the capital next month, an activist group has confirmed. 442 more words


Free Banking: Is There Such a Thing Anymore?

Most of us use banks to store our money, unless you’re Walter White from Breaking Bad, then you’re probably storing it in your vents. But if you’re like the rest of us, you don’t want to store large quantities of cash in your home. 625 more words

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Fine recovery program

MASON CITY, Iowa – Having outstanding fines and court debt can be stressful, but one local county is reminding you there is help available.

Since July, Cerro Gordo County has provided a fine recovery and driver’s license reinstatement program.  105 more words


Get rid of that fee! Three strategies for negotiating without power

“Fee.” The very word strikes fear, especially when we see it popping up on our own credit card, bank, or cell phone bill.

Is there any hope of eliminating a fee once it appears? 663 more words