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Students voice concern after university chief calls for tuition fee discussion

   6 March 2015 -

The principal, and vice-chancellor, of the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) has suggested that Scottish university leaders are afraid to call for the implementation of tuition fees due to a fear of reprisals from the… 576 more words

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TSFAs Fees with Tangerine

I’ve spent a lot of money the past few months, both on travel (i.e. India) and fitness (i.e. gear, Cody programs, yoga props). Since it was payday today and I haven’t started contributing to my TSFAs yet, I thought I might as well throw some money for 2015 before deciding if I want to shift them elsewhereI. 99 more words

Do fees matter more than asset allocation?

I’m speaking at the Pension and Benefits UK Show on July 1st on whether fees matter more than value. I’m going to be arguing that, for consultants, fees matter more – because we can do something about them. 753 more words


Retainers. What you need to know before hiring a lawyer.

Retainer.  Awful word.  And what are we talking about in terms of money?  $2,500?  $10,000?  The reality is that many attorneys and law firms demand a retainer before they even start to lift a pencil.   356 more words


New research reveals lower debt could harm students...


I mean this seems an obvious headline to start with, doesn’t it?

Basically, Ed Miliband recently proposed his plan to trim University tuition fees by a third, also announcing a (very vague) plan to make up for this loss in income by curtailing pension tax relief. 833 more words


Scotland and Northern Ireland: the UK's surprising laboratories for unregulated fees

Further to this post, a further quirk of devolution is that there are only two places within the UK where at least some domestic students are subject to wholly unregulated fees.  1,172 more words


5 Strategies to Keep Your Fee Conversation Stress-Free

How confident do you feel about your fees? Do you dread the “fee discussion” when you meet someone new? Deciding what to charge or how to increase your fees… 639 more words