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'Deadbeat' Dad Chronicles, Odd Jobs- Part One

As a non-custodial father paying child support, I live life under the microscope of scrutiny from not only an ex-wife, but society in general. Not only do I wake up determined to succeed financially to provide for myself, but I have the added pressure of providing for a son who does not live with me. 922 more words

Child Support

The Price of Matrimony

Here on the blog, as well as on other fora, I see there’s been some confusion about the monetary cost of getting married in Moldova. Since I’m going through the process right now, I thought I’d drop a little knowledge on the subject. 515 more words


Fees Or Rates

Is the decision to pay a lower rate but higher fee or a higher rate and a lower fee. When does it work out better? … 96 more words

News Story

Gary Allen on Business - Podcast Now Available - Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Annuity Sales Pitch… What They Don’t Tell You!

Variable annuities are one of the most popular insurance products sold in America today. Insurance agents love them because they offer a very lucrative sales commission. 407 more words

Lawsuit challenges Virginia visitors guide rules and fees

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — A Virginia Beach visitors guide publisher is challenging the rules and fees for distributing information at Virginia welcome centers and rest areas. 283 more words


Assisting Your College Education With HECS-HELP Benefit!

Education and learning is among the most important endeavor a young individual has to go through. From primary days, through secondary school, learning new details is incredibly essential. 458 more words


College-Bound Students Should Shop Around For Bank Accounts

With millions of young adults heading off to college this month, federal regulators are reminding those consumers to do their homework. Okay, not that homework… 476 more words